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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: BryanCollins



Here, you can watch The A-Z of Productivity.

I based this presentation on the various apps, tools and techniques I write about regularly on WorkReadPlay.

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The A-Z of Productivity by

Ais for productivity apps, how many do you really need?

B is for productivity blogs B is for brainstorming, a great way of coming up with new ideas

Cis for using cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive that make it easier to work from anywhere

Dis for David Allen, the Godfather of GTD, and the man who’ll ask you “What’s your next action?”

Eis for Exercise because a healthy mind and body operate in tandem

Fis for using apps like Freedom to disable internet access and get to work

Gis for setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals

His for having enough hours in day - if Beethoven and Einstein made do with 24, so can we

I is for managing your email with

J is for keeping a journal of your progress and setbacks

Kis for Kanban boards, a productivity tool for teams

Lis for L

Mis for taking time for meditate, because life isn’t just work

Nis for Ninja because with a trusted and practised system, anyone can slice through their work with ease

O is for outcome Ois for Outcome, because any good project begins with the end in mind

Pis for Pomodoro technique, a great way to work in small blocks of time

Q is for the Quantified Self Qis for the quantified self, ! because self-knowledge can come through numbers

Ris for reviewing your commitments, projects and lists once a week

Sis for Stephen Covey, the author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Tis for keeping a regularly reviewed and updated to do list

Uis for using the right tools at the right time

Vis for making allowance for variables in any project or task

Wis for Wunderlist, a free multi- device to do list manager

Xis for managing budgets for your projects in an XLS or Excel file

Yis for watching videos of cute cats on YouTube when you should be working

Zis for Zen

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