Ten Top Tips for Figure Skating Competitions

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Information about Ten Top Tips for Figure Skating Competitions

Published on March 17, 2013

Author: elizabethryan9275

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Top tips for overcoming nerves and anxiety when competing in figure skating.

Ten Top Tips Preparing for yourSkating Competition with www.icecoolconfidence.com

1. Train as if you were CompetingIf you treat your lessons and patch sessionsas if you were stepping onto the ice tocompete, when it comes to the day of yourcompetition or test you will feel like it’s justanother practice and you won’t be sonervous. www.icecoolconfidence.com

2. Set Goals for your EventAim to skate your very best, to skate a cleanprogramme or even to land at least X% ofyour jumps. Don’t set goals which are out ofyour control – such as to gain a place on thepodium or to beat another skater. Keepthem SMART* and positive.*Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed www.icecoolconfidence.com

3. Keep it PositiveBanish negative thoughts from your head. Ifyou think about a jump as if it is the enemy italmost certainly will be! Instead of “I hope Idon’t fall on my (insert name of jump or bodypart here)” tell yourself “I can do this – I’velanded it before”, and believe it! www.icecoolconfidence.com

4. You are your CompetitorRemember you are not competing againstyour fellow skaters. Your competitor is you.Strive only to do your personal best and toimprove on this each time you skate. www.icecoolconfidence.com

5. Choose your ResponseYou can only control yourself and yourresponse to what happens. You cannotchange other people or control externalfactors. You can choose how you willrespond to them. You can decide whether toget upset or to keep calm. www.icecoolconfidence.com

6. Keep your Stress Levels LowChoosing to be stressed or upset by eventsbeyond your control releases chemicals intothe body which affect your balance, musclecontrol, timing and thought patterns. This isnot a recipe for successful skating. Chooseinstead to respond positively and maintainreduced stress levels. www.icecoolconfidence.com

7. Keep Calm and Carry OnGet up and carry on as quickly as you canafter a fall or a mistake. You have a limitedamount of time to impress the judges withwhat you can do so don’t waste it sitting onthe ice after a fall. Practice this in lessonsand patch too, so it becomes second nature. www.icecoolconfidence.com

8. Stay in the MomentDon’t think about the mistake you’ve justmade or the double toe-loop coming up atthe end of your programme. Think onlyabout the move immediately ahead of you.The time for reflection is when you step offthe ice at the end. www.icecoolconfidence.com

9. Stay Focused and Eliminate DistractionsIf you get distracted easily, make a note of allthe things which could distract you and workout ways of eliminating them from yourthoughts one by one. www.icecoolconfidence.com

10. CommunicateLearn to communicate effectively with yourcheerleaders – those closest to you whosupport your skating – your coach(es) andyour parents. They are on your side, but theyaren’t mind readers. If you have aconcern, tell them. A question? Ask it.Politely! www.icecoolconfidence.com

Now go out thereand show them all what you can do with Ice Cool Confidence! www.icecoolconfidence.com

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