The 80%: Part II of ‘Are You Going To Get Rich? Probably Not – Understanding the ”Hows” and ”Whys” of Financial Independence’

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Published on March 11, 2016

Author: ruimatosgabriel


1. The 80%: Part II ‘Are You Going To Get Rich? Probably Not – Understanding the ”Hows” and ”Whys” of Financial Independence’ Rui Gabriel Thank you for reading my posts! If you would like to connect, reach out to me on Facebook. Learn More: EXCLUSIVE: THE 3 STEP PROCESS TO WEALTH

2. The 80%: Part II Question: “Are we all going to get rich in multilevel?” Answer: “No.” Why? Let me tell you a story… When I was a student at the Catholic University of Lisbon, I lived on a farm in Cacém along with about 15 other students. Since it was a farm with lots of abandoned land, we decided to get to work and plant a small garden next to the river that crossed it. The soil was very compact and consisted of mud and stones. It was so hard that, when we tried to dig the first time, we had to do it with picks axes. The hoes broke. We dug with pick axes and, by hand, we removed tons of large and small stones, we added compost and sand and, after one year of daily work we had a garden: a quarter of a hectare planted with turnips, carrots, lettuces, cabbages, beans, radishes, tomatoes, and many other things. One year of daily work, rain and sun every day and every week-end, produced that wonderful result.

3. One day, someone pointed out that the carrots were wilting, then it was the turnips, and soon everything was half destroyed and dry. What was happening? So much work and the harvest was being decimated for no apparent reason. It was then that we discovered that there were lots of giant rats in that river, and they were digging tunnels underground to get to our garden and eat everything we had planted. The destruction was complete. Out of all of us, only half a dozen weren’t discouraged, I was one of the discouraged ones and gave up, but 5 or 6 decided to solve the situation. One of them had a air pressure shotgun and devoted every afternoon to the extermination of rats, he killed rats by the hundreds. 2 or 3 others began digging a foot deep trench around the entire perimeter. The idea was to make a metal fence and place it a meter underground, this would prevent the rats from going inside where the rest were committed to gigging up what remained of the crops and began to prepare the land for new seeding. The 80%: Part II

4. Personally I found it stupid, I never believed that the fence would keep the rats away, much less that the “Sniper” could exterminate them all. What is certain is that the work was continuing and, after a few days we were all back to work, “moved” by the example given by those determined half a dozen people. The land was fenced, the earth dug again, everything planted in very straight lines, watered and weeded. Predicting the autumn and winter, we built a small greenhouse with sticks, wire and plastic sleeves. The first fruits began to appear in mid September more than 18 months after we the first blow of the pickaxe onto the compacted ground. Lettuce, carrots, turnips, green beans, everything very fresh, tasty and plentiful. The rats were still in the river but didn’t return to attack the garden. The 80%: Part II

5. One night, in the first week of October, it rained a lot and I was sleeping in my room when I was awakened by a ‘drip drip’ sound on a piece of paper I had on my desk. I got up to see what it was. There was no electricity but I noticed that there was a leak in the ceiling and it was dripping on top of my homework. I was quite upset by the ruined work, I removed the papers and felt my way to the ground floor to get to the kitchen to grab a bowl of plastic to put under the spot where the water was leaking. When my feet touched the floor as I reached the last step, I felt water. I noticed that the ground had about 15 cm of water and I ran to call everyone. They all came down with lanterns and candles and we realized the main door was bending with the force of the water from the outside, as it was leaking through the door up to 1 meter above the ground. We spent all night taking the furniture to the top floor of the house and, when morning came, we looked through the windows of the first floor and there was nothing else to see except the river. From the entrance gate to more than 300 meters away, there was only river. The only thing we saw poking out of the water were treetops in the distance and the top half of an old barn. The 80%: Part II

6. We stood there watching the river drag clothes, boxes of chocolate, a car, whole trees and other things, until nearly noon when the water level dropped and we could go out onto the street. The house inside was covered in an oily mud, but on the street the force of the water had ripped out parts of the cobblestones in the courtyard. We crossed the river through the small bridge that withstood the flood and found our garden in worse condition than it was a year and a half ago. The fence was gone, all the plants taken by the current, but the worst was the earth. All the earth had disappeared: The soil we built, the tons of stones and pebbles we had dug out with a pickaxe, the careful mix of compost and sand we treated the soil with, all the separation from roots and weeds, over a year and a half of daily work and enthusiasm, all gone in one stormy night. All that was left was muddy yellow earth covered with stones of all sizes, wreckage of trees, bricks and chunks of concrete torn out of God knows where. The 80%: Part II

