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Published on March 14, 2009

Author: sikanderkush


Slide 1: XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS “Air Pollutant, Their Effects And Remedial Measures” By Abha Rani Ajay kongari Kumari Laxmi Sikander kushwaha 3/14/2009 1 Slide 2: XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS Atmosphere is mixture of gases that surround sphere of earth which we call AIR. A normal human being breathes about 25000 liter/day. (about 30 to 60 kg) Air Composition of Air : XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS Composition of Air Oxygen =21%; Nitrogen =78%; Argon =0.09%; Carbon dioxide= 0.03% And other trace elements and compounds are: methane, ozone, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide etc. 3/14/2009 3 Air Pollution : XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS Air Pollution According to Indian air amendment act, 1987, air pollution means any solid, liquid or gaseous substance present in the ambient atmosphere in such concentration that may tend to be injurious to human beings or other living creatures. 3/14/2009 XIDAS 4 Slide 5: XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS 3/14/2009 XIDAS 5 Causes of Air Pollution Release of thousand tones of a variety of air pollutants into the atmosphere. More then 7,50,000 man- made chemicals present in our environment and to these 1000-2000 new one added to every year. Slide 6: XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS It is the atmosphere by man are CO, CO2 , Noise, NH3, gases and dusts of toxic metals etc. 3/14/2009 6 Air Pollutant Source of: Primary Pollutant & Secondary pollutant : XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS Source of: Primary Pollutant & Secondary pollutant Primary Pollutant Carbon compounds; Sulphure compounds; Fluoride compounds; Nitrogenous compounds; Hydrocarbons; Metal; Particulate matter; & Toxic substances Secondary pollutant Ozone; Photochemical product; & Photochemical smog. Effects of Air Pollutant on: : XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS Effects of Air Pollutant on: Vegetation; Bifacial Necrosis; Pigmented lesions; Epinasty; Acute Injury; Chronic Injury; Chlorosis; Abscission; & Necrosis. 3/14/2009 8 Green house and global warming; Rain; Ozone; Ice Islands; & Materials. Remedial Measures : XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS Remedial Measures Create awareness among all walks of people in society; Regular monitoring of the existing level of air pollution to improve the quality of air; To reduce the total pollution load on the atmosphere; Proper Implementation of “The Air Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 ” 3/14/2009 9 Cont… : XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS Cont… Improve the existing devices of air pollution control like: Mechanical collectors Wet scrubbers; Electrostatic precipitators; Filters. Slide 11: XIDAS,JabalpurXIDAS THANK YOU & Have a Fresh Air 3/14/2009 11

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