The 5 Best Lawnmowers for Your Yard

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Information about The 5 Best Lawnmowers for Your Yard

Published on May 22, 2019

Author: JanetBradshaw


5 Best Lawnmowers: 5 Best Lawnmowers For Your Yard 1. Black & Decker Lawn Mower EMAX42I-QS : 1. Black & Decker Lawn Mower EMAX42I-QS This lawnmower is ideal for those who have an average surface, ie , about 200 to 500 square meters. However, it should be noted that it is cable so we will have to have an always close plug or an extension cord. I do not think it's a problem since the extension cords are usually cheap. However, you have to keep in mind that it can cause you much less freedom of movement. Regarding the extender, you have to rely on the fact that if you're not careful, you can move with the lawn mower over it and destroy it. Therefore, you must adopt certain precautions. The voltage is 230 volts, which is usual, so you will not have any problems. It weighs 17 kilos, which is rather heavy; however, the wheels make the weight distribution more manageable. It has Soft Touch technology, which allows adjusting the height of the cut, simply and they are a bigger problem. In addition, it has an Intelli -Cable system, which avoids destroying the cable. In general, it is a good lawnmower at a low price, so it is ideal for those who want a quality device and do not want to spend a lot . 2. Bosch ARM 32 Lawnmower : 2. Bosch ARM 32 Lawnmower It is ideal for small and medium surfaces. This is from 0 to 500 square meters. The power supply is electrical so you will not have to worry about cables, you will, therefore, have greater autonomy. This greater freedom of movement will save you time and, in addition, will allow you to carry out lawn mowing tasks comfortably. This machine has a technology that will allow you to mow the lawn near the edges, so you do not have to have a manual mower. Regarding the weight is very light, but it is inconvenient to note that the collection basket seems to be too large for the weight of the system itself. The power drive motor ensures efficient cutting even on tall lawns. 3. Bosch ROTAK 37 lawn mower: 3. Bosch ROTAK 37 lawn mower Also electric and very good power gives a plus to those looking for an electric riding lawn mower with good power. It should be noted that it has a good weight, 11 kilos and 200 grams, which is an addition for those who do not look for something too heavy. However, it has the main drawback of electric, no matter how powerful it will never exceed gasoline. Therefore, if you have a large area, we will always recommend a gasoline one. It is very ergonomic thanks to the ergoflex handle, and the power drive system allows a perfect finish. 4. Lawnmower Einhell - Gasoline engine GC-pm 46/3 S: 4. Lawnmower Einhell - Gasoline engine GC-pm 46/3 S This is already gasoline; not all were going to be electric. Being petrol is powerful; however, the main drawback will be, as is usual in gasoline maintenance. It is heavier than the other models that we have analyzed, since it weighs up to 31, 4 kilograms, which is enough, but it is worth it for the power it provides. In addition, the rear wheel is traction, which allows it to be easily handled in almost any type of terrain. It is a very durable and robust device, so you will have to forget to buy another one in many years. However, remember that it can be a little tedious to have gas at home . 5. Lawnmower MTD SMART 395 PO: 5. Lawnmower MTD SMART 395 PO Also, gasoline, as indicated, is ideal for surfaces of about 800 square meters. It is easy to maintain, so I would not have to give you many problems. It is powerful, but not much to be gasoline, that is, its power is average. Its weight is 19 kilos, which may seem a lot not to be an overly powerful engine .

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