The 21st Century Classroom

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Published on February 11, 2009

Author: mscofino



A presentation by Kim Cofino given to Qatar Academy in February 2009. For more details about the presentation, see:

the 21 st century classroom professional blog: presentation resources: presented by: Kim Cofino

Learning to Change

design tools management

design part 1

curriculum drives technology

begin with the end in mind

backwards design

project-based learning

process inquiry use the

bloom’s revised taxonomy Remember Understand Apply Evaluate Create

technology cycle design myp

authentic assessments

technology as a tool

technology embedded


global audience

energy tap into the students bring to class

learn with technology the way students live with technology

using technology successfully in the classroom is a mindset not a skill-set

what’s the next step for you?

tools part 2

the technology toolbox


the technology toolbox: blogs personal reflection seeking feedback

the technology toolbox: wikis collaborative knowledge building

the technology toolbox: social networking making connections

the technology toolbox: multimedia expressing creativity

the technology toolbox: VoIP personal connections

have you been tinkering?

management part 3

we think

create a studio environment

student centered

teacher as facilitator

adaptive and flexible


environment community

utilize class experts




media rich

instant access

digital citizenship

tips and tricks

are you ready?

the 21 st century classroom professional blog: presentation resources: presented by: Kim Cofino Q & A

Image Sources (Creative Commons License) listed in slide order: 1. Lights: 2. Quote: 3. & 4. Blueprint: 3. & 21. Tools: 3. & 30. Crossing Guard: 5. Escalator: 6. Dart: 7. Type: 8. Sandcastle: 9. Curiosity: 10. Bloom's Revised Taxonomy 11. Ferris Wheel: Wheel: 12. Pole Vault: 13. Pen & Notebook: 14. Bike: 15. Connected: 16. Global Audience: 17. Lighting: 18. Headphones: 19. Meditate: 20. Steps: 22. Toolbox: 24. Dear Diary: 25. Human Pyramid: 26. Dinner party: 27. Paint: 28. Whisper: 29. Gnome: 31. 1:1: 32. Studio: 33. Student Centered: 34. Ducks: 35. When a Bug Looks Up: 36. Stay Mobile: 37. Street Party: 38. Badge: 39. Networked: 40. Feathers: 41. Bubbles: 43. Times Square: 44. Reach: 45. Patriotic Cat: 46. Magic: 47. Objects are closer:

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