The Art of Holiday Gifting

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Information about The Art of Holiday Gifting

Published on October 30, 2018

Author: TotallyChocolate


1. 1 The Art of Holiday Gifting Creating WOW and Wonder with Totally Chocolate’s Holiday Gift Guide

2. 2 Totally Chocolate’s holiday gift guide is designed to help you select a stand-out business gift, no matter who it’s sent to. Sending something more than a corporate gift basket is easy when you know how to plan for it. • What makes a stand-out gift? • How do you decide what to choose for who? • Give yourself time. Many companies start planning holiday gifts as early as July or August. • Prepare budgets in advance. SELECTING STAND-OUT GIFTS

3. 3 Personalizing can mean everything from adding a card with a note written specifically for the business gift recipient to adding your logo or customized artwork in non-traditional ways. Totally Chocolate’s online customizer makes personalization easy. PERSONALIZING BUSINESS GIFTS According to a senior analyst at Technavio, a market research group, customizing gifts through personalization, both online and offline, is an important differentiator to general gifts.

4. 4 Steot clita kuasd gubergren Simply go online and pick your product, select your packaging, flavors and designs, then personalize your chocolate by uploading art directly to Whether it’s an indulgent two-pound bar, an ensemble of shareable chocolate or a set of European-style cookies topped with rich, creamy Belgian Chocolate, there are options for virtually every budget. Adding your logo is easy. Simply upload a jpeg or vector file. One of our expert chocolate artists will send you a proof to verify everything’s as you want. Want to dropship? Need to ship before or after a specific date? The Totally Chocolate customizer gives you control over when your gifts are delivered.

5. 5 As the business gifting culture continues to expand, one of the key influences in this growth is the demand for specialized gifts. For your gift to really stand out, it needs to be extra special from the start. This means that you should look for more than a list of items from a business holiday gift guide. You need a holiday gift guide that will help you select something truly special, from what’s inside the box to what it’s packaged in. CUSTOMIZING BUSINESS GIFTS Totally You, Totally Unique. Create the ultimate branded gift

6. 6 Make a lasting impression. Present your custom chocolate gifts in packaging worthy of your creation…Choose from beautiful foil- stamped sleeves or classic cream ribbon on your choice of luxe gold, silver, red, or black box. Or deliver classic elegance with our Signature blue box & navy ribbon. For the ultimate custom presentation, select a fully custom printed lid to match your engraved chocolate Box it Beautifully. Choose from our foil embellished sleeve collection, luxe boxes with ribbon, or work with our dedicated team to develop a completely custom printed package.

7. 7 There are three parts to every unboxing experience: • Receiving the shipment • Opening the box • Discovering unexpected layers inside the gift Expectations have changed. UNBOXING EXPERIENCE Create WOW starts the moment your gift is delivered to your recipient.

8. 8 Receiving the shipment—Gone are the days where a plain brown shipper box is OK. It says “generic” from the moment it arrives. Instead, your gift should arrive in a shipper box that immediately communicates the specialness of what’s inside. Opening the box—Once the shipper box is opened, the magic starts to happen. Imagine a package with a fully customized lid or one of eight beautiful, hand-drawn sleeves enveloping a silver, gold, red, black or Signature blue box. Even better, add a personalized note via a gift card or custom folded card. Discovering what’s inside—Opening the box lid reveals custom engraving with unparalleled precision detail, made of the purest, most decadent chocolate with a smooth, velvety texture and flavor that rivals the great chocolatiers of the world.

9. 9 BUSINESS GIFTS FOR EXECUTIVES The top decision maker deserves an elevated gift. When it comes to giving Christmas business gifts to executives, only the best will do. Totally Chocolate’s holiday gift guide recommends a Luxury Gift Tower. Totally Chocolate Indulgent Gift Tower, a trifecta of taste that will leave business executives feeling special all season long. Totally Chocolate’s indulgent chocolate bar, made with pure Belgian chocolate, deluxe European-style cookies covered in an assortment of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and peppermint bark are topped with a showcase of 12 decadent and dreamy dark chocolate salted caramels. The modern snowflake design creates a perfect presentation for the trendsetter on your holiday gift list.

