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Published on April 8, 2014

Author: pangratiou

Source: slideshare.net


 The trailer is a thriller, it starts with a dark tone and has very limited lighting, well its very dim so it emphasises on the fact that its a thriller, using general conventions that you would see in another thriller .  The trailers first sequence starts out with the a man turning on the engine of his bmw, this already produces a sense of ambiguity and mystery as we don't know who this man is and what type of character he plays, the lighting stays dark and maintains the tension of a thriller, the car he’s driving is expensive so you can tell whoever’s behind the wheel is quite wealthy and this may have something to do with the storyline you just don't know. So already in the first 5 seconds of the trailer it already has people asking questions something that is important to maintain the anticipation and keep the audience intrigued.  From five seconds the trailer shows the production company logos, the lionsgate logo is dark and gloomy inside very grey clouds, this again connotes the trailers genre of thriller, as the darkness and minimalistic parts are commonly associated with this particular genre

 The narrative is a tricky as, you cannot tell whether or not the scenes of him driving in his car are linear or non linear as they could of been put together form different scenes of the film. The story isn’t revealed that much to increase the tension and anticipation of the audience , the trailer doesn’t give away much information instead, reveals us some of the characters thoughts of what's going on, the audio is faint so its hard to hear but you could say that this connotes a sense of danger and with the story not being revealed it leaves us with a sense of mystery something very useful have to throughout a thriller trailer.  As the trailer doesn't reveal much at all it has defiantly left the audience wanting more, this is something that is quite hard to do nowadays as often trailers that don't reveal a lot of the film can seem aged and boring however this trailer has done it particularly well with people really desiring to watch it.

 The trailer does something really nice throughout as is it doesn’t give away location there is one shot throughout the whole of the trailer showing a landscape , however the rest is the charcter inside his car driving so it is impossible to find out where it is set etc. The only thing that could be suggested is that the characters voice sounds welsh, so maybe this could be a setting however, I have had to guess and think about it something that this trailer is doing extremely well is keeping up the mystery, its connoting danger and a sense of foreboding however leaving everything to imagination of the audience. To keep an audience guessing throughout is a tough thing to achieve and this trailer has done remarkably well. This shot is the only shot in the trailer that reveals location other than the man sitting in his car driving, however even from this short location clip it is very hard to tell where it is, other than its dark and eerie again connoting mystery and increasing tension.

 In this trailer there is only one character shown, obviously he is the main character and that something is happening with him or about to, however the trailer only reveals one side to him, this being quite a tense uneasy man, with something that needs to do.  How the trailer represents this character defiantly fits in with the genre, it’s a thriller and with not much being given away highlights this in immense detail as there is a sense of mystery behind this character and his life beyond the car.  The character has very stern facial expressions, and his shirt and tie is undone , this could connote that something is up and he is uneasy about whatever situation he is in. His facial expressions connote that something is wrong and the whole time this is happening the lighting does not change keeping in touch with the genre and increasing the tension.

 The voice over used is very unique as its not the usual way of voicing over in the trailer, in this they have used it in a way that will increase the tension and show the audience that it is in this mind and they have done this in the editing stages, they have put an effect on the characters voice to make it seem like he is thinking this, by doing this it again doesn't reveal much about the character however gives the audience a tiny little insight into what's going on in his head clearly showing that he is in some sought of trouble and something isn't right.  This use of voiceover heightens the danger levels and makes the audience feel uneasy something that is important in a trailer as the un easiness makes the audience want to keep watching it draws there attention , something that any production company would want them to do as it will hopefully widen the target market and have a bigger audience leading to a better revenue. At this particular moment in the trailer the character voiceover says ‘right now nothing is a joke ey’ This connotes some sought of danger and mystery as we do not know what's happening however the only thing we do know is that it has something to do with the phone call that happens just before this short snippet, thus revealing barley little to the audience , improving the thriller.

