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Published on August 3, 2009

Author: spiriteater

Source: authorstream.com

Terms and Definitions : Terms and Definitions Of the Vampire Community Slide 2: OK so….i have gone onto many different websites like psivamp.org, sanguinarius.org,etc. and have made what I guess you would call a mini dictionary lol um..so I’d share with you..the world of youtube…some of these terms. If the definition isn’t 100% accurate please don’t be too rude. And if I left something important that you think should’ve been said…write the term and definition in the form of a comment below ^,..,^ Auto-vampirism : Auto-vampirism The drinking of one’s own blood Awakening : Awakening The physical and mental changes that occur during the period of the individual realizing they are vampiric, typically occurs during puberty (all though some awakenings last years) some changes may include but aren’t limited to: increased sensitivity to sunlight, growing affinity for darkness/night, sleeping schedule goes from nocturnal to diurnal (you sleep in the day instead of at night), and strong feelings of isolation and depression may occur. Some awakenings can be easy, violent, sad, etc. Beacon : Beacon Energy “signature” (w/e you wanna call it) that is given off by vampires/otherkin whether they be latent or potential The Black Veil : The Black Veil Code of ethics used as a guideline for the community, it is completely optional (for more info see my video on the black veil) Blood letting : Blood letting OK well…I don’t want to get to graphic for people who are all squeamish so I’ll make it basic. Blood letting is the act of cutting someone/something (like with a knife, razor, etc.) and then drinking the blood. Court : Court A monthly event for members of the vampire community, usually held at havens. Donor : Donor Someone who gives their blood/life energy willingly. Donors are completely aware that they are being fed and I guess you could say they volunteer. For me, my donors are interviewed and I make sure they have no negative energies. Blood donors usually go for lots of tests to make sure they don’t have HIV/AIDS and other harmful diseases. Elder : Elder A respected figure in the vampire community Haemosexual : Haemosexual Better known as blood-fetishist. This is someone who is erotically attracted to the sight, smell, or taste of blood. They are not necessarily vampires, this is just a fetish. I myself love blood but have no need for it. Haven : Haven A “safe-place” for vampires to go all though I have heard that havens have become obsolete House : House A group of vampires who follow and are united by a specific set of beliefs, philosophies, and traditions. According to my own research, there are over 200 vampire houses and organizations throughout the world and that number will probably grow Hybrids : Hybrids I know many of you hate this term but I’m sorry its what I’m using. Also known as psi/sang, hybrid vampires are both blood drinkers and take psychically. Lifestyler : Lifestyler We all know they are there…even south park made fun of them. It’s the notorious vampire lifestylers. These people are not vampires at all but have some connection to the image of the vampire. Now I called them notorious because, well I don’t like lifestlyers. But hey it’s there choice to live how they want and it’s my opinion. Mundane : Mundane A mundane is not a vampire word, I know many otherkin who use this term. Mundane, to us, means non-otherkin person. Mundanes don’t need energy and most of them aren’t even aware of the energies. Um..from my experience most mundanes don’t even believe us and think we are crazy. Bottom line, mundanes are “normal” people. Prana : Prana Also known as ch’i. Prana is the vital life force energy that all living this generate. This is one of the feeding sources for psychic vampires. Psychic Vampire : Psychic Vampire (this definition is partially my view and partially views from various people/sites) A condition of the energy body, a psychic vampire cannot create and sustain enough energy of their own to get by so they take a small/large (depends on the vamp) of energy from others in order to maintain a good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Renfield’s Syndrome : Renfield’s Syndrome Named after the crazed character from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, this is a clinical mental disorder where the patient thinks they need to consume blood. This is a serious mental disorder but that is all I will say because I do not know much about this disease. The Sanguinarium : The Sanguinarium Founded by Father Sebastiaan Todd, it’s a network of like-minded organizations, houses, events, businesses, websites, havens, resources, and individuals who either are vampires or have strong connections to the vampire. Real vampires and lifestylers are both welcome in the sanguinarium (according to my knowledge at least) Sanguinarian/Sanguine : Sanguinarian/Sanguine Someone who has the physical thirst, need, and craving for blood and are unable to feed on prana psychically. What separates a sanguine from a blood fetishist is sanguinarians NEED blood, fetishists LIKE blood. Sigil : Sigil The identifying symbol for a house, haven, coven, or individual…basically a symbol that identifies a person/group. Tendril : Tendril An extension of the subtle body to obtain energy. Vampyre : Vampyre A variation of the spelling (obviously), it is used to separate real vampires from the ones in movies, books, and myths. It is optional to spell it like this, you won’t have to spell it like this. Slide 25: Well that’s it for now. Like I said if you have any terms that you feel are important that you didn’t see in this video PLEASE put it below in a comment, term and definition. I will be back soon with another exciting video. Dark and Light Blessings.

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