The agent bujduveanu, between cia and the plot of land from mihai viteazu

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Published on March 6, 2014

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The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu 3/5/14 9:32 PM Feeduri RSS | Logare | Creare cont nou | Contact | Parteneri | Arhiva Cauta Cautare 21:32:18 Sambata, 26 Noiembrie 2011 EDITIE ONLINE NR. 105 ACASA !TIRI ONLINE COMUNICATE PRESA ANUNTURI LICITA"II SEDINTE CONSILIU LOCAL LEGI UTILE POLITIA ROMANA BLOG TOP 500 Deschidere editie | Editorial | Politic | Eveniment | Social | Sport | Actualitate | Fotoreportaj | Reportaj | ZIUA satelor | Revista presei locale | Locuri speciale de munca | Horoscop | Interviu Online | Re#etele zilei | Catering in Constanta |e-achizitii | Anunturi imobiliare de la particulari Anunturi Constanta | Invatamant in Constanta | Rezultatele la bacalaureat $i Evaluarea Na#ional% 2011 | C%s%torii | Divor#uri 2011 (Conform portalului Ministerul Justitiei-Judecatoria Constanta) | Decedati | Nasteri Sondaj Acasa Events The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu Sunte!i de acord cu ini!iativa USL de suspendare din func!ia de pre"edinte al României a lui Traian B#sescu? The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu Îmi place Înscrie-te pentru a vedea ce le place prietenilor t!i. Da Nu Joi, 16 Iulie 2009 | 11:14:11 PRINT Manuela MOLDOVEANU Tag-uri: English Events The Agent Bujduveanu between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu (446) Vezi toate ofertele imobiliare EVENTS Published Tatiana Raducanu (Italy) - Miss Diaspora 2010 (photo gallery) | Luni, 16 August 2010 | (1422) The American citizen of Romanian origin Traian Bujduveanu, whose name was involved in a secret agents' story and scenarios similar to espionage movies, has returned for the land from his native village. Traian Bujduveanu, the American citizen of Romanian origin who alerted the world of secret services after being accused of supplying "military materials" to Iran, is fighting with the local administration belonging to his native commune and with the Prefecture from Constanta for some hectares of land in Mihai Viteazu. Bujduveanu is native from the village Sinoe, Mihai Viteazu commune and his name is connected with CIA and FBI services. His countrymen don't know anything about him since the Revolution when, they say, he ran in the United States. According to the newspaper "Jurnalul National", edition dated from the 9th of October 2008, the American citizen of Romanian origin, Traian Bujduveanu was arrested in Florida for This year, Miss Diaspora 2010 Trophy went to Italy. Tatiana R!ducanu, one of three representatives of Italy in the Miss Diaspora 2010 contest, managed to convince the jury that she deserves the title of the most beautiful Romanian established abroad... Rompetrol has completed the first stage of the Delayed Coking Unit Revamp Rompetrol | Marti, 06 Iulie 2010 | (378) Rompetrol Rafinare, a Rompetrol Group company, has completed the first stage of the Delayed Coking Unit Revamp. The first part of this project consists of purchasing of a technology license and the drafting of the basic engineering design, in partner... Casa, 3 camere Constanta, Neptun 115000 ! Apartament, 2 camere Constanta, Capitol 79000 ! Teren Constanta, Mamaia Nord 2201200 ! Testeaza gratuit Vezi toate ofertele imobiliare Casa, 3 camere Constanta, Neptun 115000 ! file:///Users/Traian/Desktop/The%20Agent%20Bujduveanu,%20betwee…nd%20the%20plot%20of%20land%20from%20Mihai%20Viteazu.webarchive Page 1 of 6

The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu American citizen of Romanian origin, Traian Bujduveanu was arrested in Florida for supplying "military materials" to Iran. "Bujduveanu is a personage with an extremely interesting biography. In the 1980s he was seen with the Panama chief of the secret services, 2 weeks before 21st of December 1989 he was meeting Nicolae Ceausescu at his palace in the Primaverii quarter in Bucharest. Later he was seen in the Bucharest North Korea Embassy. His file from the United States contains explosive data" were writing the editors from the up mentioned newspaper. The agents too listen to the "Voice of the Land" Few years ago, the American with roots in Constanta returned to his