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Published on February 2, 2014

Author: TermeManzi

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The Manzi Thermae Spa , fueled by the famous source of the "Gurgitello", waiting for you to spend a day of total relaxation.

You will be greeted by highly qualified and experienced staff who will recommend the most appropriate programs and treatments, designed to combine the ancestral healing power of our waters and our mud with the many massage techniques both modern and ancient.

The Spa developed on an area of 1600 square meters will allow the use of :

Indoor thermal pool, open from 9 am to 8.30pm (20mtx6.50x1.30, temp.35/37°C), Outdoor thermal pool, open from 9 am to 7pm (13x5x1mt. 20 ,room temp.), Turkish bath, Sauna, Tiepidarium, Emotional showers, relaxation room with loungers and herbal teas, Gym equipped with modern computerized equipment by Technogym, Kit -Spa.

The Manzi Thermae Spa is open daily from 9:00am to 8:30pm, with daily admission of € 50. Free admission for those who buy body treatments or wellness programs.

For any further information or booking please contact us:

info@termemanzihotel.com o al numero 081/994722

OPENING TIME Everyday from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm SPA RESERVATION In order to choose your preferred time treatment we suggest you to book it in advance. All our treatments are subject to availability. It is possible to book the treatments by e-mail: infospa@termemanzihotel.com; by phone (+39) 081 994722; or dialing 520 from your room telephone. We suggest you to come to the SPA wearing the bathrobe, with towel and slipers provided in your room. CANCELLATION It is possible to cancel or reschedule your appointment not later than 10.00 pm the day before. Otherwise the full price of the treatments booked will be charged. POSSIBLE DELAYS All treatments are always completed as scheduled to not penalize any of our guests. Full charge for the service will be applied in case of delay.

LIMITS TO USE THE SPA - You can use your mobile phone in silent mode only - It is prohibited the introduction of animals in the SPA - Food and drink consumption not served by the SPA staff is prohibited - The access to the SPA is not suitable for children under age 12 THE MANAGEMENT ASSUMES NO RESPONSABILITY FOR ANY PERSONAL UNATTENDED ITEM. SAFE-KEEPING OF VALUABLES IS AVAILABLE AT THE RECEPTION OF THE SPA.

SPA ACCEPTANCE EXAMS Medical check-up Medical consultation Holistic check-up euro euro euro 80.00 40.00 100.00 euro 40.00 THERMAL TREATMENTS Full body thermal mud therapy Application of exclusive thermal mud of the Gurgitello Springs for the treatment of ailments of bones and joints, metabolic imbalances and inflammations. Partial body thermal mud therapy euro 30.00 Application of exclusive thermal mud of the Gurgitello Springs for the treatment of ailments of bones and joints, metabolic imbalances and inflammations in specific areas of the body. Cold thermal mud therapy euro 35.00 Application of exclusive cold thermal mud of the Gurgitello Springs for the treatment of disorders of the blood and lymph circulation. Thermal bath euro 30.00 Immersion of the body in a bath-tub filled with pure thermal water at a temperature of approx. 37-38 C°; it strengthens the functionality of the circulatory system and the locomotor apparatus and is beneficial for the skin. 20 Minutes

Thermal hydro-massage euro 35.00 Immersion of the body in a bath-tub filled with pure thermal water, with a gentle pressure of the water generated by underwater jets; it stimulates venous circulation and eases heavy and swollen legs, while firming and toning the silhouette and relaxing the muscles. 20 Minutes Underwater shower euro 50.00 Hydro-massage with underwater jets and manual pumping aimed at stimulating the circulation of the legs and toning the muscles. 20 Minutes Evian shower euro 50.00 The person is wetted by an extremely rapid multiple shower in rain form, with crossed jets of water that continually fall on the body, resulting in a reactivation of the microcirculation and a relaxing effect on the muscles. 20 Minutes Niagara hydro-massage euro 40.00 Hydro-massage with alternating colours, ideally suited for stimulating the circulation and relieving muscle tensions. 20 Minutes Aerosol / Inhalation euro 15.00 An effective method for the prevention and treatment of diseases related to the respiratory system. 10 Minutes

