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Published on July 6, 2009

Author: aamirusmanlarik


The Art of Promoting : The Art of Promoting Aamir Usman Sarang Aheer Yaseen Zaheer Memon Wajid Channa Erum bhatti Shaghufta Gul Sumera Ghilani “The journey of thousand miles must begin with single step” : “The journey of thousand miles must begin with single step” Presenting: Yaseen : Presenting: Yaseen Make Advertising pay for itself… How much should you spend? Make Advertising pay for itself… : Make Advertising pay for itself… Who should see or hear your advertisement? What are your competitors doing with their advertising programs, are they successful? Hoe much you afford to spend, what are your expected returns? Make Advertising pay for itself… : Make Advertising pay for itself… Is there any way to save money and have a powerful advertisement program at mean time? Where and when should you place your advertisement? What do you want to emphasize in relation to consumer needs and wants? How effective is your advertisement? Is it getting job done? How much should you spend? : How much should you spend? To whom do you want to advertise, where are your costumers? What types of media are they most likely to respond to? How can you economically reach them? What are lead times for placing the ad? Presenting By: Aamir Usman : Presenting By: Aamir Usman Media Alternatives……! Media alternatives : Media alternatives Television Internet Tele-marketing Radio Newspapers Magazines Sign boards Chalking Media alternatives : Media alternatives Use best channel for your advertisement of product. Advertisement should be impressive, exciting & remarkable. Choose best time for advertising, which give you better response. Time by time change your ad but it should be entertaining & better then previous. Slide 31: Always repeat successful ads. Provide a toll-free number in your ads to get immediate response & feed back. Select size or time duration of ad. Aim of your ad should be… Slide 32: Sponsor a community or civic events that they will be publicized community ads. Test advertising alternatives to find the one that works best for you. Choose best color, music, slogans, humor, and media selection, to attract customer attraction and interest. Here are some remarkable advertisements, through which we can examine that which one is better to attract the customer…! : Here are some remarkable advertisements, through which we can examine that which one is better to attract the customer…! Media alternatives : Media alternatives “ I know that half of my advertising is wasted, but I don’t know which half” Slide 42: Game is still on, have patience Presenting: Sarang Aheer : Presenting: Sarang Aheer Classified Advertising Display Advertising Brochure (booklet or catalog) Joint Advertising Free Consultants Classified Advertising : Classified Advertising It refers to ads placed in newspaper, magazines or weekly shoppers that are arranged by product or service category. Display Advertisement : Display Advertisement These ads appear on selected pages of newspapers and magazines. They differ from classified ads in that each in custom designed by the advertiser. They may include artwork, color, illustration, photographs to supplement the text copy. Brochure (booklet or catalog) : Brochure (booklet or catalog) The brochure get the most attention are the ones that talk directly to those customers and are loaded with exciting graphics and interesting copy. Brochure are an excellent promotional tool if they are carefully planed and designed. Joint Advertising : Joint Advertising A small businesses have same problem, how to advertise as inexpensively as possible. Joint advertising with other business can save money and generate income. Free Consultants : Free Consultants Students needs projects so why not offer business to your local college’s business program as a case study? Take help of SMEDA, they will help to choice which kind of business you have to do? Which one give you returns of your expectations? Presenting: Wajid Channa : Presenting: Wajid Channa Customer list Fliers Direct Marketing Business card Customer list : Customer list It’s generally easier to keep old customers than to attract new ones. Your customer mailing list may be the most important asset your business owns. By making customer list, you can offer to send the free brochure, newsletters, or other items. Fliers : Fliers Like brochure, flier quickly tell readers how they can benefit from a special offer. These are one-page handouts that are less expensive to produce. Fliers are used for special offers or opportunities to customers such as limited offers, sales or coupons. Message should be short and to the point. Direct Marketing : Direct Marketing An interactive system of marketing which uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response. It involves the use of such techniques as telephone sales, mail order, promotional postcards, television home shopping, billing inserts, party plans or door-to-door selling. Depends upon approach of your business & your product and service. Business card : Business card Every business owner needs business card Handing out business card is a normal business activity and is an acceptable. Low-cost from advertising. They are small, plentiful, inexpensive and used frequently. Presenting: zaheer Memon : Presenting: zaheer Memon Media Advantages and Disadvantages. Newspaper Magazines Yellow pages Radio Slide 59: Note: (Kindly add your key points as you desire) Newspaper : Newspaper Advantages : Disadvantages Magazines : Magazines Advantages : Disadvantages Yellow Pages : Yellow Pages Advantages : Disadvantages Radio : Radio Advantages : Disadvantages Presenting: Sumera Ghilani : Presenting: Sumera Ghilani Media Advantages and Disadvantages. Television Direct mail Telemarketing Specialty Advertising (Balloons, Key chains, etc) Slide 67: Note: (Kindly add your key points as you desire) Television : Television Advantages : Disadvantages Direct Mail : Direct Mail Advantages : Disadvantages Telemarketing : Telemarketing Advantages : Disadvantages Specialty Advertising (Balloons, Key chains, etc) : Specialty Advertising (Balloons, Key chains, etc) Advantages : Disadvantages Presenting: Shaghufta Gul : Presenting: Shaghufta Gul Advertising Agencies Mistakes to avoid Advertising Agencies : Advertising Agencies As your business grow, your ad may become more complicated and time-consuming. You may decide to hire an advertising agency, it might increase your cost but must increase your advertising effective for your business. Mistakes to avoid : Mistakes to avoid Every business makes advertisement mistakes but how to avoid common ones, such as…. Don’t try to do too much with too few ad dollars. Business try to say too much by using many different media or expensive, one-time flashy ads. Clear focus on powerful message may be all need to create a successful ad. Choose medium based, lower cost ad rather then expensive one. Mistakes to avoid : Mistakes to avoid You should compare audience size, image, and selling results for business that have advertised in in various media. You may need to run several ads to increase customer awareness and recall your message. Don’t make an ad bigger than it needs to be. Mistakes to avoid : Mistakes to avoid Make sure ad concentrates on the reader, listener or viewers. Time duration of ad is very much important, people have not enough time to read, watch, listen your ad. measure the success or failure of every ad you place. Presenting: Erum Bhatti : Presenting: Erum Bhatti Customer Relations Testimonials Position yourself Phone manners Customer Relations : Customer Relations Customer relation is playing a vital role for growth of your business. A business related person has very much polite response for his customers. Unfortunately, many business pay more attention to acquiring new one than to retaining existing customers. Testimonial : Testimonial Note: (Kindly add your key points as you desire) Position yourself : Position yourself Note: (Kindly add your key points as you desire) Phone Manners : Phone Manners Note: (Kindly add your key points as you desire)

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