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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: JJMiller

Source: authorstream.com

Instructor Operator Console Test Tube Babies:  Instructor Operator Console Test Tube Babies Ben Agor Brian Barker Phillip Griffin Overview:  The principal focus of the simulator is to be used in training facilities by the Navy and commercial fleets. Our interface seamlessly integrates with MPRI’s Motion Dynamic engine to allow an instructor to easily setup training scenarios for his students. Overview Main Software Components:  Main Software Components MapObjects: Map rendering software package by ESRI While MapObjects renders maps for us, all ship animation, object info, etc. added by us. Instructor Station: Software which allows an instructor to setup a simulation scenario Instructor may: Select a location (map) to perform the exercise Choosing and placing a ship for the student to drive Placing desired traffic ships Setting weather and other environmental variables A version already existed in Delphi We redesigned it to include new functions Built on .NET External Components (stuff our software communicates with):  External Components (stuff our software communicates with) Motion Dynamics (MDyn) Server Provided by L-3 Controls simulation and student input controls Simulated View (SimView) The “game engine” Displays 3D environment to student as defined by instructor Reacts to student input and game events Active Features :  Active Features Scenario creation Set up environment Enable Rain, Snow Enable Visibility range Add Ship to harbor Add traffic ships Print and save maps Run Scenario Start up Student simulators Control environment Collision detection. Limitations:  Limitations IO Station limited to MapObject’s map coordinate system L-3’s simulator uses it’s own coords Harbor data on maps and possible ship types limited to L-3’s pre-given data files Coolness Factor:  Coolness Factor Honestly, there is nothing visually cool about our project. We didn’t write the simulator engine and don’t want to take credit for it (but the final simulation is cool) Simulator, IOC, and all components are fully customizable Users may place ship on a map, define a path for that ship, and watch it run in simulator Next Release Features:  Next Release Features Faster Scenario setup Collision detection as ship paths are laid out Earth data imported to MapObjects Docking features Questions?:  Questions?

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