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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: shannondawnwalsh



Week 8 discussion on discontinuity and constructive criticism in the editing room

DISCONTINUITY & CRITIQUE EDITING ShannonWalsh / sm2002 / Spring 2014 School of Creative Media, City University Hong Kong CLASS 8

DISCONTINUITY refers to  The deliberate violation of the rules of continuity editing;  Draws attention to itself, and creates a different, disruptive, emotional response;  Violates the expectations of the viewer, and of narrative time. TECHNIQUES  Jump cuts  Temporal Ellipses (freeze frames, slow-mo, etc.)  Repeating shots, or abstract shots  Violating continuity rules Discontinuity is used a lot now in music videos, commercials, movie trailers, and some main stream and indie films, making it not very radical anymore

• Last Year at Marienbad • Pierrot Le Fou “LastYear at Marienbad” (1961) Alain Renais – Disjointed narrative, French NewWave

Giving Constructive Criticism • Helpful, well thought-through, reasoned, and gives ways to improve and get better • It should be CLEAR, SPECIFIC, DETAILED, and ACTIONALBE • Using “I” – Making clear it is your particular viewpoint. Managing Criticism • Take notes of what is being said that you can read later and separate from emotional responses • Try to listen intently without getting defensive, remember it’s not personal • Be open to different viewpoints and remember that you are trying to make the best work possible • Not all criticisms and opinions need to be taken on board, weigh it against what you think and feel

1. Is the criticism truly constructive? Here are some synonyms for “constructive”: Positive, helpful, productive, useful, beneficial, and practical.Antonym: Destructive. 2. Why am I offering this criticism in the first place? Is it because I’m trying to be helpful or just because I’m an a**hole? 1. Is the criticism necessary and appropriate? Does it have a great impact on the “grander scheme of things”, or am I just being nitpicky.Will focusing on this issue be worth the time and effort in the long run? 2. Do I have the right, or better yet - have I earned the right to speak into this person’s life?The difference between “management” and “leadership” has a lot to do with the relationship you have with your team. “Managers” tend to focus on control, whereas real leaders take people to the next level. 3. Finally, have I noticed at least two things to compliment before commencing with the criticism? From: works-for-vegetarians-too

• Does the edit make sense?Were you confused?When?About what? • Is the story clear? If not, why not? • Are there shots that really work?Are there shots you don’t like?Why and why not? • Is there a clear flow & rhythm to the edit? Does it feel smooth, or is it disruptive? • What is your emotional response to the edit? • To the characters? Did you have certain feelings or responses to characters? Elaborate • Was the pacing too slow or too fast? • Were there cuts that jumped out (this can be a good or bad thing) • Were there moments you felt your attention drifting? Make note of those shots Add specific questions that you want test viewers to answer for you

What works and what doesn’t work about this video? Identify what you like, how the edit is put together.

• Assignment #2

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