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Published on April 21, 2010

Author: angelinp

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Test Management Tools : Test Management Tools Prepared by Angelin 4/21/2010 1 Test Management Tool-Agenda : Test Management Tool-Agenda Test Management Overview What is Test Management Tool? Why Test Management Tool to be used? What are the benefits and false notion of using Test Management Tool? Various Test Management Tool in the market Introduction and features of Quality Center 9.0 2 4/21/2010 Test Management Overview : Test Management Overview Definition “Manage and measure the application delivery process from a quality perspective” Process Validate application functions against the functional specification, i.e., functions yield the expected results? Report and track defects Measure test coverage and track application quality 3 4/21/2010 Activities in Test Process Management : Activities in Test Process Management 4/21/2010 4 Why Test Management Tool : Why Test Management Tool A repository for storing Requirements, Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Defects. Avoid the errors that human make when they compile reports received from various people. The tool captures all the information entered by the users and gives the report to the management instantaneously which in turn reduces the reporting time as well as the cost. Sends mail or trigger an alert based on the type of data captured by the end user. Customizable to the need of the organization Process compliance 5 4/21/2010 Benefits of Test Management Tool : Benefits of Test Management Tool More consistent Reliable in compilation of reports All the reports are instantaneous and hence the status of delivery is clearly visible to management. Security Traceability Matrix Managing Change Request 6 4/21/2010 Different Test Management Tools : Rational Clear Quest Rational Test Manager Silk Central HP Quality Center Open Source Tools – Bugzila, Jira etc. 7 Different Test Management Tools 4/21/2010 Quality Center 9.0 : Quality Center 9.0 Formerly Test Director Introduction to QC : Introduction to QC Developed by Mercury interactive owned by HP presently QC is web based application, server being IIS or Jboss, Database as MS SQL or Oracle. QC is formally known as Test Director. QC can be installed on Windows, Linux and Solaris 9 4/21/2010 Introduction to QC – contd… : Introduction to QC – contd… Quality Center is an enterprise-wide application that is based on Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)technology. TestDirector™ streamlines the quality management process — from requirements gathering through planning, scheduling and running tests, to defect/issue tracking and management — in a single browser-based application. Mercury TestDirector for Quality Center supports high levels of communication and collaboration among IT teams. Mercury TestDirector for Quality Center enables the organization to digitize specific quality processes and procedures within the larger application lifecycle. 4/21/2010 10 Why use QC? : Why use QC? Central and Organized repository: of all tests and test documentation for scheduling and execution Consistent and standard process for gathering and reporting test data, defect tracking Create a repository to store all test results, metrics and collate - manual test cases - automated test scripts Analyze the entire testing process with graphs and reports Integrate with different automated HP tools 4/21/2010 11 Quality Center- Usage : Quality Center- Usage Business analysts define application requirements and testing objectives Test managers and project leads design test plans and develop test cases Test automation engineers create automated scripts and store them in the repository QA testers run manual and automated tests, report execution results, and enter defects Developers review and fix defects logged into the database Project managers create application status reports and manage resource allocation Product managers decide whether an application is ready to be released. 