The 9dotz story - three misfits take on the marketing world

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Information about The 9dotz story - three misfits take on the marketing world

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: BrettDenuo



We are 9dotz... a small, San Francisco based group of marketers who started a unique brand strategy firm based on the following beliefs:

1 - the future of marketing is not about how we reach people but why they should reach for us

2 - the ability to interrupt people with messages are less and less available or acceptable

3 - we must earn people's attention by intersecting with their interests

4 - attraction will always trump promotion

5 - marketing can change the world if we tell the right stories... so long as the stories are true

These pages explain who we are, what we believe and the work we do. We hope you join us. We invite you to debate us.

traditionally… companies were gatekeepers between content and customers content company customers

…positioning was built by targeted ads meant to buy a place in people’s minds targeting content company customer

…brands interrupted content with aspirational messages click to watch click to play

today, the focus has shifted from HOW you reach people, to WHY they should reach for you

…companies must earn a place in people’s hearts by intersecting their interests with those of their customers’ culture company customer

…some brands have rightly pivoted from aspiration to inspiration & from push to pull click to play

from targeting to triangulating…

in order to identify opportunities… macro forces globalization technology revolution shifting balance of power economic sustainability environmental sustainability revolution in healthcare SHARED VALUE ! ! business interests - growth profitability productivity …we must find where business and human interests intersect ! human interests - physiology safety love/belonging esteem self-actualization ! !

we call these places TM HotSpots macro forces globalization technology revolution shifting balance of power economic sustainability environmental sustainability revolution in healthcare HOTSPOTS ! ! business interests - growth profitability productivity human interests - physiology safety love/belonging esteem self-actualization


…then tell a multi-dimensional story story idea HD Why would anyone care? narrative 1D What could a brand stand for? platform 2D How could that platform interact with customers? strategies 3D How does that intersect with the cultural landscape? tactics

the right brand story can... break a tie rationalize a purchase CHARGING COMPLETE inspire advocacy

the best stories begin with a question

worked with Nike management to better understand generational differences that led to a positioning shift away FROM personal performance TO performance with purpose from: how can we convince everyone to be more active using our gear? to: why would people join us to make the world a better place through sport?

worked with Revolution Foods to elevate their mission FROM a food service operator selling healthy school lunches TO a movement that provides healthy food to families everywhere from: how can we convince schools to pay more to serve healthier food to their students? to: why should people join a revolution to make real, healthy food accessible to all?

worked with Intel to shift their frame of reference FROM chips inside technology TO capabilities inside people from: how can we get people to purchase technology with Intel processors? to: why should Millennials see Intel as the key to connecting them with the world and one another?

worked with 7-11 leadership to position their coffee business away FROM generic coffee anyway you take it TO creating a community around a shared love of coffee from: how do we sell more coffee at 7-11 versus Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks? to: why would 2 million people per day be proud to choose 7-11 coffee over Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks?

about us

HAN DELIN • 25 years of experience building big brands has taught me one thing - today the people doing it right often have little experience...and even less money.
 SEJAL PATEL DASWANI • EQ PhD from being a parent trumps my tour of 3 ivy league schools and 15+ years of strategy consulting. BRETT DENUO • Despite my Boomer tendencies (my Sunday Funday includes newspapers, slippers and a cup of tea), I’m a Millennial at heart and I have the student loan debt to prove it.

thank you

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