The amazing life of spartacus the thracian

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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: ElizabethGooding



Play I wrote for the children in my classes to perform. We're studying the ancient Romans.

PLAYSCRIPT The Amazing Life of Spartacus the Thracian adapted from Horribly Famous: Spartacus and his Glorious Gladiators by Toby Brown Dramatis personae: NARRATOR Spartacus Soldier 1 Soldier 2 Soldier 3 The Wife Slaveseller Batiatus Gannicus Crixus Castus Oenomaus Commentator Guard 1 Slavemaster Slave 1 Slave 2 Slave 3 Glaber Varinius Furius Cossinius Gellius Clodianus Lucullus Pompey Crassus Heracleo Storyteller Our hero Roman soldier Roman soldier Roman soldier Spartacus’ wife, a prophetess Slave salesman Gladiator trainer and owner Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator Pompeii games commentator Ludo guard Slave master Slave Slave Slave Roman magistrate Roman magistrate Varinius’ commander Varinius’ commander Roman general Roman general Roman general Roman general Roman businessman, turned General Pirate king Roman soldiers (5) Pompeii gladiators (10) Free Slave Army (5) Act I Scene I Scene II Scene III Scene IV Scene V Roman soldier Slave market Ludo Pompeii games Ludo breakout Act II Scene I Scene II Scene III Scene IV On the run Roman General Hall of Fame To Sicily The heroic end Epilogue

ACT ONE Act I, Scene I Roman Army Enter Narrator NARRATOR: Our hero, Spartacus, spent his early years as a shepherd in Thrace, his homeland. As well as looking after sheep (baa noises in background), he learnt to fight with a short sword and a shield (mime). But he got bored of being a shepherd (mime bored face, baa noises), so he joined the Roman Army. We first meet our hero, tired and sore, after the battle against Mithridates and his army. Enter Spartacus, 3 Roman soldiers Spartacus: Well, we won. Soldier 1: Yeahhhhh!!!!!!!! (pumping the air) Soldier 2: The Roman army is the best!!!! Soldier 3: The best in the world!!!! Spartacus: But don´t you ever get fed up with being in the army? Soldiers: Uh, nope. Spartacus: Lucullus shouting all the time? Soldiers: Uh, nope. Spartacus: Capturing slaves? Boring training? Terrible food? Soldiers: Uh, nope. Soldier 1: And you know what will happen if you run away. Soldier 2: They WILL find you, and sell you as a slave. Soldier 3: Or worse. Exit soldiers Spartacus: Well, I AM fed up with it. I´m going to run away. I´ve met a girl, and we´re going to get married. We´re going to have a happy, free life together. Exit Act I, Scene II The Slave Market Enter Narrator, Slaveseller, Spartacus and The Wife.

NARRATOR: About a year later we meet Spartacus again. He and his wife are being sold at the slave market. The Roman soldiers had been right… Slaveseller: (indicating Spartacus and The Wife) Come on everyone, take a look at this lovely pair. Batiatus: (to Spartacus) You look strong. Lift this basket of rocks. Spartacus, looking bored, lifts it easily. Batiatus: Very good. Have you had any army training? Spartacus ignores him. Batiatus: ANSWER ME, BOY!!! Slaveseller whips Spartacus. Spartacus: (growling) Yes. Batiatus: Wonderful! Come with me to my ludo. You´ll make an excellent gladiator. (to Slaveseller, pointing to the wife.) She´s pretty. I´ll take her too. Exit all. Act I, Scene III Ludo (Gladiator Training School) Enter Spartacus, Crixus, Castus, Gannicus, Oenomaus. Training gladiators in the background. Spartacus: More hard work. This is just like the army! Training all the time. No freedom. And we’re even more likely to die. Oenomaus: At least we’re fit and strong, and excellent at using weapons. Crixus: Well, I’m excellent. You’re all rubbish. Gannicus: Ha ha ha – you wish. Castus: They’re not training us so well for our sake. They just want us to fight well and die heroically in the arena. Spartacus: I agree. So we need a plan to get out of here. Crixus: OK. But first we need to get the Pompeii Games over with. Oenomaus: Yes, we’ve trained for months. Gannicus: Then we’ll break out of here. Exit all. Act I, Scene IV Pompeii Games Enter Commentator, Spartacus, Crixus, 5 Pompeii gladiators, a horse. Commentator: Let’s see how Batiatus’s new boys from Capua do against the home team from Pompeii. In this fight, we will watch Spartacus (cheers) and Crixus (cheers), against five Pompeii gladiators.