4/21/2010 12 Slide 13: 4/21/2010 13 Test process workflow : Test process workflow Define Release Requirement analysis Test Plan preparation Test execution Defect management R E P O R T G E N E R A T I O N 4/21/2010 14 Release Module : Release Module Define new releases in the Release module Associate releases to requirements Helps in traceability 4/21/2010 15 Requirements Module - Flow : Requirements Module - Flow Define Testing Scope Create Requirements Detail Requirements Analyze Requirements 4/21/2010 16 Defining Scope : Defining Scope QA tester creates a hierarchical structure, defining the requirements. For example,the requirement topic Application Security for a Airline reservation system may be broken down into the following: 4/21/2010 17 Create Requirements : Create Requirements Define requirement type Requirement Name / Summary 4/21/2010 18 Requirement Coverage : Requirement Coverage 4/21/2010 19 Slide 20: 4/21/2010 20 Analyze Requirements : Analyze Requirements QA managers review the requirements. The requirement is assigned a reviewed status if it is approved. 4/21/2010 21 Requirement Module – Document View : Requirement Module – Document View 4/21/2010 22 Requirement Module – Coverage View : Requirement Module – Coverage View 4/21/2010 23 Converting Requirements to Tests : Converting Requirements to Tests To convert all requirements, choose Tools > Convert to Tests > Convert All To convert a specific requirement, choose Tools > Convert to Tests > Convert Selected Choose an automatic conversion method 4/21/2010 24 Converting Requirements to Tests : Converting Requirements to Tests 4/21/2010 25 Test plan module – Approach : Test plan module – Approach Create folder structure Create template tests for re-usability Create test cases in respective folders Add design steps if required Call to test to copy design steps Define requirement coverage 4/21/2010 26 Test Plan : Test Plan Creation of Test Scenarios (Folders), Sub Folders Creation of Test Cases under Folders Checking the effect of permission by changing the setting in groups for various users. Customizing user defined field and its effect under test plan Test Plan Details Different View for Test Plan Mapping Test cases to the requirement Reports – Summary, Progress, Trend 27 4/21/2010 Test Plan Module : Test Plan Module Test plan tree view Folder structure similar to requirements Create new folder for project or create new test case 4/21/2010 28 New Test Case : New Test Case 4/21/2010 29 Slide 30: 4/21/2010 30 Slide 31: 4/21/2010 31 Test Lab : Test Lab Creation of Rounds (Folder) Creation of Test Set Mapping test case to the test set Execution of Round Finding the actual result in the requirement after mapping Creation of defect while executing through execution screen Different execution reports 32 4/21/2010 Test cases – executed status : Test cases – executed status 4/21/2010 33 Slide 34: 4/21/2010 34 Slide 35: 4/21/2010 35 Defects Management : Defects Management Creation of Defects Managing the defect cycle by configuring through groups Effectiveness of security features of the defect status change Customizing defect for various groups Customizing the add defect screen Customizing the modify defect screen Various defect reports Defect aging Linking defects – Requirements, Test case, Through test lab 4/21/2010 36 Slide 37: 4/21/2010 37 Slide 38: 4/21/2010 38 Slide 39: 4/21/2010 39 Advanced Features of QC : Advanced Features of QC Export the Requirements, Test Cases and Defects from Excel sheet to QC & vice versa Export the Requirements, Test Cases and Defects from Document to QC & vice versa 4/21/2010 40 Export From XLS file : Export From XLS file All Requirements, Test Cases and Defects can be imported from XLS Sheet. Steps include Block the content which needs to be imported in xls sheet 41 4/21/2010 Export From XLS contd… : Export From XLS contd… Select Export to XLS from Tools and Connect to QC using valid user name and password as shown below 42 4/21/2010 Export From XLS contd... : Export From XLS contd... Enter User Name and Password and select the domain and project from the list for that user. 43 4/21/2010 Export From XLS contd… : Export From XLS contd… Select the Module to which the import to take place (Requirements or Tests or Defects) Select Temporary Map file (if you want edit latter you can save the file with map name) 44 4/21/2010 Export From XLS Contd. : Export From XLS Contd. Select the fields from the list and use “>” and map to Excel column name 45 4/21/2010 Export From XLS contd… : Export From XLS contd… Click on finish Go to QC and we can see the Requirements got added. Same way we can do for defects or Test Case 46 4/21/2010 Export From Word : Export From Word Install the Word Add in provided by the QC Open the word doc file Tool bar has got added to the word open document Under Tools, Quality Center Link has got introduced. 