The Alpha Version of a Wundering Moleskine

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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: topgold



Here's a first look at The Wundering Moleskine, a set of water colour journals sent to creative people between the ages of six and 106. The Moleskines have social beacons that allow their content to be shared and repurposed as they travel from country to country before returning to the Limerick City of Culture in late 2014.

Moleskine Sketchbooks with Social Beacons

Where simple questions connect people. #wundering @topgold 2

A social community project starting in May 2014. #wundering @topgold 3

#wundering @topgold 4

The Moleskines have social identities on Audioboo, Flickr, Foursquare, and Twitter. #wundering @topgold 5

The Moleskines have social identities on Audioboo, Flickr, Foursquare, and Twitter. #wundering @topgold 6

Simple question. No addresses. Heard at #wundering @topgold 7

Simple questions encourage direct answers. Heard at #wundering @topgold 8

Dreams should be shared. Heard at #wundering @topgold 9

Image from TomMyLandz #wundering @topgold @wundering03 hopes to get Mindmaps, playful sketches and single word answers. 10

@daylightgambler shares his code with #wundering. CC-BY-4.0 Coder Phil Sorrell is @daylightgambler. #wundering @topgold 11

Developed on the campus of LITThurles. Software developers adopted #wundering. #wundering @topgold Supported by Microsoft. 12

• The Practise of Creative design. • Art meets code. • CC-BY-4.0 Lecturer Bernie Goldbach in Ireland is @topgold. #wundering @topgold 13

@iankath made the sleeves for #wundering Moleskines. Prop Master @ianKath is in Brisbane. #wundering @topgold CC-BY-4.0 14

@iankath started with old hardbacks. From Brisbane’s largest book fair. #wundering @topgold 15

@iankath made the design pattern for #wundering Moleskines. Prop Master @ianKath is in Brisbane. #wundering @topgold CC-BY-4.0 16

Supported by Urban Arts Projects. CC-BY-4.0 Prop Master @ianKath works in Brisbane. #wundering @topgold 17

Moleskines will travel inside hard cover books. Sleeves made in Brisbane. #wundering @topgold 18

Using Skype and Google Hangouts to share ideas. Phil Sorrell beams into Ireland from England. #wundering @topgold 19

 Water colour Moleskines with sketches that answer questions.  @wundering01 asks, “Where do you live?” (6-10 yo)  @wundering02 asks, “Where are you going?” (11-20 yo)  @wundering03 asks, “How did you get here?” to those with jobs. #wundering @topgold 1. Sketch a response. 2. Snap and share on Flickr. 3. Check book into a point of interest. 4. Tweet about it. 5. Say it on Audioboo. 6. Pass the book along within two days. 20

21 • • • Three books at #ictedu Global Voices in May 2014. Twelve books in Limerick City of Culture in October 2014. Online for all time. #wundering @topgold

22 Follow the hashtag. Join the conversation. #wundering @topgold

23 Going Live in May 2014. #wundering @topgold

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