Fight: Crixus holds off 4 Pompeii gladiators, while Spartacus kills and takes the horse of the other. Then Spartacus comes back on the horse and he and Crixus defeat the rest of them. Commentator: That was AMAZING!!!!!! I’ve never seen anything like that before. Holds up hands of Spartacus and Crixus. Commentator: The clear winners are Capua. 1 died, 2 wounded, 17 wounded. Man of the match – SPARTACUS. Everyone cheers. Exit all except dead Pompeii gladiators lying on the floor. Extras come and carry them off. Act I, Scene V Ludo Breakout Enter Narrator Narrator: Batiatus has plans. He is going to sell his last group of gladiators for a spectacular show in Rome. Spartacus knows that if they go to Rome they will die for sure. They make plans. Enter Spartacus, Crixus, Gannicus, Castus, Oenomaus Crixus: We’re leaving for Rome the day after tomorrow. Spartacus: Well we have to escape before then. Everyone agrees. Spartacus: I’ll send a message to the wife in the kitchens. She said the people that work there want to get out too. They’ll give us some kitchen equipment to use as weapons. Exit all. Enter Spartacus, The Wife, Kitchen Slaves, Gladiators, Guard 1, Guards. Spartacus starts throwing food. Guard 1: Stop that, Spartacus! Spartacus throws food in his face. Crixus attacks him from behind. Other gladiators and kitchen slaves fight with the guards. Some die on both sides. Exit all, except the dead bodies. Extras run on and carry them off. Enter Spartacus, Castus, Gannicus, Oenomaus, The Wife. Oenomaus: We got out. Castus: Amazing! I didn’t think we’d make it out alive. Crixus: Let’s make sure the Ludo is gone for good. Let’s start a fire. Crixus throws burning wood towards the school. Spartacus, The Wife, Gannicus, Castus, Oenomaus all cheer. Stand looking towards the school, holding their hands up to their faces to protect them from the heat.

ACT TWO Act II, Scene I On the Run Enter Narrator Narrator: After the Ludo breakout they need another plan. They have escaped from Batiatus. They’re free for now, but the Romans will soon be looking for them. Exit Narrator, enter the escaped gladiators and slaves. Spartacus: We need food. We’ll raid some villas and take it from rich people. Crixus: There’s one, let’s go. Right of stage - Enter slave master, slaves. Oenomaus kills slave master. Gladiators and slaves remain left of stage. Castus: (To the slaves) Come with us. We’ve escaped from Batiatus’s ludo. Slave 1: Yes, please. Slave 2: Thanks for killing the slave master. Slave 3: We’re sick of the way him and the other Romans have been treating us. Castus: The Romans will kill us if they catch us. Slave 1: . We’ll take the risk. It couldn’t be any worse than it has been here Walk to the left of the stage to join the others. Start marching. Act II, Scene II Roman General Hall of Fame Enter Narrator Narrator: A year has passed. Spartacus and his band of slaves and gladiators have become the Free Slave Army. It has grown huge and now has about 100,000 soldiers trained by the original gladiators. They have proper weapons and armour looted from the Romans they have killed. Their natural leader and General is Spartacus (he bows to the crowd). Here are some of the important Roman soldiers the Free Slave Army has defeated. Enter Glaber, Varinius, Furius, Cossinius, Gellius, Clodianus Narrator: First victim – Claudius Glaber. Glaber: He caught me and my soldiers by surprise on Mount Vesuvius. I ran away back to Rome and everyone laughed at me. Spartacus and his slaves took all our weapons and armour. Narrator: Next came Varininius and his two commanders, Cossinius and Furius. Here’s Furius. Furius: I trapped the slaves. Or so I thought. Spartacus and Crixus had tricked me! Their plan was better than mine. I escaped with my life but many of my soldiers weren’t so lucky. Narrator: Cossinius. Cossinius: I went to the baths to relax. Spartacus and his slaves caught me there. I escaped but they followed me back to camp. Here they slaughtered my soldiers and me.

