The Age of Literate Machines: LinuX dan 10

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Information about The Age of Literate Machines: LinuX dan 10

Published on October 26, 2007

Author: zakgreant



Keynote presentation for LinuX dan 10 in Slovenia ( and LinuX dan 5 in Croatia (


Zak Greant


mozilla foundation

eZ Systems AS

Linux? Server? Desktop? Laptop?

A Visionary Look at Free Software

What is Free Software?

Free Software



Free Software

1. Run 2. Study 3. Modify 4. Share

Open Source == Free Software

Open Source Isn't a Bad Term

Source Code?

Why Does Free Software Matter?


Largest Computing Project in History



Mac OS X


Free Software is a response

In The Beginning was The Word

~ 50 000 years ago

Burning Scrolls & Burying Confucians

Language is The Great Tool

Language 2.0

The Word was at God

The Knowledge Within the Medium

Freedom Spreads

500 years of rapid advances


The Great Obsoleter

Justice Algorithms

Free as in Freedom

Robo Habilis

Build Freedom for the Future

Thank You! literate-machines

Public Domain Dedication I, J. A. Greant, have released my work within this presentation into the Public Domain. See the slide notes for links to licensing/copyright info on the images.

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