"That Sinking Feeling" #ELTchat Summary

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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: mattnoble4

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A summary of the #ELTchat discussion on twitter from the first week of February '14.

An #ELTchat Summary - February 5th, 2014! ! ! ! ! A recurring theme: UNMET EXPECTATIONS & ’DEAD’ LESSONS! teflgeek asked: “what causes "that sinking feeling" with you?” ! Shaunwilden: for me its the nagging doubt caused when sty doesn’t go quite right! patrickelt: Often happened when an activity did not work as expected ! PETsNet: Sinking feeling underlines all our daily work! Shaunwilden: (in response to PETsNet) That sounds quite depressing!

MarjorieRosenbe: I get the sinking feeling when there is just a lot of quiet and they leave looking tired or can't wait to get out the door! Marisa_C: quiet and indifferent too - yes agree! teflgeek: I get it more when confronted by errant behaviour than concerns about lesson planning! cherrymp: When the effort goes in vain! AddaLitim: I get that sinking feeling when my stds don’t do as well as expected in the practice tasks ! cherrymp: I get a sinking feeling when I think I don't have the students with me anymore. . When I think I can't take them with me anymore.! cherrymp: Yeah. That happens. Think expectations are one main cause for that 'sinking feeling'. ! OUPELTGlobal: Yes, when you 'lose' them. hard to get them back! MarjorieRosenbe: Just asked pupils. Bad lesson is when teacher is strict and lacks humor or can't control class.! ! ! ! A recurring theme: SEEING DIFFERENT/COMPLEX PERSPECTIVES! DanielaArghir asked: “can you always pinpoint the cause?”! Shaunwilden: i think we can get it by misreading a situation! HanaTicha: Sometimes this sinking feeling doesn't correspond with the real outcome.! Marisa_C: Misreading can happen both ways of course :-)! Kryftina: Is it always easy though? How can we identify the cause with certainty?! OUPELTGlobal: sometimes students are affected by something outside the classroom! patrickelt: students often seem more forgiving of faults than we are/expect as long as it is rare !

HanaTicha: They don't even recognize the faults.! MarjorieRosenbe: Absolutely. After one sinking feeling lesson two students stayed to tell me how much they enjoyed my classes.! HanaTicha: And vice versa. We think everything went well and we're wrong. It's so subjective, isn't it?! patrickelt: Maybe this is easier to reflect on than other classes as it is so clear that something went wrong…more problematic are those that seem to go well superficially! ! ! ! A recurring theme: REFLECTION-ON-ACTION! cherrymp said “we do experience that feeling. Just as the topic says it's what we do after the feeling that matters”! AlexandraKouk: sinking feeling ok when = reflection / not ok = self flagellation! Marisa_C: So looking at how to reflect and evaluate what transpired in our lessons so that we can 'fix things' for next time :-)! HanaTicha: Next time I try to avoid the cause, i.e. what preceded the undesirable feeling.! teflgeek: lesson problems are more easily attributable and remedied. Behaviour problems? Not so much. ! MarjorieRosenbe: How exactly do you judge that? Sometimes they learn more than we think. ! teflgeek: the more time and effort you put in, the more frustrating it is! Less is more. ! HanaTicha: As everything is so subjective in teaching, we can never do so - with certainty. What matters is that we try! Marisa_C: For myself I have a 'troubleshooter' checklist in my head which I go thru - do u have one? ! MarjorieRosenbe: Sometimes we have to address 'the elephant in the room' before moving on. !

cherrymp: But do teachers always reflect or give up? Sinking feeling is emotional. Reflection needs to be rational. ! Marisa_C: Sometimes a simple question to the Ss may help- what did u like in today's lesson? What was a bit boring etc?! Marisa_C: on CELTA and DELTA courses Ts are usually give a No of observation checklists - use on yourself! ! ! ! ! ! A recurring theme: GETTING USEFUL FEEDBACK FROM STUDENTS ! Marisa_C suggested that “Sometimes a simple question to the Ss may help- what did u like in today's lesson? What was a bit boring”! teflgeek: Is it just a question of successfully managing expectations? Yours & Theirs? ! Shaunwilden: Yes, as Marisa just tweeted simply asking helps! OUPELTGlobal: what about asking students directly? Being open about how the day went?! Marisa_C: Questions is one way - a short personal note to the T an option ! teflgeek: a colleague used a feedback box on the back of the door ! HanaTicha: On the other hand, what Ss like is not always what is good for them in terms of effective outcomes :-) ! Marisa_C: What can go wrong in a lesson tho cannot be rocket science - topic - language focus - difficulty of text/task and personal probs! Marisa_C: A letter of advice to the T how to make the lesson more engaging and motivating !