 There is a very dark undertone to this film, the lighting is dark and the atmosphere mischievous, a theme running throughout the trailer. This particular theme is common in thrillers however sometimes it gains in action etc , but not in this trailer they have kept everything short and powerful giving off a very strong sense of foreboding.  There is also a particular interest in the phone as the setting is in the car and if it was just this there wouldn't be much happening however, the use of the phone inside the car allows them to add something into story, it has enabled the producers to create a sense of mystery behind it as whoever is on the phone to him has an important part to play in the story, however the irony is that we don’t yet know anything about the story as the trailer has kept everything pretty much in secret.

 The trailer starts slow for the first opening shot but then after the introduction of the production teams logos, it moves into quite a medium pace and the music starts to quicken, along with the music the theme darkens and it increases the tension, it allows the audience to understand that something is about to happen. The sound of drums deepen within the music because of something imminent. As the character in the trailer seems to be come more stressed and worried the pace of the music quickens even more to a fast pace, this highlights the predicament that this person may be in and what could be involved.  The fast pace at the end of the trailer makes the audience a lot more intrigued, we want to know what is going on? And we are eager to keep watching and there is more of a desire into the unknown . The pace change from the beginning and the end was very important without that they wouldn't be the same heightened tension as there was from begging to end, because the audience would of got used it instead as the pace quickens and tension rises the audience are naturally more intrigued as they like the thrill hence why it is a thriller, this means that it will take longer for the audience to get comfortable and as the trailer is short it keeps the heart rate raised and the blood pumping because of the anticipation of not knowing what's next.

 In this particular trailer there are a lot of on screen captions, they have been put into increase the anticipation of the film, the writing is in bold silver text upon a black background again not giving away anything. Having captions just increase audience awareness, and they are a general convention of a film trailer but in this trailer they are used considerably this could denote that they are used increase hype or they having so many could of been an idea of the producers so that the trailer didn't drag on it would just be fast paced, quick shots going from one to the shot of the car then to another then back to the car, just so the audience wouldn't think its boring, it’s just there for an add in so its not all the same sequence of clips , make it seem like a trailer and not like a sequence from the film. These examples denote that they the are included to increase the hype of the film and the publicity and reviews they have got from the media, something that most movie goers check is the review before they go and watch it so this is a necessity, they are more frequent when the pace of the movie quickens and they don't last as long are still very eye catching.

• The trailer uses , a good amount of fast cuts towards the end of the trailer this is to speed it up and increase the foreboding tension that is happening throughout, it helps maintain the intense thrill without taking away from the limited plot that they tell us. • They use a police siren sound effect and edit in the blue flashing lights this is a common convention in a thriller, as police are associated with crime and danger for obvious reasons. •The lighting on his face inside the car has been enhanced in the editing stage to suggest that the light from the outside street lamps are hitting his face this is a nice touch as it actually casts a shadow over his face, creating a sense of mystery and darkness of the character. •A phone ringing tone has also been used this is extremely important as the whole trailer is surrounded by this phone call. Who is he speaking to? Why is he angry/scared because of it? The dialogue when on the phone also increases the tension as he says “ill fix it” what has he got fix? •At particular parts of the soundtrack when there's a sudden Deeping of the music or bang etc, the editors have been able to put in there caption in time with the tempo of the sound, this makes the trailer seem a lot more professional and maintains the thrill. •There are shots used of the character inside the car and the shot has been taken from outside the window therefore producing a reflection where you can see what is going on outside and in, his just gives another angle of his facial expressions and maintains that he is in the car, keeping with the trailers mischievous plot line, using different camera angles from in and out of the car helps split up the trailer and allows for a better sequence of shots, it makes the trailer a lot more interesting. This is necessary as you can’t have the same shot of him in the car especially if the whole trailer is set in the car, quick shots from all sorts of angles make a major difference to the trailer. •The soundtrack in general is very and dark and sinister, it gets faster as the trailers goes along and it fits into the shots nicely and this particular choice is very suitable for a thriller.

This particular shot is very good, you can really see the emotion in Tom Hardy’s eyes, the shot denotes the pain and anguish his character is feeling for something that is not explained leading for questions to be asked. Again this shot shows a close-up of his facial expressions, you can actual see the water in his eyes clearly connoting that he is upset. This is a lovely shot using the mirror of the car to show a close-up of the characters eye’s, this shot heightens the characters feeling and the eyes are something that are used to express many different emotions

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