7. To say we were devastated isn’t enough. The few who didn’t cry didn’t do so out of shame. We were all in shock as we walked along the desolation, when Andre showed up with half a grin on his face and a pickaxe in his hand. ”let’s start over.” – he said as he began to dig. He was alone. Even the 5 or 6 people who dealt with the rats now had a broken spirit, but Andre, not caring about anything or anyone, went to work and started everything from scratch. I was one of the people who didn’t have the courage, we all said “it’s not worth it”, and this time Andre was really alone. Nobody helped him, and for the next 12 months (until the time he and I went together to Italy), he worked and worked, giving the garden every free moment he had while everyone else, including me, were going to the pool, played football or were taking a jog in the woods. When we left that house the garden was starting to produce again. The 80%: Part II

8. I don’t know if Andre ever even got to eat something from there before we left for Italy, but what is certain is that many years later I returned to that farm for a visit and the garden was still there, fresh and productive, maintained for generations and generations of students who passed by. There were 16 of us, but only one didn’t quit. The first reason why most people don’t become rich with multilevel: They quit. It happens with 80% of them. The 80%: Part II

9. Do you know how to identify those affiliates (and you can also test this on yourself) who are not part of these 80% and have a better chance of becoming millionaires? Very simple: “You saw the opportunity, you have a dream and finally saw a way you can start to make it come true, and you’re full of motivation and enthusiasm, and you talk to your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend about your fantastic opportunity. Then they tell you “here we go again, one more scheme” or worse. Your motivation drops slightly. Then you talk with a close friend. You’re sure he’ll join you and he replies “just be careful, there’s a lot of trickery going around.” Then you get more disappointed. The 80%: Part II

10. You thought everyone would want this business and it seems like nobody wants anything. So you start thinking about all your friends and imagining what they will say when you talk to them. At that point you’re convinced you made a mistake, and that most likely nobody wants your opportunity after all. You talked to 4 or 5 people and their answers extrapolated to everyone you know and don’t know. This has a devastating effect on a person in business. So, when excitement is dead and buried, motivation is below zero, and you clearly see that it all just turned out to be a big mistake and that you’ll never succeed, this is the moment when you can see if you’re part of those 80%, or part of the other 20%. The 80%: Part II

11. Related Articles: » The 15%: Part III of ”Are You Going to Get Rich? Probably Not – The ”Hows” and ”Whys” of Financial Independence » The 5%: Part IV of ”Are You Going to Get Rich? Probably Not – The ”Hows” and ”Whys” of Financial Independence You see who will wither, and who will prosper. • I’ve seen this battle happen many times in my team without being able to help them, except by letting them know what I know and see what I see with my own eyes! • I saw many wither in disappointment, and now they can’t hear anyone talk about multilevel! • I also saw some people, though not many, who clench their teeth and come to me wanting to change their strategies and try taming the bull in another way. The 80%: Part II

12. It’s a mystery to me why events cause some people to waiver, while for others it creates an inner rage that takes them much farther. What I do know is that, both the quitting and the “motivational anger” are choices made by each person. When facing a setback in your business, in fact, you can choose to react in one way or the other. It’s up to you. Most choose to quit after a few months in the business, or change businesses thinking that the problem is in the company, the products or the compensation plan. And there may even be, but it’s mostly inside themselves. The 80%: Part II

13. For almost all the others is just a matter of time. About 80% of businesses, multilevel or not, close in the period of 3-5 years. If you’re NOT in multilevel for more than 5 years, then you’re still in the high drop-out period. The 80%: Part II

14. If you want to succeed, you have to decide what sort of person you are: • one who quits on things easily, • or one who awakens that inner rage towards the challenges and never gives up? Let me know in the comments which one are you! « Missed the Previous Chapter? Read it HERE! » Ready for the Next Chapter? Read it HERE! The 80%: Part II

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