BODY BALANCE Homeomesotherapy euro 100.00 Small subcutaneous injections for the treatment of bone and joint pains and cellulite imperfections. Mobilization euro 60.00 The combined action of manipulation, mobilization and stretching for an improved suppleness and mobility of stiff muscles and joints. Particularly suited in case of cervical pain, lumbar pain, lumbar sciatalgia, periarthritis as well as pain in the knees and hips. 30 Minutes Mobilization in water euro 70.00 Immersed in thermal water, active exercises and passive manoeuvres are carried out with the aim of eliminating muscle contractions due to stress and traumas, while optimizing the functionality of stiff and aching joints. 30 Minutes TECAR ® musculoskeletal therapy euro 110.00 Cutting-edge method for the treatment of a wide range of diseases affecting bones, joints and muscles. 55 Minutes Fitness consultation euro 30.00 Circulatory massage euro 40.00 The ideal completion of the therapeutic sequence based on the use of mud and thermal water for a uniform redistribution – including the most peripheral body areas –, of the blood mobilized by the two previous treatments. 30 Minutes Neuromuscular massage euro 95.00 Technique aimed at releasing the muscle tensions continually arising from incorrect postures induced by our stressful daily activities. 55 Minutes

Anti-stress massage euro 110.00 Revitalizing and regenerating massage that helps easing psycho-physical tensions and reducing everyday stress. 80 Minutes Aromatherapy relaxing massage euro 95.00 A massage treatment inducing a pleasant and profound relaxation thanks to the combined effect of manual massage and the properties of essential oils. 55 Minutes Hot stone therapy massage euro 100.00 Relaxing and de-contracting massage entailing the use of warm basaltic stones and precious essential oils. It is particularly effective in compensating a Yang energy deficit and boosts the vitality of the whole body. 80 Minutes Resonance massage euro 125.00 It blends 5 different manual massage techniques into a combination against contractures and daily stress while improving circulation and restoring the energetic balance. 80 Minutes Ayurvedic massage (Abyangham) euro 140.00 This massage is the highest expression of the ancient Indian science of life. It helps improving the circulation of vital fluids and eliminating toxins from both body and mind. 80 Minutes Therapeutic massage euro 80.00 This manipulation of the tissues aims at reducing muscle pains, aiding muscle relaxation and restoring the proper balance of the joints. 45 Minutes Indian foot treatment euro 95.00 Treatment of the active points identified by reflexology from the foot to the knee according to the Indian medical tradition for enhancing blood circulation in the legs. 55 Minutes Scalp massage euro 30.00 Regenerating and stimulating massage manoeuvres to improve the circulation of the scalp, associated with a pleasant relaxing effect. 30 Minutes

Shirodhara massage euro 100.00 Treatment of Indian origin consisting in a stream of warm medical oil pouring on the forehead at the level of the “third eye”. Its main beneficial effects are a deep feeling of relaxation and an easing of indispositions such as stress and restlessness. 30 Minutes Pindasweda massage euro 130.00 According to this ancient Indian technique, special heated cotton bags filled with medical herbs are applied on the body. For the prevention, treatment and easing of rheumatisms, arthrosis, imperfections of the skin and pain in general. 55 Minutes Thai-Shiatsu euro 100.00 This particular Japanese massage consists in the combination of the pressure of fingers and hands and stretching movements. It helps releasing tensions deriving from stress and rebalances the neuro-psycho-energetic system. 55 Minutes Foot reflexology euro 80.00 Massage of specific points and areas of the foot plant corresponding to the different organs and parts of the body. It helps restoring a correct energy flow in the inner organs and balancing the endocrine system. 55 Minutes Lymphatic drainage massage/Partial euro 120.00 - 60.00 Therapeutic massage-pumping technique for the whole body aimed at reducing accumulated liquids stagnating in the tissues. 80 Minutes | 45 Minutes Colon massage euro 60.00 A delicate manual help for solving the annoying problems associated with an irritable colon. 20 Minutes

FACIAL TREATMENTS Exfoliation (peeling) euro 50.00 Removes impurities and dead cells, leaving the skin bright and smooth as silk. 30 Minutes Facial cleansing euro 95.00 Basic beauty treatment to free the skin from superficial impurities, dead cells and comedos; it prepares the skin for following beauty and/or medical treatments in order to prevent or alleviate the most common imperfections. 80 Minutes Dry skin treatment euro 100.00 Priceless for your skin’s health and beauty thanks to the antioxidant action of both vitamins E and F. The lipids in olive extract nourish your skin and restore its moisture balance. 55 Minutes Oily skin treatment with TECAR ® REJUVENATING euro 120.00 Ideal to rebalance sebum production. The combined action of anti-microbial and anti-comedonica in azeloglycine when using TECAR ® REJUVENATING gives your complexion a smooth and velvety appearance. 80 Minutes Sensitive skin treatment euro 100.00 Specifically designed for delicate and hyper-sensitive skin. The synergizing effect of azulene and panthenol, with their exceptional soothing and decongestant properties, leave even the most sensitive skin looking bright and velvety soft. 55 Minutes Personalized treatment euro An ideal treatment aimed at preserving a healthy skin. 30 Minutes 60.00

