Ten thousand thundering typhoons quiz - CQC Beginner's Quiz 27-04-2014

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Information about Ten thousand thundering typhoons quiz - CQC Beginner's Quiz 27-04-2014

Published on April 27, 2014

Author: NandhaKSamy1

Source: slideshare.net


About I am Nandha K Samy. Completed 11th at Bharathi MHSS. There will be 2 Infi-pounce rounds, 1 open theme and a written round. QM’s decision will be final. Guess away !

INFI-POUNCE CLOCKWISE +15 / -10 on pounce

1 N!xau, described by some as Namibia’s most famous actor, was interviewed in 1990 to prove that the film that catapulted him into international fame was inaccurate and the lifestyle portrayed in that film was not true. This meeting which was made into a film was released in 2004 under the title “Journey to Nyae Nyae” after N!xau’s death in 2003. The English-language newspaper, The Namibian, spelt his name Gcao to avoid confusion. What does the exclamation mark in between his name mean ? And, which 1980 film thrust him into limelight ?

1 He acted as the Kalahari Bushman in The Gods Must Be Crazy. The exclamation mark substitutes for the clicking sound in his native tongue, Ungwatsi, that cannot be rendered in English.

2 Radioactive wolves of _______ is documentary on how wildlife has slowly surged to re-inhabit _______. This area covers 2,600 km2 , but humans are unlikely to re-inhabit this land. The video shows Top Gear team on a trip to _______. Fill in the blanks.

2 Chernobyl, Ukraine The city was evacuated in 1986 owing to the Chernobyl disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

3 If only ________’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. Who’s tweet ? And, fill in the blank.

3 Tweeted by Ellen DeGeneres Bradley Cooper

4 Identify the actress. Which character is she portraying ?

4 MS Subbulakshmi Meera Bai

5 Identify this Russian film based on a famous book.

5 The Hobbit

6 • Soda-water maker • Clothes brushing machine • The Wall Bed • Electric-powered submarine • Moon Rocket • Ultrasound Emitter • Motor-roller-skates • Super Calcacolor TV • New breed of white roses, "Bianca" • Herbal tablets that keep alcoholics away from the bottle • Machine that replicates three dimensional objects Who invented all these ?

6 Professor Calculus

INFI-POUNCE ANTI CLOCKWISE +15 / -10 on pounce

1 Identify this Egyptian city from the ancient world wonder depicted in it’s city flag. Also, Give me the name of the ancient wonder.

1 Alexandria Lighthouse of Alexandria

2 One of the myths suggests that Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, developed this in about 500 BC. It is said to be based on the three cardinal virtues bequeathed by Confucius. Hóng Zhōng, Fā Cái, and Bái Bǎn represent benevolence, sincerity, and filial piety, respectively. The myth also claims that Confucius was fond of birds, which would explain the name ________ which is said to have derived from the Chinese word meaning sparrow. Fill in the blank. / What did Confucius create ?

2 Mahjong

3 In September 1835, X reached Y Islands. X was fascinated by such oddities as volcanic rocks and giant reptiles. X would climb on top, and attempt to ride the large reptile when it began moving. He recalled that it was difficult to keep his balance. Who is X ? And, give me the name of the reptile along with the place where it belongs to. The picture of a memorial dedicated to X depicting the above mentioned scene in the next slide.


3 X - Charles Darwin Y - Galapagos Islands Galápagos tortoise

4 The word X originates from the Middle East and is Arabic: X means an Islamic scholar who is an interpreter or expounder of Islamic law (Sharia). It has been used by the British army since 1816. It was derived from Eastern style dressing gowns and tasseled caps worn by off-duty officers in the early 19th century. What is the word ?

4 Mufti

5 Minimalist poster for which painting ? Also, give me the painter.

5 The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

6 X’s father sent him on a ship with a good lot of merchandise to trade and he came he brought back sacks full of paddy husks. The father was angry and locked him up in a room. He went to the harbour to examine what he had brought. Every dried piece of the husk turned out to be gold and precious gems. He hurried home to see his son. He was not in the room. His wife gave him a small box his son had given before he disappeared. In it was an Palm-leaf manuscript and a needle without an eyelet. On the script were the following words : "Not even an eyeless needle will accompany you in the final journey of life.” Who is X ?

6 Saint Pattinathar

OPEN THEME The answer to the question on next slide will reveal the open theme Only pounce : +15 / -10

In 2002, X received an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Society of Chemistry. X became a beekeeper in Sussex after retirement. A Television series with X as the lead character was aired on 2010. Y portrayed the character of X in the series. Eos Chater, a violinist was asked to coach Y. Eos said, “Y had a week, and made a surprisingly good sound. I have no doubt he would be a good violinist if he had the inclination”. Give me X and Y.

X – Sherlock Holmes Y – Benedict Cumberbatch


About 6 Questions Normal Infi-pounce round +15 / -10 on pounce All questions are related to Sherlock series. The game is on.

1 According to myth, the Greek poet Simonides of Ceos invented this during a banquet. Simonides stepped outside to meet with two young men. But when he arrived outside, the young men were not there and the hall was collapsing behind him. Though his fellow banqueters were too badly crushed by the collapse for their remains to be identified, Simonides was supposedly able to put a name with each body based on where they had been sitting in the hall. He was able to remember names with respect to positions or locations. This insight lead to the development of a technique. What is it ?

1 The Method of loci or Mind palace

2 Many sources state that this term was used when an armed non-military person entered a British military base during WW2. But, it was first used in The Hound of the Baskervilles which was written 38 years before WW2. From the book : “I had observed some newspaper comment at the time, but I was exceedingly preoccupied by that little affair of the _______ _______, and in my anxiety to oblige the Pope I lost touch with several interesting English cases.” Fill in the blank.

2 Vatican Cameos

3 "The Reichenbach Fall" is the third and final episode of the second series of Sherlock. In the episode's climactic scene, SH claims that he was a fake and throws himself from the roof as John looks on from the street. But, he survives by executing a secret plan with Mycroft. The code name given to this plan is used everywhere related to resurrection. What was the code name ?

3 Lazarus

4 Many of the details of Rahere's life have become confused with legend, but undoubtedly a historical Rahere existed. He has been described as a clergyman, a courtier, a minstrel, and a jester, and may at different times in his life have been all of these. On a pilgrimage to Rome, he fell ill and had a vision of ______________, who told him to establish something. He did it in 1123. It is the oldest of it’s kind in Europe. What did he establish ?

4 St Bartholomew's Hospital It is the oldest hospital in Europe.

5 The first study of the pharmacokinetics of ______________ in humans was published in 1984 by Jed E. Rose, Murray E. Jarvik, and K. Daniel Rose. Results showed that ___________ reduced craving for cigarettes. Frank Etscorn filed a patent in the United States on January the 23rd 1985 and was issued the patent on July 1, 1986. Fill in the blank.

5 Nicotine patch

6 What is this Japanese art of making object by folding paper called ? Which famous structure has SH created using napkins ?

6 Origami Sydney Opera House

MASH-UP ROUND 10 question +10 for each question If you answer them all, +120 Written round


Game of Thrones / My Neighbor Totoro


Sherlock / Anatomy of a murder


Dark side of the Moon / Star Wars


The Big Bang Theory / Bohemian Rhapsody


Mario / Teletubbies


The Simpsons / Pulp Fiction


The Wizard of Oz / Abbey Road


Vitruvian Man / Batman




Pokémon / Jurassic Park

Coming up next : Main Quiz (Dr. Strangequiz) by Quiz Beerangi

Thank you !

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