native lands to come into possession of the land inherited from his parents. To receive his plot of land, he began a law suit in 2007. The file with the number 13037/212/2007 arrived at a second instance, the appeal being registered at the Civil Section of the Constanta Law Court on the 16th of July 2008. Bujduveanu prosecuted the commune committee for application of the land's laws of the Mihai Viteazu town hall and the County Committee for establishing the ownership of the land from the Prefecture of Constanta. The trial was adjourned on the 7th of August 2008, under the article 242, point 2 from the Code of Civil Procedure, more precisely because none of the two parts involved did show. The action in court will be resumed when one of the two parts will request this. The land for which Bujduveanu went to law with the town hall from Mihai Viteazu and with the Prefecture of Constanta has a surface of ten hectares and it belonged to Bujduveanu's father. Grameni: "I wrote 16 pages for him at DNA" Contacted telephonically, the mayor from the commune Mihai Viteazu, Gheorghe Grameni confirmed that the person in cause is "agent Bujduveanu". He said that the land was claimed by Bujduveanu ever since 1998 when there was another mayor at the Mihai Viteazu town hall. "He prosecuted us because we couldn't give him the land initially due to the fact that he had 2 maps missing from his file. Ultimately he submitted the file, it was completed and he was given the property deed and the report of putting in possession. The problem is that those documents remained a long period of time at The Office of Survey and Real Estate Advertising, arrived at the Prefecture in the time of election, in November 2008 and have never been signed. The present prefect said he doesn't sign these documents 7 of them- because he doesn't want to sign after the other one" declared Gheorghe Grameni. The first added that, along with Bujduveanu there are also two inhabitants of Sinoe who became American citizens, one with ten hectares and the other with five. The mayor from Mihai Viteazu declared that Bujduveanu made him a complaint at DNA in which he states that he was investigated by the prosecutors. "I didn't write so much in my life. I wrote 16 pages at DNA for him" declared Grameni. Brailoiu: "I will do all that is legally possible" Contacted telephonically, the prefect of the County of Constanta,Tit Liviu Brailoiu has declared to us that it was normally for the documents whose property deeds have been debated before his arrival to be signed at that moment. "I can't decide now upon some property deeds debated two years ago, in 2006 or 2007, when I was named in this position in January 2009. But, to figure it out, I wait for the owners of the lands in discussion, in audience, every Tuesday from 1 p.m. in order to make everything that is legally possible" said Tit-Liviu Brailoiu. Manuela MOLDOVEANU - Ultimele (5) Arhiva completa Trimite un e-mail autorului - Combinat de reciclare a uleiurilor uzate, în comuna Saligny - Se lucreaz! la pictur!:Biserica Sfin"ii Mihail #i Gavril din Izvoru Mare, reparat! 3/5/14 9:32 PM partner... Sabina Vieru, the thief from USA, invested the stolen money in Sea Breeze Resort Events | Marti, 26 Ianuarie 2010 | (1891) A Romanian woman was sentenced for fraud to four years of prison in the US. Forty years old Sabina Vieru will have to pay over 7 million dollars to the company she used to work for, Daimler Trucks North America LLC, former Freightliner LLC ... Apartament, 2 camere Constanta, Capitol 79000 ! Teren Constanta, Mamaia Nord 2201200 ! Testeaza gratuit "It might be good if he returns into the country to clear out the situation" Events | Luni, 11 Ianuarie 2010 | (807) The ship-owner Tartoussi, acused of complicity to Omar Hayssam'flee from Romania The news heard on Friday, regarding to a possible extradition of Omar Hayssam in Romania gave a new hope to the ship-owner Mustafa Tartoussi. ... Professor Doina Banciu, Doctor Honoris Causa at Ovidius University Events | Marti, 24 Noiembrie 2009 | (787) Thursday, Ovidius University awarded Doctor Honoris Causa title to University Professor Doctor Doina Banciu, head manager of the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics Bucharest. "It is a great pleasu... Ovidius High School student gets silver