The Art of Over Sharing - ICCE Goldsmiths Notes 1st of June 2015

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Information about The Art of Over Sharing - ICCE Goldsmiths Notes 1st of June 2015

Published on June 3, 2015

Author: christopherhogg


1. The art of over sharing MA Arts Admin Class 2-4pm – 1st of June 2015

2. Aims of this session are. 1. To understand your own relationship to social media. 2. To know what you want to do with social media. 3. For those that aren’t confident – we are going get 4. We are going to use some of the data analytic tools to analyse NPO’s in the UK. 5. Also an aim in this sessions is to have as much fun as we can.

3. Smartphones • Smartphone penetration is now at 75%. • Mobile and Tablet is the preferred way for new potential customers to find out about about you or your brand. • People can begin a journey with you from anywhere. • It is essential for you to build your own distribution tools for for your own content.

4. Your logo here Social Media is only really 5 years old.

5. #selfie Your logo here

6. Your logo here

7. ‘The empiest Vessel Makes the loudest noise when banged.’African Proverb. Your logo here

8. This is #Megastar Your logo here

9.  It gets you things that money can’t buy.  Your connections can help balance the precariousness of being an artist.  It is fun. Could it be a fluid experment in identity.  No Barriers. Allows you to be an influencer. Why Social? Your logo here

10. Your logo here

11. Early Online Identity Your logo here

12. Your logo here Did celebrities teach us how to use Social Media?

13. @PC DavidRathband Your logo here

14. Small Experiment  Go to  Click on ‘Tweets’  Search @PCdavidRathband  Where do you stand online privacy?

15. Privacy & Online Identity  DAVID: @davidRathband. 3016 Tweets. 319 Following. 11042 Followers. Sad to announce Mrs R has called time on our marriage. Separation permanent.  KATH: @KathRathband. 2754 Tweets. 605 Following. 1228 followers. Slight inaccuracy in the tweet by @pcdavidrathband – He left us and refuses to come home. #TheTruthWillOut

16.  It is a news source that you create yourself.  It is a whole story in a headline.  Owned Media, Bought Media, and Earned Media  You are the Editor. A sea of Smartphones Your logo here

17.  Set up a Tweet Wall for this class  Please Tweet as much as you like as the class goes on.  We will read this as a reminder at the end. Let’s look at Twitter Your logo here

18. Your logo here

19. Above all be human. Your logo here

20.  Hashtags make your posts searchable  Hashtags are after-thoughts, theatrical asides  Hashtags prove your are Human An exercise in Hashtags Your logo here

21.  #SocEnt (social entrepreneur/entrepreneurship)  #SocEntChat (monthly social entrepreneur chat by Ashoka)  #socialentrepreneur (for those who don’t know about #SocEnt)  #Prize4SC (prize for social change)  #4change (that’s right, “for change”)  #BoP (base/bottom of the pyramid)  #nonprofit (self-explanatory)  #nptech (nonprofit technology)  #SSIR (Stanford Social Innovation Review)  #i4c (internet for change) Research your Industry’s #hashtags Your logo here

22.  Let the weekend begin!  Wearing socks with Crocs is so stylish  Just dropped my second ice cream cone.  I hate when people smoke e-cigarettes indoors.  The movie #Gravity is beautiful, but so terrifying!  I’m loving 'The Sound of Things Falling' by Juan Gabriel Vasquez Let’s make some. Your logo here

23. Some Tips about taking part in the conversation. Re-Tweeting Your logo here

24. Side Effects Your logo here

25.  Less able to remember information as we crowd source answers from friends and google.  We are less able to concentrate if we know we have a message on our phones.  Often what we think of as multi-tasking is in fact just task switching.  Downtime and responsibility. Some side effects Your logo here

26. #fails – SusanBoyle Your logo here

27. Starbucks #Fail Your logo here

28.  #RaceTogether failed because of  (1) poor brand alignment,  (2) authenticity deficit  (3) poor reaction. Starbucks #Fail Your logo here

29. The Half-Life of Content on Social Media. Don’t be afraid of over-sharing. People are on social media when they have time to be on social media.

30. Let’s do a study  Find an NPO Institution from the list.  Analyse the last 30 days of tweets.  See what categories they fall into in the Asset Inventory?  How human are they?  How much marketing?  What are their biggest announcements?  Do you get a sense of Buzz – unstopable momentum

31. Your logo here

32.  Festival “mentality” Celebration  Provocative collaborations  “Leadership Idea”  World event  Anniversaries What are Institutional Events Your logo here

33. Content Strategies + Event Timetables are key to success Your logo here

34.  Go to followerwonk  Type in an artist you love in your industry.  Who else loves them. – Find 10 you want to be friends with  Analyse the followers of an institution  Compare the followers of two institutions.  Find the 25 people who you are going to treat specially. Followerwonk

35. “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Your personal Brand Your logo here

36.  Email:  Twitter: @goldenanorak  Instagram: @goldenanorak  Message Me. Christopher Hogg Your logo here

#selfie presentations

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