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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: ServiceDeskInstitute

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Mark reflects on 10 years of speaking at 50 conferences in 20 countries and 4 continents and shares some of the 'paradigms' that have helped him and his clients get a better grip on IT.

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Mark Smalley My favourite IT paradigms

TFT14 18th February 2014 My Favorite IT Paradigms and various other Musings Mark Smalley, IT Paradigmologist @marksmalley & mark.smalley@aslbislfoundation.org 2 2

Federal Presentation Safety Standards 3

London Chicago Fort Lauderdale Cary Phoenix Las Vegas Antwerp Malmö Singapore Kuala Lumpur 2013 Calgary Edmonton Toronto New York Edina St Paul Nashville Osaka Tokyo Birmingham 4

Humble beginnings ● 1st conference presentation 9 Dec 2003 ● 10 years presenting at international events ● Pink04, 15 Feb 2004, Las Vegas ● Useful IT paradigms ● Useful career paradigms 9 Dec 2003 5

What’s better than a best practice?! Brian Johnson & Mark Smalley Las Vegas / Feb 15, 2004

Introduction Brian Johnson, Director, Marketing & Communications, Pink Elephant Prior to joining Pink Elephant Inc in 2002, Brian Johnson has played a pioneering role in the development of the IT Infrastructure Library. Brian has written five of the original ITIL volumes as well as the ITIL Business Perspective series. He also designed the current ITIL rewrite. Mark Smalley, Manager Business Development, Getronics Mark has 20 years of experience in the field of applications management, varying from delivery to management and organization. He works for Getronics and is responsible for the development of Getronics’ applications management business in the Netherlands. He’s an active member of the ASL Foundation. Mark also frequently writes and speaks about his discipline.

Application Management in 1994 Maintenance Programmer Bad for your Career Operational, Fire-fighting Hero Management

Application Management in 2004 Business Demands Increased Complexity Reduced Budgets

Maturity ??? ASL ITIL Business IS Management Applications Management Infrastructure Management 1990 2010

2014: Extreme Maintenance It’s maintenance Jim, but not as we know it…

“ASL is the DevOps piece. It joined up what needed to be joined up” (14:40) 12

Application Services Library www.aslbislfoundation.org Services Application Strategic Managing Operational 13

Application Services Library www.aslbislfoundation.org Services Application Strategic Managing Operational 14

Maturity ??? ASL ITIL Business IS Management Applications Management Infrastructure Management 1990 2010

Business Information Services Library www.aslbislfoundation.org Govern information Management Direct information strategy Manage information management Support users itSMF Singapore 2013 Annual Conference - Value of ITSM Change functionality 16

Business Information Services Library www.aslbislfoundation.org I-organization strategy cluster Information strategy cluster Strategy Strategic supplier management Strategic user relationship management Establish info. chain developments Information coordination I-organization strategy Information lifecycle management Management Strategic info. partner management Planning and resource management Financial management Operations Demand management Changemanagement Contract management Functionality management cluster Specify information requirements Design nonautomated info. systems Prepare transition Business data management Operational supplier management Information portfolio management Establish bus. process developments Use management cluster End user support Establish technological developments Review and testing Transition management itSMF Singapore 2013 Annual Conference - Value of ITSM 17

IT Paradigms ● ● ● ● Demand-Supply-Use Cynefin IF THEN MAYBE Disruptive Innovation ● Standards & Frameworks ● Questions, not Answers 18

Demand-Supply-Use Mark Smalley User org Use Demand Info syst IT org Supply 19

Demand Use Info Syst Supply 20

Business Bus. Info. Mgmt IT Supply incl. IT Demand Mgmt IT Strategy Business Strategy Information Strategy Application Strategy ASL BiSL Service Strategy ITIL IT Projects & Releases Business Projects Functionality Management Application Maintenance & Renewal Service Design & Transition ASL ITIL BiSL IT Operations Business Operations Usage Management Application Support IT Services Service Operation 21