Facial treatment thermal lifting with TECAR® REJUVENATING euro 130.00 Intensive therapy for tired and dull skin. It leaves your skin looking relaxed and luminous thanks to the synergy of innovative active antioxidants, vitamins E and A and hibiscus complemented by the stimulating and reactivating effect of TECAR ® REJUVENATING. 80 Minutes Eye and lip contour treatment euro 60.00 Reviving treatment, specially designed for combating wrinkles and softening the small lines around the delicate eye and lip area. This treatment enhances local blood circulation, thus minimizing bags under the eyes as well as any sign of fatigue. 45 Minutes Customized face mask euro 50.00 Application on the skin of a tailored face mask, chosen according to the imperfection to be treated. 30 Minutes Lymphatic drainage massage euro 60.00 Therapeutic massage-pumping technique to reduce the liquids stagnating in the tissues and aid their expulsion. 30 Minutes Massage euro 50.00 Massage techniques aimed at obtaining a fresher look, enliven the complexion, relax and at the same time prevent the signs of aging. 30 Minutes Oxygen therapy euro 150.00 Treatment that improves the cell metabolism and activates the skin microcirculation, leaving it bright and supple since the first application. 55 Minutes TECAR ® treatment euro 80.00 This therapy reactivates and stimulates the skin, promotes a proper natural cell renewal and restores an ideal balance that helps maintaining youthful skin tissues. 55 Minutes

BODY TREATMENTS (The most effective natural solutions for a customized treatment of cellulite and the related imperfections) Exfoliating treatment (peeling) euro 80.00 Customized peeling based on plant extracts or sea salts that remove the horny layer of the skin, have an anti-oxidation effect and favour the penetration of active principles. 55 Minutes Revitalizing treatment with aloe vera and prickly pear euro 180.00 Highly moisturizing revitalizing treatment including a peeling with pure aloe juice, a hydro-massage with salts and prickly pear as well as a voluptuous cream bandage. 110 Minutes Nourishing treatment with olive extract euro 180.00 Essential to nourish the body and leave the skin soft and firm. A hydro-massage with Dead Sea salts, seaweed and olive rounded off by a lipogel bandage containing olive extract. 110 Minutes Draining treatment with resveratrol euro 190.00 Conceived to fight skin imperfections thanks to the draining and toning properties as well as the vasoprotective effect of resveratrol and seaweed combined with thermal water. The treatment includes a peeling, a hydro-massage with Dead Sea salt and a bandage.110 Minutes Detoxifying treatment with clay euro 190.00 Specific treatment for detoxifying the body. This effect is achieved thanks to particular types of clay with draining properties used in combination with seaweed and thermal water. The treatment includes a peeling, a hydro-massage and a bandage. 110 Minutes Treatment with green tea alginates euro 120.00 Anti-oxidation draining and firming treatment based on the virtues of the precious active principles contained in green tea. 55 Minutes

Treatment for localized adiposity with heat-activated alginates euro 120.00 An effective treatment against localized adiposities. It stimulates the fat tissue metabolism, thus inducing a reduction in volume. 55 Minutes Homoenergetic treatment for legs euro 110.00 Particularly suited for those suffering of heaviness, oedemas and circulatory ailments of the legs. After a massage aimed at removing stiffness of the joints and detoxifying the skin, the following step is a stimulation in a Jacuzzi bath-tub to reactivate the microcirculation, oxygenate the tissues and achieving well-being and beauty for the legs. 80 Minutes Breast treatment euro 80.00 Treatment specially targeted at improving the tone and suppleness of the breast skin and tissue. 55 Minutes Treatment for the back euro 120.00 Basic aesthetic treatment for the removal of superficial skin impurities, dead cells and comedos. 55 Minutes Oxygen therapy treatment euro 200.00 Treatment that improves the cell metabolism and activates the skin microcirculation, leaving it bright and supple since the first application. 80 Minutes Scalp treatment euro 95.00 Tailored treatment for restoring and stimulating a proper circulation of the scalp, consisting in a peeling followed by a revitalizing package and rounded off by a massage. It eliminates stress and reduces hair loss. 55 Minutes TECAR ® therapy (metabolic/anti-cellulite) euro 120.00 Advanced method to enhance the activity of the inner organs in charge of the body metabolism and stimulate both blood and lymph circulation. 80 Minutes