medal at International Olympiad of Astronomy & Astrophysics Events | Joi, 29 Octombrie 2009 | (640) Among the awarded students at the 3rd edition of International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics, held in Iran, between October 16 and October 26, there is, again, a student from Ovidius High School of Constantza. This is not... Italian citizen shot at fowling, in Romania Events | Joi, 22 Octombrie 2009 | (626) Shocking case in Constantza. An Italian citizen accidentally shot his son-in-law during a fowling. The stupid accident took the man's life and destroyed the life of his father in law. The tragedy took place Sunday afternoon, on a... Nati Meir has been detained for fraud and tax dodging Events | Marti, 20 Octombrie 2009 | (583) Ex-candidate for presidency, Nati Meir, has been detained yesterday afternoon, after a flagrant organized by the prosecutors of the Prosecutor Office attached to Bucharest Tribunal and the policemen of the Brigade for Countering the Organize... Doctor Honoris Causa, awarded at Ovidius University Claudia CANDET | Joi, 15 Octombrie 2009 | (733) în totalitate (galerie foto) - A început construc"ia gr!dini"ei noi din Tuzla - Se caut! auditor pentru pia"a agroalimentar! din Valu lui Traian - Restric"ii de trafic în comuna Topraisar Comentarii (1) Ion Dreptate : Regretam ca am intrerupt planurile pe care si le facusera aceste "Mari Personalitati" cu pamantul altora. Furtul,de orice fel,a fost si va ramane la moda in Romania.Numai ca de data aceasta sa sesizat DNA si i-a speriat putin pe acesti "Furaciosi Notorii" Deh.."Planul de acasa nu se potriveste cu cel de la targ"... Yesterday, the Rector of Ovidius University of Constantza, University Professor Doctor Victor Ciupin!, handed two distinctions - one to Maria Sl!tinaru Nistor, the great soprano of Romanian lyric stage and the other to the bass-baritone sin... Teodosie, given as a negative example by the police Cecilia ZAREA | Joi, 16 Iulie 2009 | (499) Too high to saints Teodosie became a negative example in the Police's publication. The article is entitled „IPS Teodosie, investigated for acts of corruption" and was published in the 77th number of the magazine „ The Police Impac... How much is a policeman? file:///Users/Traian/Desktop/The%20Agent%20Bujduveanu,%20betwee…nd%20the%20plot%20of%20land%20from%20Mihai%20Viteazu.webarchive Page 2 of 6

The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu voteaza pentru voteaza impotriva Scrie comentariu (va rugam aveti rabdare pana acesta va fi moderat) Nume anunta abuz 3/5/14 9:32 PM How much is a policeman? Cecilia ZAREA | Joi, 16 Iulie 2009 | (403) The activity of the indicted is extremely dangerous because they had no scrupulous in faking blood samples, faking criminal files" sustained the prosecutors. Email Constanta's Court of Law decided yesterday, after six hours of hearings... Comentariu Nemirschi launched at Tulcea the anti poaching green telephone Events | Joi, 16 Iulie 2009 | (377) micsoreaza | mareste Am citit si accept Regulile pentru postarea comentariilor. Anyone who has information or knowledge about the committing of such acts can notice them by telephoning directly to the Ministry of Environment, at the number 0800.800.300. Vizionate „It is a campaign which we launch here at Tulcea b... Maz%re a pierdut la Curtea de Apel Bucure$ti ... (410) Adauga comentariu The Commander of the Road Police:" In Constanta there are groups which are acting between them" Cecilia ZAREA | Joi, 16 Iulie 2009 | (320) "I believe that facts speak for themselves, I can only establish them" affirmed Lucian Dini"$. Lucian Dini"$, the commander of the Police Road Direction, affirmed that what happened at the Police Service Road Constan"a... The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu Manuela MOLDOVEANU | Joi, 16 Iulie 2009 | (447) The American citizen of Romanian origin Traian Bujduveanu, whose name was involved in a secret agents' story and scenarios similar to espionage movies, has returned for the land from his native village. Traian Bujduveanu, the American ... TOP ARTICOLE » Foste vârfuri de lance în PDL Banias $i Mironescu, împreun% doar la mondenit%#i ... (289) CA nou la OIL Terminal Wagner a sc%pat de pedeaps% ... (164) La un pas de tragedie Doi const%n#eni, b%ga#i în spital de un cet%#ean austric, la