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Published on October 23, 2014

Author: jeffprestes

Source: slideshare.net


Tools to help you to measure your A/B Tests and examples of Merchants that has used PayPal with small changes and got good results using A/B tests.

1. Image by Misaki-chi - http://misaki-chi.deviantart.com/art/Eclipse-53636273

2. About me… Developer Advocate PayPal / Braintree_Dev Java, PHP, JavaScript Developer

3. see judge a c t

4. BI Big Data (… and flamewarbegins…)

5. don’t use your live database to check evidences! dba dev ops

6. live data warehouse

7. some are free until you get rich…

8. how the things happing in home…

9. after 30% ASP

10. attempts 60% conversion 400%

11. sh0rtcut you customer

12. Thanks. Jeff Prestes @jeffprestes Slideshare.com/jeffprestes Github.com/jeffprestes @paypaldev developer.paypal.com developers.braintreepayments.com

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