The art of compromise

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Published on February 6, 2014

Author: YRGlobal


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The Art of Compromise :

Being uncompromising on ethical matters makes you a strong person. Being uncompromising in an intimate relationship, however, is often less noble.
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We arm ourselves with knowledge. We gauge the evidence and outline a plan. We form our ideals and establish steps for carefully considered goals. We seek out
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Yesterday my colleague M.S. brought us a new CBS poll on compromise; it's interesting, he said, that a full 8% of self-identified independents ...
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Hey Robert, I believe both parties should have an open policy plan. Say it how it is and then work from there. Starting at the point of your partners wants ...
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Compromise is the lifeblood of democracy. Yet the reliance on compromise to keep the wheels of government churning can at times lead to ...
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Politics is commonly called “the art of compromise.” The problem today, however, is that many politicians don’t agree on fundamental principles of ...
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Magnum - The Art of Compromise Lyrics. I hear every word that you say They're captured in time If only you'd met me halfway Walk up to the line Oh, I know ...
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News coming from Washington these days reflects the discord of politicians arguing over issues from judicial nominations to Social Security. Civility and ...
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The Art of Compromise - Change Your Life | The Change Blog

Take Time to Understand the Other Party. This should go without saying, but in a compromise, you need to understand the motivation of the other party.
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The Art of Compromise - - Dr. Patrick J. Hart

Many people consider the word “compromise” to describe a situation in which they lost more than they gained, but by definition, it should describe a ...
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