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Published on March 13, 2014

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Marketing Plan Ashley Jobe | Gabriela Aschenberger | Kristen Hockenberry | Nick Lawrence | Sara Naegelin May 12th, 2013

Executive Summary Mission Corporate Objectives Marketing Audit Market Overview SWOT Analysis Assumptions Marketing Objectives and Strategies Expected Results Budget Year One Timeline Appendix TopicAreas 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

TFL exists to provide Budding Family, Rooted in Knowledge and Soulful Sunflower with sustained value and care within compelling customized outdoor spaces. In so doing, it delivers community, beauty, and oneness to customers. Towards that end, it offers expert guidance, fine gardening and maintenance with an opportunity to expand to design/build, and have flexible, seasonal services. Positioningstatement

• Cater to customer segments that desire community, beauty, and oneness from their outdoor living spaces • TFL should be leveraging its breadth of expertise in horticulture, design, and craftsmanship to expand its services to maintenance guidance • TFL has an opportunity to: ◦ focus on offering maintenance consulting, seasonal, and fine gardening services to these segments which presents TFL with a higher probability that these customers will become design/build clients ◦ establish a solid rapport with their clients and reveal their commitment to preserving and sustaining their customer's desired experiences ◦ increase the volume of weekly and monthly maintenance services by offering consulting, seasonal maintenance packages, and upgrades Executive summary

• With a $50,000.00 annual marketing budget, strategies to reach TFL’s customer segments include the following marketing touchpoints: development of a client database, website, advertising communications, and customer feedback loop that will augment traditional on- site client interactions • Total goal objectives, gross revenue potential: increase from $34,075.00 to $78,756.00 (131% growth) Executive summary

mission Terra Ferma provides high quality design, craftsmanship, and expertise to homeowners helping them visualize, transform, and experience enjoyment from their outdoor living spaces. Through excellence in workmanship, horticulture, and craft, Terra Ferma approaches the design process to inspire people to connect and identify with their site in a deeper way. Terra Ferma creates customized compelling outdoor environments through rigorous study of the site and its context, to balance the interplay of structure, people, and nature. Offering superior guidance, a tailored approach, and attentive detail oriented care, Terra Ferma is committed to help their clients preserve and sustain experiences of community, beauty, and oneness within their landscaped spaces.

corporate OBJECTIVES Maintenance Goal: Increase Monthly Gross Revenue 23% from $34,075.00 to $40,754.00 Incentive: Increase Maintenance Services: 2x weekly by 20% from $13,665.00 to $16,398.00 weekly by 15% from $18,125.00 to $20,843.00 bi-weekly by 10% from $2,285.00 to $2,513.00 monthly from $0.00 to $1,000.00 (10%) Introduce: Meet Goal: receive $250.00 bonus EOY Exceed Goal: earn 3% total Colin Maintenance Director Service acquisition:

corporate OBJECTIVES Maintenance Service acquisition: Goal: $4,000.00 ($333.00/mo) / Increase Monthly Gross Revenue 12% from $34,075.00 to $38,075.00 Incentive: Meet Goal: receives $200.00 bonus EOY Exceed Goal: earn 1% total Introduce Flat Fee Packages: Small $250.00 Medium $500.00 Large $750.00

Goal: To generate design and/or build clients out of current maintenance only clients corporate OBJECTIVES Maintenance upgrade incentives: Goal: 10 comment cards a month with an average of 8 or higher for feedback on service. Rating 1-10 Incentive: Incentive: Receives 5% of total design/ build sales above $3,500.00 and 2% under $3,500.00 $25.00 Gift Card provided for each team member

corporate OBJECTIVES Maintenance upgrade incentives: Goal: To generate upgrades on maintenance services from $0.00 to $2,000.00/mo. Year End Goal: Gross Revenue 24% from $0.00 to $24,000.00 Incentive: Receives 5% commission EOY, Staff receives 1% commission EOY on total.

