The Age Of Literate Machines: FOSSNUT 2008Q1

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Information about The Age Of Literate Machines: FOSSNUT 2008Q1

Published on February 28, 2008

Author: zakgreant



A presentation focused on how Free Software, Open Source and the Internet relate to our past, present and future. These slides were used for a brief tour of Norwegian Universities and Høgschoolen.


Free Software?

Free Software

Free Software

1. Run 2. Study 3. Modify 4. Share

Open Source = Free Software

Open Source Isn't a Bad Term

Why Does Free Software Matter?

Largest Computing Project in History



Free Software is a response

~ 50 000 years ago

Source Code to Society

Burning Scrolls & Burying Confucians

Language is The Great Tool

Towards Free Speech

The Word was at God

The Knowledge Within the Medium

Freedom Spreads

Burning Scrolls & Burying Confucians

Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers

Stationers Company Monopoly (1556 - 1695) Copyright vested in the printer. Power to seize offending books and to bring the offending author before the authorities.

Statute of Anne Copyright that vests in the author - 14 years for new works and 21 years for existing work. Required submission of multiple copies to state libraries. 53

A Blossoming of Freedoms

Constitution of Norway Article 100: There shall be freedom of expression. ... 57

State-subsidized Free Speech

Free Speech in the Electro-Mechanical Revolution

1438 Printing 1/1000¢

1609 Newspaper 1/10 000¢

1838 Telegraph 10¢

1848 Telephone 1/100¢

1877 Phonograph 1/10¢

1896 Radio 1/1 000 000¢

1898 Magnetic Recording 1/10¢

1927 Television $1/100 000

Radio TV Newspaper Other Print Media

Worshipful Company of Television and Radio Broadcasters

Literate Machines


The Great Obsoleter

Justice Algorithms

Free as in Freedom

Balanced Freedoms smodeerF decnalaB

Build Freedom for the Future

The Mozilla Manifesto

Robo Habilis

Zak Greant


Public Domain Dedication

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