47 4/21/2010 Export From Word Contd. : Export From Word Contd. Requirement Adding Click Open req. Icon. Enter the Requirement Name and Press Enter Click Description Enter Description and press Enter Click Review Enter Review value (as in the list box) (same way for author, priority) Enter Author (as in the list box) Enter priority (as in the list box) Click Close Requirement 48 4/21/2010 Export From Word contd… : Export From Word contd… After the entry the word document will look as shown. For every requirement we need to close the requirement. For non selected Field it will take the default value 49 4/21/2010 Export From Word Contd. : Export From Word Contd. In the same way we need to do for Test case and it will look as shown Test Folder Test Case Name Designer Test Case Description Test Step Test Step Description Expected Result Close the folder at the end 50 4/21/2010 Export From Word contd… : Export From Word contd… Once done, Click on Export To QC icon Select the Server Enter UserName and Pass word 51 4/21/2010 Export From Word contd… : Export From Word contd… Select the domain and Project for which import has to happen Select Next and finish 52 4/21/2010 Export From Word contd… : Export From Word contd… Go to QC Login and you can see the requirement added 53 4/21/2010 Export From Word contd… : Export From Word contd… In the test plan module, you can see that test folder and test cases with test steps got added. 54 4/21/2010 Add Ins of QC : Add Ins of QC For integrating with automation tool like QTP, Winrunner, QC requires Add in By Default QC supports Winrunner LR Other Addin QTP 55 4/21/2010 Site Administrator : Site Administrator Manage Domain – Domain is a folder which can handle any no. of projects. Create Domain Rename Domain Manage Projects Projects are the specific project by itself, whose Requirement, test case and defects needs to be maintained. Each project is an database by itself Cannot link one project to another project 56 4/21/2010 Projects – Contd. : Projects – Contd. Manage Project Creation of Project Renaming a Project Pinging a Project Coping a Project Managing users to the project Making an user as Administrative user for a project Manage Users Creation of Users Association of users to the projects 57 4/21/2010 What’s new in Quality Center 9.2 : What’s new in Quality Center 9.2 Industry’s 1st combination of requirements and quality management with “3-way” traceability in a single enterprise solution • Industry’s 1st integrated risk based methodology • Industry’s 1st support for “agile” testing with release and cycle management 4/21/2010 58 QC - Roadmap : QC - Roadmap 4/21/2010 59 Slide 60: 4/21/2010 60 Slide 61: 4/21/2010 61 Slide 62: 4/21/2010 62 Slide 63: 4/21/2010 63 Slide 64: 4/21/2010 64 Slide 65: 4/21/2010 65 Slide 66: 4/21/2010 66 Slide 67: 4/21/2010 67 Slide 68: 4/21/2010 68 Slide 69: 4/21/2010 69 Slide 70: 4/21/2010 70 Slide 71: 4/21/2010 71 Slide 72: 4/21/2010 72 Slide 73: 4/21/2010 73 Slide 74: 4/21/2010 74 Slide 75: 4/21/2010 75 Slide 76: 4/21/2010 76 Slide 77: 4/21/2010 77 Sharing of Assets : Sharing of Assets Testing is no longer in the context of a single app Applications can be part of multiple initiatives Effort usually managed in separate QC projects QA is tasked with end-to-end validation per initiative Shared Library (Requirements, Tests) Shared Defects 4/21/2010 78 Slide 79: 4/21/2010 79 Slide 80: 4/21/2010 80 Slide 81: 4/21/2010 81 Differences between QC & TD : Differences between QC & TD Mercury Quality Center is a topped up version of Mercury Test Director. Mercury Test Director is version 8.0 and Mercury Quality Center starts with 8.2 itself. Look and feel of the GUI is primarily the difference. In QC there is an extra tab called Dashboard which is used to run different types of reports etc. In Qc we can link the defects not in Testdirector. Defects will be associated for one to many. Authentication is nessery in QC . Authentication in not required in TC 4/21/2010 82 Latest Version of QC : Latest Version of QC The new QC Version 10 has seen a series of changes, of which the most significant ones are: Version control Baselining Integrated dashboard Shared libraries Cross Project Customization 4/21/2010 83 Slide 84: Available @ \\ctsinsrisdfs\share\CCC_Product_Testing\CCC Testing Account Management\General\CCC Knowledge Management\Testing Tools Thank You! Q’s? 4/21/2010 84

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