corporate OBJECTIVES Maintenance Maintenance consulting services: $1,250.00/pkg ($650.00/mon) Goal: To generate $2,500.00 in maintenance consulting services each quarter Year End Goal: Gross Revenue 10% from $0.00 to $10,000.00 Incentive: Meet Year End Goal: Receives additional $250.00 bonus. Teams $25.00/$50.00 Receives $100.00 each quarter when goal is met

corporate OBJECTIVES Maintenance Total Goal Objectives Gross Revenue Potential: up 141% from $34,075.00 to $78,756.00 Service acquisition Growth OPP Total Revenue Summary Upgrade Incentives Growth OPP Total Revenue up 31% from $34,075.00 to $44,754.00 up 100% from $34,075.00 to $68,077.00 Introduction Maintenance Service Growth OPP Total Revenue up 10% from $0.00 to $10,000.00

Marketing audit Broad idea Serving their clients’ visions eloquently by combining the beauty of design paired with the labor of construction and through attention to detail in the build and continued maintenance of these outdoor projects which have produced impeccable improvements that demonstrate pride, extreme detail, and expertise. Specific touchpoints • Website • On-site • Phone • Post cards • Signs • Monument • Email blasts • Sponsorship

Market Overview Market Landscape • Range from licensed landscape architects to unlicensed designers/contractors • Range from national 60-year old landscape companies to newer locally owned and operated firms • Fewer firms offer design/build under one roof, and even fewer offer design, build and maintenance all under one roof • Some firms differentiate themselves by offering landscaping service to commercial and institutional sectors In San Francisco metro area, approximately: 295 landscape and designers 150 design/build firms 26 design, build and maintenance firms 134 landscape contractors1 2 3 4

Market Overview Trends in landscaping service • Sustainable landscape services • Green roofs • Turf grass • Outdoor kitchens and entertaining spaces • Vegetable gardens, orchards, vineyards associated with local food movement • Recreational amenities (e.g. pool, tennis courts) How the market works • Referrals through current clients, key partners such as architects, interior designers, general contractors, and community network • Partnerships with local nurseries • Putting work out to bid

Market Overview Key Decision Points • Use of outdoor living space • Desired experience from outdoor living space • Customer is constructing, renovating, or purchasing a home • Expectations of and satisfaction with outcome and process of services • Seeing/experiencing someone else’s outdoor living space • Lack of knowledge, ability and/or time to care for their outdoor space

Market Overview Customer segments The Budding Family is looking for community by spending time with friends and family Balanced Bonsai is looking for harmony to balance home and work life Aspiring Japanese Maples are looking for validation to reinforce their self image Rooted in Knowledge is looking for beauty through the aesthetics of their outdoor space Soulful Sunflowers are looking for oneness through a connection with everything around them

swot analysis • Licensed landscape architecture • Offers design, build and maintenance services • Boutique design • Customized design • TFL has experience and knowledge with plants Weaknesses • Focus on residential homeowners only • Weak purchasing power, which reduces their profit margins • High overhead • No marketing • Few qualified staff (only when people get to work with them) • Lack of management of expectation • No clear outline process • Low transparency • Poor communication • Need to improve follow-up system with customers Strengths

swot analysis • Increased demand for green roofs • Design/build service is a trend • The media’s high profile garden and makeover shows • People are aging. (Can no longer do the heavy landscaping work) • More Baby boomers with money • Water usage is a concern now for many gardeners • Many busy households require gardening services that save time and money. Opportunity: low maintenance. • Expand services to multi-family, commercial, not-for-profit, public spaces, government Threats • Competitors: • Non licensed companies offering quality service for less money • 60 year old companies with established good reputations in industry • Some companies offer sustainable design • Substitutes: • Nurseries: consumers can be more autonomous • Weak economy Opportunities 5 6 7 8 9

Assumptions With respect to the company's sector climate, it is assumed that: • Positioning maintenance department as an entry point for obtaining new customers who seek knowledge, guidance and direction, will attract new customer segments that can ultimately become design/build clients as well. • Budding family will respond favorably to tactics that allow them to entertain with their family and friends, because they will be able to experience community. • Rooted in Knowledge will respond favorably if TFL is viewed as a resource for guidance and consulting to be able to restore their yard and to be able to immerse themselves in gardening activities as well as experience beauty. • Soulful Sunflowers will respond favorably if TFL helps them to create the relaxing low-maintenance space they need at a good value, in order to make them feel a deeper connection with their surroundings and nature and experience oneness.