Narrator: And their boss, Varinius. Varinius: He defeated me, too. Again, we Romans were tricked. I got away alive. But Spartacus and his slaves won. Again. Between us, the three of us lost about 6,000 soldiers. Narrator: Following this second embarrassing beating for Rome, Gellianus and Clodianus were told to finish off the slaves. For good. By now, Spartacus and Crixus have separated and there are two slave armies. Gellius: I went for Crixus on Mount Garganus. Luckily for us, the slaves were drunk and couldn’t fight. A great opportunity for us! Narrator: Crixus sent messages to Spartacus for help. But he and his army were too busy with Clodianus to help. Here is Clodianus’s story. Clodianus: I wasn’t so lucky. I thought we had a strong defence, but Spartacus and his troops just charged right through us. I had to give the order to pull my soldiers away. Narrator: Yet ANOTHER loss for Rome! Gellius: Well, I won. And we killed Crixus and 20,000 slaves. Narrator: Well, yes, I’ll give you that. But you and Clodianus were both sent off by Spartacus. I would call that another defeat. Exit all. Act II, Scene III To Sicily Enter Narrator Narrator: Spartacus and his army have been free for a long time, and fought many battles. But he is getting fed up with being chased by the Romans all over Italy. Enter Spartacus, Castus, Gannicus, The Wife. Spartacus: My new idea is to go to the island of Sicily. Gannicus: Why? It’s a long march from here. Spartacus: Yes. But the slaves on Sicily grow food for all the people of Rome. Castus: So if we free all of them and kill their masters… Gannicus: … there will be no food for Rome. Castus: Brilliant idea as usual, Spartacus. Spartacus: We’ll see. First there’s someone we need to do. Gannicus, Castus – I have a job for you. Exit all. Enter Gannicus, Castus, Heracleo. Gannicus: So, Heracleo. Here’s some treasure as a deposit. Castus: We need about 1,000 ships to take all of us to Sicily. Can you help us? Heracleo: Yes. But you’ll have to wait. The ships are all over the Mediterranean doing SPECIAL JOBS (winks at the audience).

Gannicus: We’ll wait. No problem. Castus: We’ll collect them in Rhegium. Heracleo: Fine. They’ll be with you soon. Act III, Scene IV The Heroic End Enter Narrator. Narrator: So they waited and waited. But in the end they had to give up. The pirates had let them down. Ran away with their treasure. No big surprise. After all, they were PIRATES. Another Roman General, Crassus, built a huge wall and a trench to stop them going North. To the South is the sea. They’re stuck. As always, Spartacus has a plan. They fill the trench and crash through the wall. They’ve escaped again. But not for long. Crassus and his army have caught up with them. Enter all. Spartacus and Free Slave Army on one side. Crassus and the Roman army on the other. The Free Slave Army try and charge through the Roman lines, but the soldiers hold fast. Spartacus manages to get through and charges at Crassus. He never gets there. He attacks two Roman centurions, but at the same time, someone launches a spear. It pierces deep into his thigh. Spartacus falls to the ground. He will never get up. Exit all, except Spartacus lying dead on the floor. Eventually extras come and drag him off. Narrator: This last battle was so huge that Spartacus’s body was never found. About 60,000 of his army died with him. Spartacus was an amazing man. He escaped from the Romans and freed thousands and thousands and slaves. The Romans didn’t catch him for two years. He really had an amazing life.

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