Tulcea ... (147) Tusac, amendat de Palaz pentru recens%mânt ... (113) Coleg de serviciu cu soţia Ce avere are comandantul Grupului 1 Constan#a - Palas (document) ... (112) The first armed robbery in a bank from Constanta (photo gallery) Corina SAMOILA | Luni, 01 Iunie 2009 | (1016) Justiţie la Constanţa Armed robbery in the centre of Constan"a city. Early in the morning, one of the subsidiaries of Carpatica Commercial Bank was broken in by two masked and armed persons who succeeded in running away from the bank after having stolen almost 700 mi... ANRMAP, despre declaraţiile lui LATEST Published Opportunity! Land for sale on the Ada Island! Latest | Miercuri, 16 Noiembrie 2011 | (36) N!vodari City Hall sales by auction 432 parcels on the ADA Island on Ta#aul Lake (1 kilometer away from N!vodari). ... !i împu$cat, $i cu banii lua#i ... (112) Mazăre „Prim%ria Constan#a nu trebuie s% lase pentru noiembrie achizi#ia lemnelor $i s% dea vina pe diverse institu#ii" ... (111) Pedeapsă cu suspendare în dosarul lui Minea A lovit un biciclist, a fugit, s-a zvârcolit în pat $i a sc%pat de pu$c%rie ... (96) Zile de s%rb%toare la $coala din Pecineaga ... (88) Comentate Ocazie! Teren pe Insula ADA - (1) Oenologist Razvan Macici: "Murfatlar is the number one cellar in Romania" Lavinia Siclitaru | Marti, 11 Octombrie 2011 | (115) Razvan Macici is the oenologist who brought glory to Nederburg vineyard in South Africa. ... SC RAJA SA and the EBRD signed a cofinancing of 200 million euros Latest | Vineri, 03 Decembrie 2010 | (642) Tuesday, November 30, 2010, SC RAJA SA Constanta in the presence of the local and district county authorities, signed the loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ... When Britain built Constanta British Embassy | Joi, 02 Decembrie 2010 | (270) file:///Users/Traian/Desktop/The%20Agent%20Bujduveanu,%20betwee…nd%20the%20plot%20of%20land%20from%20Mihai%20Viteazu.webarchive Page 3 of 6

The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu 3/5/14 9:32 PM British Embassy | Joi, 02 Decembrie 2010 | (270) I was in Constanta last week for a exhibition at the Museum of History and Archeology entitled ‘British Constanta'. ... Cigarettes: burning a hole in the public purse British Embassy | Joi, 02 Decembrie 2010 | (266) How can you reduce the budget deficit without putting up taxes or cutting expenditure? One measure can do more than most to fill the depleted public purse - stop the trade in illegal cigarettes. Anunturi Constanta ... ! Vila P+M Valu lui Traian, Romanian mayor who wore a swastika is exonerated | Miercuri, 24 Noiembrie 2010 | (465) ! Teren Intravilan, A rights group says prosecutors have offended Holocaust victims by exonerating a Romanian mayor who was investigated for wearing a swastika in public. ... President Basescu’s mother passed away | Marti, 05 Octombrie 2010 | (408) Elena Basescu, President Basescu’s mother, passed away yesterday around 2.30 pm. ... Ukrainian Danube Navigation says its vessel was robbed in Romania | Marti, 28 Septembrie 2010 | (364) OJSC Ukrainian Danube Navigation (Izmail, Odesa region) has reported the robbery of one of its vessels on the territory of Romania, according to a company press release. ... Cartierul Nou pret 38500 Euro 1000mp, ! Apartament 2 camere, tomis 2, parc ! Ocazie apartament 2 camere- scoala 8, 37mp, pret 21500 euro ! Tuzla casa 2 dormitoare, bie, bucatarie, living, teren 250 mp ! Dacia Logan Preferance ! Casa Ramnicu de Jos jud Constanta ! Apartament lux 500 eur dacia ! Apartament lux coralia mamaia 350 eur ! Licitatie apartament 4 camere casa de cultura 80 mp Cauta Within the last ten days, in Constanta, 13 people died because of the heat | Joi, 19 August 2010 | (431) Within the last ten days, over 60 people went to the County Emergency Hospital of Constanta having high body temperature (39-42 °C), caused by excessive heat or sunlight exposure at inappropriate hours. Thirteen of them died in the medical unit. ... Radu Mazare wants to sell the Casino of Constanta | Vineri, 06 August 2010 | (613) Several years ago he granted the casino so some Israeli, and now he thought it wouldn’t be bad to sell it to some Chinese businessmen. ... Michael Bolton checks-in at Rex Hotel Latest | Miercuri, 28 Iulie 2010 | (725) After visiting several luxury hotels in Mamaia, organizers