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Information about the arms race

Published on November 5, 2008

Author: faheemrizvi


Syed Faheem Raza RizviPAC LAHORE : Syed Faheem Raza RizviPAC LAHORE The Arms Race AGENDA : Introduction Brief History The commencement of Arms Race The type of arms race's weapons Impacts INDO PAK Arms Race Future of Arms Race Conclusion AGENDA Slide 4: The arms race is a competition between the two nations to accumulate the most powerful weapons to make itself so potential in the eyes of its enemy having a vengeful stuffs against the aggressor. Introduction Brief History : The first Arms Race began when someone was hit by a rock or a club and his victim searched out for a bigger rock or a larger club For example arms race among Pakistan ,India, America, Russia,I ran, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on. Brief History The commencement of Arms Race : The “arm race” started with ending of World War II (1945-1963). U.S. developed the atomic bomb but USSR also chased atomic chaos to overlap U.S., getting upper hand. The commencement of Arms Race The type of arms race's weapons : The currently used weapons are the refine children of those weapons used in past such as knife, gun, rifle, nuclear bombs , tanks, mezial ,lethal weapons, airy and sea vehicles. The type of arms race's weapons Slide 8: Impacts The first atomic bomb was dropped by America over Japan’s two cities named Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 5th August having havoc al impacts on institutions, politics, economic, judiciary and many other stuffs. In this way USA travelled to win wars and know the art when to use bombs. Following it more than eight countries are indulged to develop their majestic atomic weapons for rest of the world. Slide 9: Indo Pak Arm Race Pakistan starts making weapons to protect itself from India and others. India detonated what it called a "peaceful nuclear device" in 1974 So Pakistan became a member of nuclear family in 1998 to safe itself. Now on 11 October. India signed 123 civil atomic deals with USA against the rules of I.A.E.A Pakistan’s economy, politics ,and judiciary all are suffered due to the arms race. The future of Arms Race : The future of Arms Race If world war III start then the world will be explored like a suicidal bomb Russia's President Mr. Putin said: “ It is not our fault, because we did not start it,” Slide 11: Conclusion UN and I.A.E.A. have become silent viewers Slide 12: Thank You

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