Bandage with olive extract euro 90.00 A key treatment for a moisturized body with a softer and firmer skin. A hydromassage with Dead Sea salts rounded off by a bandage containing a lipogel enriched with olive extract. 55 Minutes Detoxifying bandage with seaweed and clay euro 100.00 A detox hydro-massage with Dead Sea salts complemented by a bandage with specially selected seaweed and clay. A treatment aimed at purifying and draining the tissues. 55 Minutes Regenerating bandage with aloe vera and prickly pear euro 90.00 A hydro-massage with pure aloe juice followed by a revitalizing and regenerating bandage with prickly pear extract. 55 Minutes Draining bandage with seaweed and resveratrol euro 100.00 A draining hydro-massage with an anti-oxidation effect thanks to the use of Dead Sea salts, seaweed and resveratrol, followed by a re-mineralizing bandage. This treatment improves the circulation, thus stimulating the drainage of toxins. 55 Minutes HAND AND FOOT BEAUTY Manicure French manicure Pedicure Healing pedicure Nail polish application Semi-permanent nail polish application euro euro euro euro euro euro 30.00 20.00 40.00 70.00 15.00 60.00

DEPILATION Full leg waxing Partial leg waxing Bikini line/armpits waxing Upper lip waxing Eyebrow waxing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Eyelash/eyebrow dye euro euro euro euro euro euro euro start to FULL BODY SOLARIUM 15 Min. DAY SPA 80.00 50.00 30.00 15.00 5.00 50.00 50.00 euro 20.00 euro 50.00 Use of sauna, Turkish bath, tepidarium, emotional showers, indoor pool, outdoor pool and equipped fitness center THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE THREE DIMENSIONS Drainage: A channel full of obstacles that holds excess water and debris to extreme limits. Free the passages and the body can free itself of debris making room for all the nutrients that slow the aging process. Detox: The inevitable consequence of the first step. Toxins which enter the body and are not eliminated become stored in the fluid between cells (intercellular space) and prevent the exchange of nutrients needed to sustain a healthy life. Weight loss: A welcomed side-effect of this program. It naturally occurs from a strong increase in the metabolism, obtained thanks to this 3 dimensional program. Excess weight is reduced in a sensible and rapid manner.

3D PROGRAMME (Day Spa) euro 160.00 Medical check-up | Thermal mud application | Thermal hydro-massage Circulatory massage | Personalized depurative cocktail 3D PROGRAMME (3 Days) euro 680.00 Medical check-up | 3 Thermal mud applications | 3 Thermal hydro-massages 3 Circulatory massages | 2 Colon massages |1 Foot reflexology 1 Ayurvedic massage | 1 Aromatherapy relaxing massage 3D PROGRAMME (6 Days) euro 1.360,00 A customized, prolonged version of the 3D programme (3 Days) ENERGIZING PROGRAMME (Day Spa) euro 170.00 The best way to provide our body tone and suppleness Fitness consultation | Personalized fitness session in the gym Niagara hydro-massage | Neuromuscular massage SALUS PER AQUAM (6 Days) euro 666.00 The essence of our exclusivity: the rejuvenating powers of thermal water, mud and hands Medical check-up | 6 Thermal mud applications | 6 Thermal baths 6 Circulatory massages

ANTI-STRESS PROGRAMME (Day Spa) euro 160.00 Revitalizing and re-energizing treatments to fight against everyday stress Niagara hydro-massage | Anti-stress massage | Personalized face mask MANZI SPA RITUALS Pamper together in our Health Suites Suite Orchid Program For Two (Day Spa) euro 400,00 euro 300,00 Orchid treatment Personalized Bath Turkish Bath Anti-stress Massage Cocktail Arabic Nights Program For Two (Day Spa) Arabian night treatment Personalized Bath Turkish Bath Cocktail

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