10. 10 A curated tasting box filled with Belgian chocolate drizzled gourmet popcorn or a mini-tower featuring deluxe European- style sugar cookies covered in divine and creamy goodness and made with pure Belgian chocolate plus our most delicious snacks to sample and share, including best-selling chocolate drizzled popcorn, hand-batched toffee covered pretzels and creamy-with-a twist crispy pearl bark. Or Totally Chocolate’s 46-Piece Ensemble includes two trays of fully custom pure Belgian chocolate with the design of your choice of border flavors including a milk & dark combination, milk chocolate toffee, and peppermint bark. Another excellent way to catch the attention of executives and other decision-makers…

11. 11 Totally Chocolate’s Signature Collection offers a wide range of luxury business gift options sure to please! FOR THE EXECUTIVE… That prefers more subtle gifts

12. 12 GIFTS FOR CUSTOMERS & CLIENTS Remind customers how every little detail is attended to by you and your team with a precision- engraved Belgian chocolate gift, wrapped in stunning bespoke packaging. Totally Chocolate’s holiday gift guide recommends: A curated tasting box is always a welcome business gift. Try the Peppermint Delights Luxury Tasting Box, a curated selection of dark & white chocolate pepperminty goodness to taste and share.

13. 13 The Grand Two-Piece Gift Tower will never disappoint. This gift features your custom chocolate design on Totally Chocolate’s Grand one-pound Belgian Chocolate bar, along with 6 divine European-style sugar cookies topped with enticing and creamy goodness, all tied together with a classy cream ribbon. Inspire oohs and ahhs with a gift that works for large groups! This full custom engraved chocolate 45-piece ensemble guarantees a smile. With 44 delicious Belgian chocolate squares stacked in two layers, your personalized chocolate 4″ x 6″ centerpiece is surrounded by Holiday or Thank You motif outer squares. These assortments make great business gifts, holiday chocolate gifts or corporate chocolate gifts. The thought really does count.

14. 14 Sanctus est Lorem sus ipsusitn des drim ders idras druamet. Lorem esomdo ipsos dolor sit amet, deras consetet. CORPORATE GIFTS FOR VENDORS & SUPPLIERS According to experts at, giving a branded business gift is an excellent way of reinforcing the brand you’ve invited your vendors and suppliers to be a part of, especially when you keep it classy. Totally Chocolate’s holiday gift guide recommends: Why give a boring gift basket when you can wow them with a customized Luxury Tasting Box filled with Totally Chocolate’s best-selling chocolate drizzled popcorn, hand-batched milk chocolate toffee covered pretzels and custom engraved Belgian Chocolate Cookies Presented in a super-luxe embossed gift box that stands out in mountains of basic holiday gifts!

15. 15 Need a gift for a group? Bring holiday to a whole new level with a 24-piece collection of custom-engraved, precision-crafted Belgian Chocolate cookies, each topped with either rich Belgian milk or dark custom engraved chocolate. Or, if you’re focused on flavor, you can choose peppermint white chocolate sugar cookies, cookies & cream white chocolate Oreo chocolate cookies, or cake & sprinkles white chocolate sugar cookies. “Best cookies I’ve ever had” is the response you can count on. Totally Chocolate’s 23-piece ensemble of shareable chocolate surrounding a 4”x6” dark or milk Belgian chocolate bar custom engraved with your logo (or any other artwork you choose) is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Wrap in a fully custom printed box lid, or one of Totally Chocolate’s gift box lids and sleeves or cream ribbon.

16. 16 Open your custom printed box to find a delightful surprise. Three custom chocolate foiled pieces! This product combines the best of both worlds: foiled and printed packaging options all in one item. These remarkable customized Belgian chocolate pieces are remembered long after the last bite and are perfect for Christmas business gifts. BUSINESS GIFTS FOR EMPLOYEES Whether you have 1 employee or 1,000, selecting the right gift that fits everyone requires creativity. If ever there was a sure-to-please gift, it would be Totally Chocolate’s divine and decadent salted caramels! Buttery caramel is surrounded by artisan dark chocolate and sprinkled with delightful fleur de sel. Our 12 divine European-style sugar cookies topped with pure Belgian milk chocolate, pure Belgian dark chocolate and always- popular peppermint bark.

17. 17 WHAT YOU SPEND MATTERS… The cost of business gifts should reflect the value you place on the relationship you have with the recipient. Consider these data points as you develop annual gifting budgets. • What is the lifetime value of the relationship? • How important is this customer/client/vendor to your business? • What percent of your annual revenue is tied to this business relationship? • Is the recipient an executive, middle management, junior management, an employee or a vendor? Title Estimate budget Vendor Between $65 to $125 per gift Executive Starts at $125 per gift Middle Management Between $65 to $90 per gift Junior Management Between $35 to $50 per gift Employee Between $35 to $50 per gift Corporate Gift Budgets by Title & Relationship


19. 19 THANK YOU! WWW.TOTALLYCHOCOLATE.COM/CREATE 8 0 0 - 2 5 5 - 5 5 0 6 8 0 0 - 2 5 5 - 5 5 0 6

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