of the international star Michael Bolton’s show, who is going to concert in Constanta on July 30, decided that the only hotel in Mamaia that fully respects singer’s requirements i... Who has interests in Cogealac?: Mayor Hristu has led locals within gunshot (video) Teodora DUMITRASCU | Marti, 27 Iulie 2010 | (787) Yesterday, Cogealac village turned into a large battlefield between civilians and security officers armed with some guns with rubber balls A group of residents joined Mayor Hristu in his steps to fine the company who builds and ope... Indonesian Evening, the attraction of Rex Hotel in August Events | Joi, 22 Iulie 2010 | (421) After Indian, Greek and Arabic Evenings, Rex Hotel management decided to organize an Indonesian evening, having the support of the Indonesian Embassy in Romania. ... International Cemetery Mircea Voda, the monument reborn from the ruins: Claudiu Palaz - "This is how I felt. Name it passion NEWSLETTER » Aici va puteti abona la newsletterul Ziua de Constanta file:///Users/Traian/Desktop/The%20Agent%20Bujduveanu,%20betwee…nd%20the%20plot%20of%20land%20from%20Mihai%20Viteazu.webarchive Page 4 of 6

The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu 3/5/14 9:32 PM Palaz - "This is how I felt. Name it passion for history and respect for values" Latest | Luni, 12 Iulie 2010 | (502) Abonare Inscrie-te Anulare inscriere Palaz: "the cemetery was in a deplorable state. The shepherds led their animals to graze, and crosses were broken. Some were in such a critical state so six crosses of the Soldiers plot had to be cast again as they were unrecoverable&quo... Publicitate Works on new road bridge over DanubeBlack Sea Canal have started Latest | Luni, 12 Iulie 2010 | (425) 6 Iulie 2010 State secretary with the Transport Ministry Marin Anton inaugurated on Monday, 6th of July, construction works on a new road bridge over the Danube-Black Sea Canal, in the south-east of Constanta C... Publicitate Laptop HP ProBook 4530s cu procesor Intel® CoreTM i52430M 2.40GHz, 4GB, 640GB, AMD Radeon HD 6490M 1GB, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 2849 lei Livrare gratuita oriunde! file:///Users/Traian/Desktop/The%20Agent%20Bujduveanu,%20betwee…nd%20the%20plot%20of%20land%20from%20Mihai%20Viteazu.webarchive Page 5 of 6

The Agent Bujduveanu, between CIA and the plot of land from Mihai Viteazu 3/5/14 9:32 PM Ultimele articole adaugate: Buna ziua Constanta: 23:00: TEREN INTRAVILAN 2000 MP, DESCHIDERE 30 M, SPANACUL LUI POPEY, TRABUCUL LUI MAZARE DIRECTOAREA DOSPINESCU NASESTE O COLEGA DIN PRIMARIE LIBERALUL CUPSA SI-A DUS SOTIA IN CARAIBE (GALERIE FOTO) NU E CRIZA-N PRIMARIE STR.MIHAI EMINESCU, VEDERE SUPERBA LA MARE, TOATE UTILITATILE, 600 EURO/MP/NEG. RELATII LA 0724-275781 - (1315) 23:00: IDOLII GENERA!IEI '90, EAST 17, CÂNT" DUMINIC" LA X FACTOR ALIN V"DUVA ESTE ÎNC" SUB TRATAMENT - (71) 23:00: CA NOU LA OIL TERMINAL WAGNER A SC"PAT DE PEDEAPS" - (164) 23:00: PEDEAPS" CU SUSPENDARE ÎN DOSARUL LUI MINEA A LOVIT UN BICICLIST, A FUGIT, S-A ZVÂRCOLIT ÎN PAT #I A SC"PAT DE PU#C"RIE - (96) 23:00: ZILE DE S"RB"TOARE LA #COALA DIN PECINEAGA (88) #TIRI ONLINE Publicitate Abonamente Confidentialitate Drepturi de autor Termeni juridici English Frontpage Editii locale: Utile: ZIUA de Cluj / Ziua de Vest Primaria Constanta / Politia Romana / Monitorul Oficial / Vanzari auto / Anunturi Ziare Publicatii online: Business: Buna Ziua Constanta / Buna Ziua Iasi / Buna Ziua Navodari / / Sport Portaluri ziare: / Lista Firme / Tarife RCA / Tomis Plus / Pro Koncept / Reclama / Imobiliare in toata Romania / Presa-Online / / Info-Ziare / Stiri locale / e-Ziare / / Ziare Live Timp liber: Bloguri: Judetul tau / Vila Ana / / Pariuri Sportive / Casa Pariurilor Constanta Blog / CT Life / Little Bro / Blogul lui Bobby Voicu / Mircea Badea Job-uri: MyJob Site-ul este optimizat pentru browser-ele Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox si Google Chrome, cu rezolutia minima de vizualizare de 1024x768 pixeli. Pentru probleme legate de functionalitatea site-ului va rugam sa semnalati webmasterul: © 2011 ZIUA de Constanta, toate drepturile rezervate. file:///Users/Traian/Desktop/The%20Agent%20Bujduveanu,%20betwee…nd%20the%20plot%20of%20land%20from%20Mihai%20Viteazu.webarchive Page 6 of 6

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