Cynefin Dave Snowden @snowded YouTube ‘Cynefin Framework’ 22 22

‘IF THEN MAYBE’ Mark Burgess @markburgress_OSL / markburgess.org http://vimeo.com/album/2573383/video/77207216 Uncertain Infrastructures 23 23

Disruptive Innovation Clayton Christensen YouTube: ‘Disruptive Innovation Explained’ 24 24

Standards & Frameworks ● ● ● ● 25 ISO ISO ISO ISO 38500 (governance of IT) 9126 & 25010 (software quality) 12207 (software lifecycle) 16350 (appl. mgmt, influenced by ASL) ● COBIT 5 ® (benefits realization, risk optimization and resource optimization) ● ITIL ® (IT service management) ● ASL 2 ® (application support, maintenance & strategy ● BiSL ® (business perspective: demand & use) 25

‘Give me questions, not answers’ www.aslbislfoundation.org Theo Thiadens NED Roles & Resp; Standardization & Sourcing; Supplier certif. Brian Johnson USA Effective use of frameworks Ian Clayton USA IT Dept; effectiveness of ‘implementing’ ITSM Maarten Looijen NED Ethics Charles Betz USA DevOps; IT Dept; Analytics; Frameworks Rob England NZL Managing multi-party value chains; Anti-fragility Troy DuMoulin USA Managing multi-party value chains Aale Roos FIN Quality of IT service Hank Marquis USA Business responsibilities; Roles and career paths Paul Wilkinson NED Training & certification; Customer focus; BITA Steven de Smet BEL IT Dept Peter Lijnse CAN IT Dept Ivor Macfarlane GBR DevOps (vs specialization); IT Dept Robert Falkowitz CHE Humans vs machines Mark Toomey AUS IT-savvy business leaders Rama Prasad Mamidi SIN […]; Offshore; Talent (customer expectations, scarcity) Egon Berghout NED Career paths/knowledge/job rotation; IS trade-offs Michiel de Boer MYS Lean and Agile Suwat Laicharoensup THA Technological standardization; ITSM for SME’s Frank Chen CHN Competences for knowledge workers Milan Zivkovic SRB Consolidation; Complexity reduction; performance; BITA Mauricio Corona MEX Effect offshore ITSM for professionals in ‘mature’ regions AN Rao IND Managing multi-party value chains; ITSM & Cloud/Mobile//SDN/SDDC 26 itSMF Singapore 2013 Annual Conference of Talking to the business ITSM itSMFSingapore 2013 Annual Conference - Value - Value of ITSM Daniel Billing SWE

Career Paradigms ● Change ● Choices ● Happiness 27

IT Paradigmologist 28 Paradigmologist Happiness (%) [Smalley.IT] 28

Manager’s perspective [Smalley.IT] Paradigmologist 29 29

Happiness 30 Paradigmologist Happiness (%) [Smalley.IT] 30

Happiness is U-shaped Prof A. Oswald EUR 43 44 USA 45 49 31 Source: www.nber.org/papers/w12935.pdf 31

Dalai Lama Meaning of life, I consider the happiness and usefulness, is the purpose of our life, meaning of our life. The very existence of our life, is surely not for trouble, not for suffering. 32

Happiness & usefulness YouTube RSA Drive 33 33

“There’s value beyond business value” YouTube TFT13 Mark Kawasaki 34

Line of everything Charles Handy 35 Source: www.londonbusinessforum.com/events/myself_and_other_matters (32:45) 35

Line of everything Charles Handy 36 Source: www.londonbusinessforum.com/events/myself_and_other_matters (32:45) 36

Reinvent yourself 37 Paradigmologist Happiness (%) [Smalley.IT] 37

38  $ [Smalley.IT] Paradigmologist Happiness (%) Refocus 38

39  $ [Smalley.IT] Paradigmologist Happiness (%) Refocus 39

Things will change; they might just change without you. Chris Dancy, Dec 2012 C 40 40

Federal Presentation Safety Standards 41

Thank you & Please Connect! TFT14 18th February 2014 My Favorite IT Paradigms and various other Musings Mark Smalley, IT Paradigmologist @marksmalley & mark.smalley@aslbislfoundation.org 42 42

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