cherrymp: Feedback box is a good idea. Liked. . Esp if they can leave it anonymously.! Kryftina: I use stickers (we have a kind of ''grade the lesson'' habit), but intermediate classes find answering qs boring! cherrymp: Listened to a gp of Ts dis afternoon who said they got a 'nothing happens in our class' feedback via DOS.! cherrymp: It really works when Ts could take the feedback chits later & discuss how well the chits helped him/her. ! Marisa_C: As a St (of Turkish)on a negotiated syllabus course, we took 5' at end of lesson to tell T what we felt abt lesson & wanted! Marisa_C: I was highly motivated when I saw my T respond to my comments in next lesson! Innov8rEduc8r: Knowing that your views count is powerful within a classroom. Shows sts that they can impact what's going on. Agency.! Innov8rEduc8r: I suggest to sts that they phrase feedback in terms of suggestions - in terms of action that I could take! teflgeek: Writing up lesson menu on the board helps focus the class on lesson goals - manage expectations and gives focus ! louisealix68: always ask my ST to reflect using STARR method 2 b able 2 take step back from emotions. Helps analyse what went well/ not so well.! ! ! ! A recurring theme: EMOTION, EXPERIENCE, & MENTORING! AlexandraKouk wondered is it is “safe to say that Step 1 would be "Don't get too emotional about it”?”! Shaunwilden: Obviously getting fbk etc is important but it doesn’t help avoid the slinking feeling does it? ! AlexandraKouk: How important is it to be able to analyse what happened in class rationally and as objectively as possible?! patrickelt: seemed so important when inexperienced!

teflgeek: when you automatically blame yourself instead of reflecting more widely... ! OUPELTGlobal: YES! must be objective with yourself! Shaunwilden: maybe but I think emotion is needed ! AddaLitim: Exactly - but it may help prevent it ! AlexandraKouk: agreed! ! lordlumey: I agree, I think a certain amount of [emotion] shows you actually care.! Shaunwilden: While I agree, there is a certain level of depression that such an attitude might cause! patrickelt: I suppose we need to have a sense of proportion - easier when experienced ....! patrickelt: as we know that we can teach well but sometimes don't. Harder when inexperienced - role for mentors ! Shaunwilden: Dealing with the SF is a good topic for a CPD session in a school! patrickelt: I think the key thing with these types of classes is loss of confidence among inexperienced teachers! teflskeptic: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept that not every lesson will be fantastic. ! MarjorieRosenbe: agree. Showing empathy can make all the difference. ! Innov8rEduc8::Many a lesson that goes awry - leads to big shifts in how I approach future ones.! patrickelt: experienced teachers have a sense of proportion and confidence will not be knocked so next lesson should be okay! HanaTicha: I had a great mentor who said: If one in 3 lessons is great or memorable then it's fine I liked the rule! Innov8rEduc8r: Recently taken with the idea of 'iteration' - the idea of the program as a work in progress - constantly being tweaked! Marisa_C: On another level, I think that Ts often take things to heart too much - mistakes happen & we think & learn - sometimes Ts feel soo bad!!! !

HanaTicha: So, you need a good mentor in the first place who tells you what's realistic and what's not. Then you won't have that sinking f. ! DanielaArghir: The mentor can't go to your class and do your lesson... ! HanaTicha: I meant before you start teaching on your own! anciana: Reflecting on lesson through blogging is good practice, although this won't help you in the "sinking feeling" moment. ! MarjorieRosenbe: I think rapport is at top of the list and then going on from there.! Nouella89: When you feel upset about something you should make it work in your favour ! HanaTicha: Re sinking f: good to attend workshops to see the world from the other side of the barricade. I may look bored but I'm just tired.! ! ! ! @AlexandraKouk Some great suggestions here: http://t.co/FFMqOZjPQ1 and here: http://t.co/pY9SxZSNpe! @Louisealix68 Incidentally : http://t.co/aXNfkgfZbw! @Kryftina this ''swan song'' got me sinking a bit http://t.co/2tzCeprGbm! @kryftina try this article: http://t.co/x6NFW1DXTu! @kryftina touched on lots of aspects today #eltchat - as I love wikis, I leave you with this http://t.co/2CwvVHnLOD! ! ! ! ! !

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