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Published on July 12, 2007

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Joseph T. Paranteau, Microsoft Corporation presented these slide at the June 2007 meeting for the Dallas/Fort Worth Usability Professionals Association

the age of ux Joseph T. Paranteau Microsoft Corporation June 19th, 2007

Topics for Tonight • About Me • Why User Experience Matters • Microsoft and UX? • Designing Office and Vista 2007

User Experience Rich user experience, familiar tools Development Tools, Enhanced productivity Suppliers Development Lifecycle Business Intelligence Reporting, Analytics, Scorecarding SOA & Business Process Business Process Automation, SOA, Integration Customers Data Management Data Store, BI capability, DB Services Infrastructure & Management Layer

Today’s Landscape – Why UX Matters ? the ux lever raises the bar differentiates product/service offers new market opportunities provides operational efficiency and business insight business results

Customer Testimonial: Elite Model Management

ux differentiates product or service

ux raises the bar

ux offers new market opportunities

ux provides operational efficiency and business insight

ux = more revenue + reduced customer support costs + greater customer loyalty + competitive advantage + more… _____________________________ advance the business

how can microsoft be a ux enabler?

Customer Testimonial: North Face

productivity tools for designers and developers

Microsoft Expression & Visual Studio designer developer designers & developers can streamline their collaboration XAML XHTML CSS XML/XSLT ASP.NET AJAX

Consistent fast installation forplatform experiences Deliver Cross browser, cross users Introducingexperiencesgraphics, Windows & Mac Stunning Microsoft Silverlight Seemless, vector-based between media, text, animation, and overlays


simply speaking

microsoft ux continuum = ux as a business lever + ux skill set and assets + platform/XAML + designer-developer collaboration _______________________________ advance the business across all touch points

UX Platform & Tooling Across All Touch Points window vista .net fx/wpf, scripting vs, expression media center, xbox windows office 12 extender oba html, mcml, wpf, directx vsto ux touch digital home office points web live, ie7, windows cardspace windows mobile ajax, “wpf/e”, .net compact fx, “wpf/e” device web scripting vs, expression vs web dev, expression

the experience is the product

designing the user experience (ux) of Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

Xerox Star

It starts with a clear sense of a mission. It starts with the desire to be more than we are today. A highly coveted brand. A more skilled competitor. A better partner. A more profitable entity. A more productive and enjoyable experience. A legacy.

user‟s goals, expectations, mental model, emotional state, physical and cognitive abilities | controls & widgets | user model | interaction model | data model | concepts & abstractions | underlying system bits | aesthetics | audio, tone & language of the text | the brand | physical hardware & devices connected to the PC | content | environment in which all this takes place | More than just the User Interface. It is the complete end-to-end interaction that the user has with the product.

Vision, Strategy, Technology Bets Research & Analysis & Imperatives Design: Concept Demos, idea prototypes Research: Field studies, Instrumented Version data, ethnography, Contextual Inquiry Concept Solutions, Requirements Conceptualization & Constraints Design: Problem analyses, sketches, schematics & flows, low- fidelity prototypes, visual design direction Research: focus groups, cognitive walk-through, instrumented version, low-fidelity iterative testing Iteration, Prototypes, Usability Testing, Detail Design Specs Design: High-fidelity prototypes, „protospecs‟, visual specs, final visual design, toolkit and guidelines Research: lab testing, benchmarks (end to end, Beta) Production, Fit & Finish, Bugs & Cuts Implementation Design: Art work, last-minute changes, “cuts”, “nasty detail”- protospecs, Research: Benchmarks, comparative studies, field studies

User Research Great user experience cannot be delivered without customer feedback. It does not matter how experienced a team you have, how few concepts you’re employing, or how brilliant and consistent your user model is: Ultimately users need to be involved to give you feedback on the user experience.

User Research – Quick Stats • 3000+ users in 1:1 research or small group research during the making of Windows Vista • Instrumentation data was gathered from 8000+ XP users • 20,000+ users participating in instrumentation programs to gather usage and configuration data and info through survey panels • Tracking 150+ common tasks for ease of use in Windows Vista • 50+ consumer families using beta since 2005 to give feedback on the day-to-day experience • Families in 7 countries in field research (US, India, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Finland, Israel) • Ethnographic research was conducted in Finland, Korea, Brazil, India, Russia, and US. • Engaged with international enterprises to understand their baseline use of XP and monitor improvements with Windows Vista as beta has been deployed • For Living with Vista we have received close to 5000 comments from 50 families (US and international) since the inception of the program at Beta 1 in August ‘05

Design Goals Makes getting to what you need Efficient and Easy Makes getting the results you want in Windows more Visual & Direct Makes people feel great about their Experience; creates a positive emotional connection

AERO aesthetic development Smart, Meet Beautiful.

Setup & Welcome

First Impressions

Start menu, Start button

Window management


Common Operations Engine and UI

Common Operations Engine and UI

Top 200 error messages and notifications removed, fixed or improved

Dialogs and Wizards

New AERO icons

Live Icons (thumbnails)

Microsoft Office 2007 but first, a trip down the memory lane

Word 1.0

Word 6.0

Word 97

perception of bloating

Clippy: Office 97

Rafted Toolbars: Office 2000 Word 2000

TaskPanes: Office XP XP

the tipping point for menus, toolbars, and task panes

need for contextualization and galleries

Contextual Tabs Object Specific Contextual Tabs



usability: the art, the science, and the stockholm syndrome

Usability Projects office 2003 benchmark + eye tracking + card Slot + internal longitudinal studies + the “truman” show + office 12 benchmark + extended usage study + beta survey and visits + other efforts… _________________________________ usability projects in office 2007

Accessibility Begets Usability

Stockholm Syndrome Usability Stockholm Syndrome

the prototyping process

Paper, PowerPoint… Paper Prototypes

1000 Card Pick-Up 1000 Card Pickup Card Sorting

performance is also an element ux

Fast at any Speed

The Junk Drawer Flea market of Functionality

obsession to detail

The “Eat Dismiss Click” Story

customization and statistics

fitt’s law and office 2007

Fitt’s Law and Office 2007Law

1.3 billion sessions of data

Measuring Results It’s Not all About the Data

giving you the ribbons

Ribbons for Word

Ribbons for Excel

Ribbons for PowerPoint

the vice presidents start beating the drums

Catching the Plane

Final Thoughts • “user want more functionality, but want it to be presented as less” • “business is balancing the possibilities of design with the practicalities of reality” • “the experience is not part of the product. the product is part of the experience”

the experience is the product

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thank you Joseph Paranteau

Resources • Windows Vista Developer Center • Office as a Development Platform • Windows Live • Microsoft Visual Studio • Microsoft Expression • Other Developer Centers (.NET Framework 3.0, ASP.NET, etc. • Microsoft Surface •

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