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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: ServiceDeskInstitute

Source: slideshare.net


Recall the amount of times you've had an awesome customer support experience from an IT service desk, telecommunications provider or utility company. Struggling? Thought so. Why is the experience so often like sticking pins in your eyes?

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Dan$Lee$ Crea)ng$enjoyable$ customer$experiences$8$it's$ not$as$hard$as$you$think$

Creating Enjoyable Customer Experiences It’s not as hard as you think

@danboblee linkedin.com/in/danielrlee dan.lee@citrix.com






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Changing demographics influencing service preferences Phone& Social& Media& 10& 14& 12& Self0 service& 4& 3& 4& 24& 25& 19& Email& Chat& 8& 44& 46& 3& 57& 76& Q:1When1you1want1 service1or1support1 for1a1product1or1 service1are1you1 most1likely1to1seek1 help?1 Seniors1 Boomers1 GenXX1 GenXY1 Net1Gen1 12& 13& 9& 10& 10& 16& 15& 28& 24& 77%1of1“Net1Gen”1want1 service1by1chat,1social1 media1or1web1selfXservice1

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"Businesses&oDen&forget&about& the&culture,&and&ulHmately,&they& suffer&for&it&because&you&can't& deliver&good&service&from& unhappy&employees."&&

"We&believe&that&customer& service&shouldn't&be&just&a& department;&it&should&be&the& enHre&company."&&

Nordstrom's&Rules&for&Employees:& Rule&#&1:&Use&your&good&judgment& in&all&situaHons&There&are&no& addiHonal&rules&

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@danboblee linkedin.com/in/danielrlee dan.lee@citrix.com

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