The Art of Negotiations (by K Zybina) (for NBS MC42 module, February 2014)

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Information about The Art of Negotiations (by K Zybina) (for NBS MC42 module, February 2014)

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: kzybina



A short presentation on personal experience in negotiations: some theory and case study (negotiations with a Romanian company representatives on Ambiente: The Show 2014 exhibition).

The Art of Negotiations: Be a Fox

Negotiations are fixed-sum  You need to be either soft or tough  Good negotiators are born  Life experience is a good teacher  Good negotiators take risks  Good negotiators rely on intuition 

Commitment to reaching a win-win deal  Focusing on a long-term relationship  Adopting a cooperative orientation  Taking extra time to negotiate  Perspective-talking  Asking questions about interests and priorities  Providing information about your interests and priorities  Unbundling issues  Making ‘package-deals’ 

 …it took 14 years of negotiations for the 1st McDonalds in Russia to be opened More than 30 000 people served on first day ....compared to previous record of 9 100 people  Big Mac cost 3,75 roubles ….which equals roughly price of 1 month bus pass 

The Negotiating Environment  Culture  Ideology  Foreign Organizations and Bureaucracies  Foreign Governments and Laws  Moving Money  Instability and Sudden Change 

…needs, values, interests may differ dramatically. Culture directs opinion and judgment! It also affects our strategy of negotiation.

 Individualism  Power distance  Uncertainty avoidance  Masculinity  Temporal perspective


   Feeling like a victim of stereotypes? Use the stereotypes as your weapon! …no one expected a student to show deep understanding of economics and knowledge of culture.

relationship driven culture …at the same time very private   maintain a relatively formal approach in communication  do not ask personal questions unless a Romanian starts  be straightforward, but deliver information in a sensitive way

 avoid confrontational behaviour or highpressure sales tactics  decisions are only made by the most senior member  remain flexible

React quickly  Create an impression of progress  Make an impression  Verify deadlines  Take notes  Make sure you can express yourself clearly  Don’t take things personally 

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