Marketing objectives and strategies Objectives: • To position TFL as a design, build and fine gardening company and allowing market entry at the maintenance level. • To increase and diversify weekly and monthly maintenance offerings on a recurring basis by offering consulting services, seasonal maintenance packages, upgrades and offerings to the customer segments. • To improve maintenance services by generating customer feedback.

Marketing objectives and strategies Strategies: Terra Ferma currently labels themselves as design, build and maintenance. By positioning Terra Ferma’s maintenance department as fine gardening it will not only showcase TFL as more than the industry standard “blow and go”, it will allow them  to leverage its breadth of expertise in horticulture, design, and craftsmanship and tap into a new market where maintenance is the first offering and entry point. CURRENT ENTRY POINT: Design Strategy Design & Fine Gardening

Marketing objectives and strategies Strategies: Secondly, by expanding its primary services offerings TFL will establish a solid rapport with their clients by revealing their commitment to preserving and sustaining their customer's desired experiences. TFL will do this through various marketing touchpoints including a consulting package offering customers valuable information on trees, plants and flowers ideal for your outdoor space; seasonal maintenance tips; and either a low-maintenance or entertainment yard refresher design. Expand primary services Touchpoints Consulting Package Seasonal Maintenance tips Low-maintenance or entertainment yard

Marketing objectives and strategies Touchpoints and Tactics: CRM software will be used to develop a user friendly and accessible database for TFL analysis in order to expand and improve offerings to clients, increase productivity and streamline communication. The platform will help employees engage clients through custom on-the-spot offerings and/or upgrade orders, which will improve the experience and showcase TFL as a resource and expert. Database should include: Customer Information including Name, Contact/Address, Services/Spend, Services Offered - Services Utilizing - Opportunities for New Services/Lead Generation Other: Marketing, Management & Sales Tools - (Online, Electronic, Website, Social Media, Project Management, Customer Lifecycles, Transportable Service/Internet) Consulting Package ◦ Produce Consulting Package brochure for print and online ■ Hand distribute brochure at events and/or onsite ■ Available on-demand through iPad

Marketing objectives and strategies Online portfolio ◦ Produce portfolio (of completed fine gardening projects) for website ■ positioned differently than current website Introduce upgrade and new fine gardening options ◦ Email Blasts ◦ E-newsletter ◦ Onsite Expand seasonal offerings based on previous client work ◦ Email Blasts ◦ Promo item Comment cards will give TFL a feedback loop that they currently are missing. Comment cards will also include participation incentives like a maintenance discount or loyalty rewards program for customers upon completion. ◦ Produce Comment Cards ◦ Cards will be given to clients on monthly basis to evaluate service ◦ Develop Incentive/Loyalty Program

Marketing objectives and strategies Advertising: will introduce the updated fine gardening department, expertise through consulting, additional offerings such as seasonal promotions, support the on-site offerings and offer a feedback loop to stay attuned to customers needs and wants. ◦ Direct Mail ■ New Home Owner Mailers ■ Market Research List ◦ Ad in Local Publications ■ ■ ◦ Radio - 30 second spot ◦ Online banner cross-promotion with local adjacent businesses ■ Nurseries ■ Hardware Stores ■ Exterior/Interior Design ■ Hardscape Suppliers

Marketing objectives and strategies Community ◦ YR1 ■ Polish Facebook, LinkedIn & Pinterest ■ Monthly blog entry with tips and how to’s ◦ YR2 ■ Sponsor a community garden ■ School ■ Median ■ Park ◦ YR3 ‘How To’ (Tutorial Video) ■ Social Media, Blog ⇒ Web Series Uniforms will increase visibility and add a polished look to improve the image of the newly established fine gardening department.

expected results CRM/ Database: TFL will see an ROI 82% or $31,360.00 in revenue. Comment cards: TFL will see an ROI of 13%. Advertising: ◦ Direct Mail & New home owner mailer: TFL will see an ROI of 6%. ◦ Online advertising: TFL can expect an average ROI of 9% ◦ Local Publication Ads: Through a four-time, half-page ad in Sunset Magazine TFL will see an ROI of 12%. ◦ Radio: 96.5 FM Koit reaches over 1,592,000 loyal listeners per week. Promo: The majority of people, 62 percent on average, report that they have done business with someone after receiving a promotional item from them. • • • 10 11 12 13 14 15 •

