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Published on December 17, 2007

Author: Goldie


Slide1:  The Manchester College T.G.I.F. Wellness Program What is T.G.I.F.?:  What is T.G.I.F.? This program is designed to motivate individuals to participate in a wide variety of activities that promote physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, intellectual, and social wellness. What is T.G.I.F.?:  What is T.G.I.F.? Campus wide wellness emphasis Individual and cooperative challenge Participation promoted through a wide variety of campus activities External motivation, progress checks, and positive behaviors rewarded Wellness partnerships developed with peers, faculty, and staff The Wellness Model:  The Wellness Model The program is designed to assist you in reaching a balance through participation in different aspects of each dimension identified on the Wellness Wheel. Note that “Vocational” has been added to the model to reach the broader campus community. The Wellness Wheel:  The Wellness Wheel Intellectual Wellness:  Intellectual Wellness Life long learning desire Strong desire to learn involving critical thinking, problem solving, and expressing yourself creatively Example of Opportunities: Learning Services, Career Services, In-services, Conferences Social Wellness:  Social Wellness Positive interactions with others Example of Opportunities: Student Activities Council Office of Multicultural Affairs Hall Programs Social Organizations/Clubs SOC Luncheons Emotional Wellness:  Emotional Wellness Taking responsibility for your own behavior by maintaining good mental health. Example of Opportunities: Counseling Services Employee Assistance Program Friends for Sexual Awareness Yoga/Massage Therapy Physical Wellness:  Physical Wellness Taking care of your body inside and out Example of Opportunities: Brown Fitness Center Intramural Athletics Wellness Course Chartwells/Nutrition Spiritual Wellness:  Spiritual Wellness Integrating your beliefs and values with your actions Example of Opportunities: Campus Ministry Chapel Interaction with your own church Office of Volunteer Services (OVS) Vocational Wellness:  Vocational Wellness Maintaining a balance between personal, social, and vocational goals Examples of Opportunities: Office of Volunteer Services (OVS) Professional Development Educational Development Career Services How does T.G.I.F. work?:  How does T.G.I.F. work? Sign up in Health Services and obtain Log Book Log your activities each day and keep a total of the weekly points Tally 1st and 2nd semester totals Practice ethical behavior – the honor system of recording Get prizes after earning your points at the end of the year! How do you earn T.G.I.F. points?:  How do you earn T.G.I.F. points? Attend a “Lunch and Learn” program Beginning in Spring 2005 ½ hour of exercise (in-season athletes – max 5 pts per practice) ½ hour of strength training (in-season athletes – max 5 pts per practice) Participate in a Residence Hall program Attend Camp Mack Day More T.G.I.F. Options:  More T.G.I.F. Options Develop a new hobby Join an intramural team—they start soon Check the “Thank Goodness I’m Fit” brochure Thank You!:  Thank You! Questions? Contact Health Services Ext. 5306

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