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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: ronnie374

Source: slideshare.net

( Acquired From www.Google.com) THE ANCIENT VEDIC SCRIPTURES Mystery of Orion, Pleiades and DraconisThe ancient Vedic texts answer the "Orion" mystery of the P "Draconis" mystery of temples in Angkor, and the "Pleiades" mystery of the Mayan civilization. Thes more references concerning all these sacred constellations and deep sky objects than any other anc manuscripts. The Orion mystery of the Pyramids arises from the fact that the three Pyramids at Giza, located south-west of Cairo, and are aligned exactly to the three middle stars of the constellation of Orion namely Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. The three Pyramids are aligned at an angle of 45 degrees, and astronomical data shows that the belt of Orion was tilted at such an angle around 10,500 BC. Concluding, that the Pyramids were constructed not around 2500 BC, but by a more advanced civilization thousands of years earlier. The main chamber of the King's pyramid was linked to passages which aimed directly at the heart of Orion as it would have been located in that time. The temples at Angkor in Cambodia form a shape exactly similar to the constellation of Draconis. Using astronomical data, once again it is found that the temples align with the constellation as it appeared around 10,500 BC. The constellations of Orion and Draconis lie almost opposite to each other in the celestial view from Earth. The year of 10,500 BC The year of 10,500 BC comes up in both cases, and this is also the time given by esoteric astrologers for the last great global cataclysm which destroyed a civilization much more advanced than our own. Esoteric astrology can help understand why the ancients were so keen on studying and following the motion of these sacred constellations. Within these celestial bodies also lies the key to the common source of all these civilizations, which can only be understood by understanding their esoteric significance through the study of astrology of the ancients. If these theories are correct, then the ancients constructed these structures as astronomical codes for preserving the knowledge of the past cataclysm, which happened around 10,500 BC, and also as a warning for future generations. Most of the esoteric astrologers agree that the last major cataclysm occurred around 10,000 BC when the Age of Virgo gave way to the Age of Leo. This change of ages takes place due the Precession of the Equinox. The earth's axis is not stationary, but spins around and completes one revolution about each 26,000 years. This means that about every 2000 years, a different astrological sign rises at dawn on the Spring Equinox when night and day are of equal length. That period in history is said to be the Age of that rising sign. Ages after the Great Flood around 10,000 BC would be like this.

10000 BC Age of Leo 8000 - 6000 BC Age of Cancer 6000 - 4000 BC Age of Gemini 4000 - 2000 BC Age of Taurus 2000 - 1 BC Age of Aries 1 - 2000 AD Age of Pisces 2000 AD onward Age of Aquarius These different Ages were characterized by use of common symbols by all the civilizations which happened to exist at that time. The Age of Leo was characterized by Sun worship. Leo symbology was the use of the Lions. The use of Gold as currency was the norm, and Gold and Lion are unique symbols of the sign Leo and its planetary ruler the Sun. Cults of Great Mother Goddess came up everywhere, especially across Asia minor and the shores of the Mediterranean during the Age of Cancer. Sun worship gave way to Moon worship. The Sign Cancer is also the sign associated with the Great Mother, the creator of the Universe. This same Mother can be seen manifesting in various ancient cultures: the Isis of Egyptians, Nana of Chaldeans, Rhea of the Romans, Spiderwoman of the Hopi, and Shakti of the Vedic scriptures, but they all arose from the early Mother goddess cults of the Age of Cancer. The Age of Gemini brought about the worship of the twin-gods. The Phoenician, Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Vedic cultures are testimony to the cult of the Twins who were born of the mating of the universal male principle symbolized by the Sun and universal female principle symbolized by Earth and the Moon. Since Gemini is the sign of writing and communication, we find that new languages were discovered and spread in this time. The best example is that of the Sumerians who are supposed to have brought the art of writing from Central Asia to Mesopotamia around this period. The Egyptian civilization was in the Age of Taurus, we have its real evidence in Egyptian Bull and Earth mother cults which were part of Egyptian culture and religion at this time. Taurus is the sign ruling over the desire nature on Earth symbolized by the Bull. Taurus also presides over the gifts of mother Earth to its inhabitants. The Age of Aries found in the civilizations, namely the Roman and Greek. The Arian idea of individualism was the cornerstone for these civilizations. The Greeks worshipped Apollo, the god of the Sun. Sun finds its exaltation in the sign of Aries and thus its worship returned once again. Romans worshipped Mars along with Zeus, as the God of War. Sun worship returned among the Egyptians. Jews became the chosen ones for this Age with Moses. Buddha, who had five planets in the Sign Aries at Midheaven in his chart, ushered in a new individualistic belief. Lao Tse, Confucius, and Zoroaster heralded new beliefs along the same lines in ancient China and ancient Persia.

The Age of Pisces was clearly marked by Jesus. He went against the Old Testament, which emphasised ram and the sacrificial fir . Through his teachings the New Testament was brought about, along with the emblem of 'fish' and baptism by 'water'. The 'fish' is the symbol of the sign Pisces and 'water' is its element. Even on a deep psychological and spiritual level, his teachings and life represent the qualities of the sign Pisces. Jesus was born when the planets Jupiter and Saturn joined in the sign Pisces. This could have been the Star of Magi which the three wise men from east followed. Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces, found its symbolism through Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Virgo, as is common knowledge the sign of the Virgin. This Age saw mysticism in poetry, art throughout the world. The Christian mystics and the Sufis were all in to the vibrations of this emotional, all inclusive sign. Exaltation of martyrdom, extreme monasticism, the Dark Ages, the blind belief systems, unquestioned orthodoxy represent some of the dark sides of the Piscean era. The Piscean age started giving way with the advent of scientific thought during the Renaissance, but it still holds the majority of humanity in its grasp through the orthodox religions, blind patriotism, and growing financial inequality. Due to concentration on the lower energies of this sign especially in the last century, the world has virtually become a 'market' and 'money' its God. Aquarius,the sign of Man, will take over. Perhaps somewhere in the early years of the 21st century. An important astrological event which is happening is the conjunction of winter solistice with the Galactic center, which according to vedic scholars lies at around 6 degrees of the sign, Sagittarius. The timing of the last Great Flood around 10,000 B.C coincided with conjunction of summer solstice with the Galactic center. The summer solstice is exactly opposite to the winter solstice. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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