budget $49,000.00 CRM $ 17,200.00 Software 5,600.00 Part-Time Employee 5,000.00 Internet 1,800.00 Employee Training 4,800.00 Comment cards 800.00 Produce/Design 500.00 Printing 800.00 Promo items 1,000.00 Seasonal 500.00 Customer Loyalty 500.00 Consulting Package 8,600.00 15 iPads 6,000.00 Internet 1,800.00 Brochure Design 500.00 Brochure Printing 300.00 Fine Gardening Portfolio 4,000.00 Portfolio Design 1,000.00 Develop Selection Tool/ iPad 3,000.00 Advertising 17,400.00 Direct Mail Print Design 500.00 List 500.00 Printing 300.00 Distribution 400.00 Online Yelp Leader Board Ad 2 - 1 Month Spots 5,000.00 Radio 2 - 30 Sec Spot 1,800.00 New Home Mailing 1,000.00 Local publication ads Sunset Magazine 4 - Half-Page 7,910.00 first year

budget $49,350.00 CRM $ 4,800.00 Employee Training 4,800.00 Comment cards 300.00 Printing (1,000) 300.00 Promo items 1,000.00 Seasonal 500.00 Customer Loyalty 500.00 Consulting Package 2,600.00 iPad internet 1,800.00 Brochure Design Revisions 500.00 Brochure Print 300.00 Fine Gardening Portfolio 500.00 Portfolio Design Updates 500.00 Advertising 25,650.00 Direct Mail Print Design 500.00 List 500.00 Printing 300.00 Distribution 400.00 Online Yelp Leader Board Ad 3 - 1 Month Spots 7,500.00 Radio 4 - 30 Sec Spot 3,600.00 New Home Mailing 1,000.00 Local publication ads Sunset Magazine 4 - Half-Page 7,910.00 Edible SF 4 - ¼ Page 3,900.00 Sponsorship 10,000.00 Community Garden at School 10,000.00 Uniforms 4.500.00 New Uniforms 3,000.00 Name / Logo Imprint 1,500.00 Second year

budget $48,610.00 CRM $ 4,800.00 Employee Training 4,800.00 Comment cards 300.00 Printing (1,000) 300.00 Promo items 460.00 Seasonal (Spring) Seeds 160.00 Customer Loyalty 300.00 Consulting Package 2,600.00 iPad internet 1,800.00 Brochure Design Revisions 500.00 Brochure Print 300.00 Fine Gardening Portfolio 500.00 Portfolio Design Updates 500.00 Advertising 25,650.00 Direct Mail Print Design 500.00 List 500.00 Printing 300.00 Distribution 400.00 Online Yelp Leader Board Ad 3 - 1 Month Spots 7,500.00 Radio 4 - 30 Sec Spot 3,600.00 New Home Mailing 1,000.00 Local publication ads Sunset Magazine 4 - Half-Page 7,910.00 Edible SF 4 - ¼ Page 3,900.00 GooGle Ad Words (SEO) $300.00 Events $4,000 DYI Gardening Class Design/Build Showcase Web series $10,000.00 Develop web series Third year

First year detailed CRM Consulting Package Online Portfolio Fine Gardening Seasonal Offerings Comment Cards Advertising Community MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY INSTALL - TRANSFER - TRAIN - IMPLEMENT - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PRODUCE BROCHURE - PRINT & POST ONLINE PRODUCE PORTFOLIO - - - - - POST ONLINE MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY EMAIL BLAST - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - CREATE NEWSLETTER - - - - - - - - - - - - EMAIL BLAST - - - - - - - - EMAIL BLAST - - - - - - - - - - - - EMAIL BLAST - - - - PRODUCE COMMENT CARDS - - START INPUTING DATA & ANALYSING ASAP PRINT & POST ONLINE NEW HOME MAILERS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - RADIO/PRINT/ONLINE ADS - - - - - DIRECT MAIL - - - - - - - START BLOG - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - COMMUNITY GARDEN - - - - - - - - -

Thank you

Appendix Reference 1 2 3 4 Metro 5 york 6 7 EntireChartbook.pdf 8 change-the-economy 9 10 For every dollar spent on CRM, companies were seeing a return of $5.60 in benefits. 11 12

Appendix Reference 13 spend.html 14 spend.html

Appendix Price structure

Appendix Price structure

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