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Published on February 4, 2008

Author: Viviana


Thailand Country Outlook 2007:  Thailand Country Outlook 2007 Ann Bacher Senior Commercial Officer U.S. Embassy, Commercial Service, Bangkok Is Thailand right for you?:  Is Thailand right for you? Thailand:Vibrant Market in the Heart of ASEAN :  Thailand:Vibrant Market in the Heart of ASEAN 10 Country members 500 Million Consumers Combined GDP of US$737 billion $88 billion in US direct investment 4th largest US export market Total 2-way trade $168 billion Thailand: A Nation in Transition 2005-2007:  Thailand: A Nation in Transition 2005-2007 Political changes Economic changes Social changes Slide5:  Thailand Overview : Politics Chief of state: King Bhumibol Adulyadej (since 1946) Principal Government Officials Chief of State: King Bhumibol Adulyadej Interim Government CNS/PM:Surayuth Jalanont Political type: Constitutional monarchy Interim Constitution Independence: Never colonized; traditional founding date 1238 Head of Government: Prime Minister Surayuth Jalanont Thailand: AT A GLANCE:  Thailand: AT A GLANCE Population Religion Literacy Language Slide7:  Thailand Outlook : Economy GDP: $176.38 billion Per capita GDP: $ 2,724 (05),$ 3,600 (06) GDP Growth rate: 6.1% (04), 4.7% (05), 4.8 % (06), 4.5% (07) Inflation Rate: 2.7% (04) 4.6% (05), 4.5% (06), 5.1% (07) Unemployment rate: 2.0% of total labor force Key Industries: tourism, textiles, garments, agricultural products, automotive, manufacturing, services Thailand: A Trader:  Thailand: A Trader Export Economy 15th Largest Trading Partner for U.S. 2 way trade 30 Billion Exports to U.S. 22 Billion up 13% In Asia: China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand Thailand: Investment:  Thailand: Investment Japan Largest Investor U.S. #2 Singapore, Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan Sectors: Automotive, Electronics, Chemicals, Services, Manufacturing US Investors 23 billion USD – 250,000 employees:  US Investors 23 billion USD – 250,000 employees Building Stronger U.S –Thai Business Ties:  Building Stronger U.S –Thai Business Ties Bilateral Agreements Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations (1833, amended 1966) Double Taxation Convention (Dec. 15, 1997) The Economic Cooperation Framework (Dec. 2001) Trade and Investment Framework agreement (TIFA) (Oct. 23, 2002) Free Trade Agreement (suspended) Private Partnership American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand U.S-Thai/Thai-US Business Council U.S – Thailand FTA Business Coalition U.S-ASEAN Business Council Market Strengths:  Market Strengths Good Fundamentals Strong domestic consumption Increase in exports Open to Foreign Investment Low-cost skilled workers Low inflation Good infrastructure Government support & incentives Location Challenges in Thailand:  Challenges in Thailand Political Turmoil Unrest in Southern Provinces Corruption/Transparency Weak IPR Protection AVIAN Influenza Threat Customs/Tariffs Issues Thai Way Where do U.S. Exporters Succeed ? :  Where do U.S. Exporters Succeed ? Electrical Power Equipment Education and Training Food Processing and Packaging Equipment Medical/Laboratory / Healthcare Defense Sales Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Safety and Security Information Technology Environmental Technologies Slide15:  Cosmetics Market size : $1,078 million (FY06) Total imports: $261 million with $57 million from U.S. Expected growth rate: 12% this year US products are highly sought after and well regarded Competition from France, Japan, UK and Germany getting stronger Best Prospects Anti-aging facial treatments Whitening facial treatments, body lotions Hi-end makeup and skin care Cosmetic products for men Best Prospects Pramot Best Prospects:  Medical Devices Market in Thailand : $553 million market with 20% growth rate 89% import and products from the US has 36% share 978 public hospitals (105,600 beds) and 356 private hospitals (35,900 beds) Leading best prospect: orthopedic devices, rehabilitation devices, diagnostic test kits, and cardiovascular devices. use of local distributor is highly recommended. Education and Training Service US largest share with – 10th leading country Overall sector is a $720 million market in Thailand The market is untapped and always opens to new-comers Brand recognition is high and word of mouth is crucial Nalin Best Prospects Slide17:  Best Prospect Food and drink processing equipment, Cooking or heating food machinery, Fruit, vegetable and herb processing equipment, Fruit juice machinery, Snack food and confectionery equipment, and Meat processing equipment Pramot Food Processing and Packaging Equipment Market size: $696 million (FY05) Total imports: $493 million with $26 million from U.S. Expected growth rate: over 20% for the next few years In FY2005, the U.S. Suppliers shared about 5% of the total imported market Best Prospects Slide18:  Market Overview - Electric Power System Generation capacity – 26.4 GW Growth in electricity demand – 5% Fuel mix – gas 72%, coal 12%, hydro and other 16% - renewable growing Total imports of transmission and distribution equipment - 3.5 billion U.S. market share – 10% Best Prospects Generators & parts, Power transmission & distribution equipment, Equipment for substations & terminal stations, Energy efficiency equipment Kitisorn Best Prospects Slide19:  Automotive Parts and Services/Equipment Thailand: Detroit of the ASEAN Region Largest vehicle assembling capacity Largest domestic market Assembling industry of double digit growth – 16% - 1.3 million Parts manufacturing of highest quality   Best Growth prospect for after market General automotive service equipment & tools Tire (wheel) & brake service equipment Body and paint repair service equipment Wanwemol Best Prospects Slide20:  Thailand: Growing demand for safety & security equipment Increasing Government Investment for Public Safety Global Requirements: International Airports, Seaports Market size- $459 Million  Increasing Private Investment for Property Security Hi-end property market Boom: Condominium, Hotels, Detached Houses Commercial Property: Shopping Malls, Office Buildings Best Growth prospect for after market Access control systems: card technology systems (smart card, proximity-card, magnetic strip card), biometric devices, security doors and power fences Alarm systems: fire/ intruder alarm systems Video surveillance systems: digital video recording and network transmission, CCTV Detection equipment: handheld/ walkthrough metal detectors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, x-ray/ screening equipment, anti-shop lifting devices Wanwemol Best Prospects Slide21:  ICT Market in Thailand In 2005, total ICT market was around $ 10.79 billion, comprising of $ 7.9 billion for communication, $ 1.6 billion on hardware, $ 1.06 billion for software, and $ 171 million in service Forecasted growth rate of 12% in 2006 to a value of $ 12.64 billion. U.S Share of Import market estimated around 70-80% Best Prospects: Data Communication Infrastructure, Wireless network, Package software such as CRM application, security software, Internet Infrastructure Oraphan Best Prospects What do you need to do to Succeed?:  What do you need to do to Succeed? Know the Market Export Counseling Develop a Trusted Local Partner Int’l Partner Search/International Company Profile Learn the Rules Flexible Market Research Build the Relationship Gold Key Service/Trade Events For More Information on Doing Business with Thailand:  For More Information on Doing Business with Thailand Thank you:  Thank you

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