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Published on July 24, 2014

Author: Ekayani_5

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Textbook analiysis ( Developing English for Grade XII Senior High School)


Developing English Competencies for Senior High School (SMA/MA) Grade XII of Natural and Social Science Programmes

Textbook Identity  Book Title : Developing English Competencies  Publisher : Pusat Perbukuan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional  Date ( year ) of Publication : 2008  Intended for grade : XII Senior High School  Chapter/Unit : I – V ( Chapter I-III is analyzed )  Page : 1 – 88 pages

The Criterions of Textbook 1. Goals of The Course The first chapter until third chapter suitable with the syllabus. Example : basic competence in listening skill responding meaning in transactional and interpersonal conversation accurately, fluently, and acceptable in daily life context that involves speech action : admitting blame, promises, complaining, accusation, expressing of curiosity, and showing attitudes. This basic competence apply in the second chapter in every sub material in which all material related with basic competence asked.

2.Background of The Students a. Age : 17-18 years old b. Educational background : English taught in Senior High School grade XII c. Culture : relates to students’ lives

3. Approach  Audio  Visual  Kinesthetic 4. Language Skill This textbook is focused in conducting every language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing.

5. General Content The textbook shows that the materials given generally used to communicate every day. This textbook used genre, such as narrative text, explanation text, and discussion text. This textbook also contains phonetics symbol

6. Quality of practice materials • The exercise instructions in this textbook are clear for teacher and students. • The textbook uses inductive approach. • Supported by review exercises. 7. Sequencing The textbook sequenced by grammatical structures, genre, and skills.

8. Vocabulary In the textbook students have activity to learn new vocabulary and memorize it. 9. Accompanying materials • Tape and pictures

Evaluation of the textbook • The materials in the textbook are complete and appropriate with the goal in the syllabus. • The textbook encouraged students to do activity suitable with the material taught in the every chapter . • The textbook is sequenced by focusing on vocabulary . • The textbook is relevance of its contexts and situations .

• The strength and weakness of the textbook : The strengths - This textbook use inductive approach - The material given are familiar for the students - This text book presents “Grammar Review” - “Pronunciation practice” provides list of words to be pronounced - Developing English Competencies for grade XII provides “UN Shot” The weaknesses - The instructions are not clear - There is no integrated skill in this textbook.

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