The ABCs of Core Drilling: 5 Services Core Drilling Makes Possible

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Information about The ABCs of Core Drilling: 5 Services Core Drilling Makes Possible

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Scullivan



Have you ever wondered how those drains on the side of the road are made or how buildings can get wiring and electricity in every room? The answer lies in "The ABCs of Core Drilling."

The ABCs of Core Drilling 5 Services Core Drilling Makes Possible

What is core drilling? • Core drilling is a way of extracting concrete (or other materials) from a surface so that a perfectly round hole is left in its place. • When the core drill removes the concrete, the extracted concrete remains in the drill bit and is referred to as the core. • This method of concrete removal makes the construction of the following projects possible:

Architecture • Beautiful, breathtaking architecture would not be possible to create without core drilling. • Although core drilling may play a smaller role in the inception of architecture, it plays an important one. How else would workers be able to connect wires from one room to another and make space for rounded appliances?

Building Repair • It’s not uncommon for everyday buildings to need a little repair. • In scenarios where the repair only requires a minimal incision in concrete or access to a wire behind a wall, core drilling is perfect. It allows workers to fix a problem without having to make a big mess.

Culverts • A culvert is a tunnel or channel under a road or railroad that allows water to drain into it instead of pooling on the road. • Core drills make these drain-like openings in the road so that water can flow through it and into the ground below.

Dowel Drilling • A dowel is a kind of round pin that’s used to attach things to each other. Dowels are most commonly made of wood but they can also be made of metal and other materials. • Dowel drilling is essentially the same as core drilling, except you’re working more with wood, metal and other materials beside concrete.

Electrical Services • Core drilling makes it possible to connect wires throughout an entire building. By drilling small holes into the walls, builders are able to provide an entire home or structure with electricity.

Flight (Airport) Runways • Have you ever noticed the lighting on the sides of an airport runway? That lighting was made possible by core drilling. Round holes were cut into the road where lights could then be placed.

Core Drilling Plays an Important Role • Transportation and building construction would not be the same without core drilling. It makes traveling safer and inhabiting a building or home more comfortable. We definitely wouldn’t live the convenient lives we do without it.

Concrete Cutting Services Are Always Available • If you realize you are about to undertake a project that’s way over your head, recruit a concrete cutting specialist company that will help you get the job done right. • You can also visit or contact them at (855) 367-3620 for more information.

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