Ten slides in Ten Minutes - Thinking about Sick Business Syndrome [SBS]

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Published on September 12, 2013

Author: Bill60

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Thinking about why organisation move from being a healthy environment to a sickly environment. Akin to Sick Building Syndrome

SS Ten Slides in Ten Minutes: Thinking about Sick Business Syndrome [SBS] [Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Prospects & Clients] Presented by: Bill Graham APM.APMP September, 2013 bill.graham@sales-synthesis.co.za

Agenda • Sick Business Syndrome (SBS): Definition • Resourcing is a major factor with SBS • A Selection of ‘Other’ factors Impacting SBS • Self-Assessment of SBS: Example • Is Sick Business Syndrome inevitable? • SBS produces a Cliché Corporation – even globally 2

Sick Business Syndrome: Definition Source: Sales Synthesis 3 Sick business syndrome (SBS) is used to describe situations in which employees experience negative health and comfort effects that appear to correlate (and be linked) to time spent in a specific company/business. The outcome is a business entity that is not healthy enough to be viable in the marketplace.

Dominant ExclusiveEmerging PervasiveAbsent Symbiotic relationship with clients Making the competitors irrelevant Projects ParticularPerforming PertinentPeople Places The Sustainable Business Imperative SBS impacts on an organisation’s ability to build mutually beneficial and sustainable long- term client relationships Source: Sales Synthesis Where you need to be going 4 SBS: Where you are potentially heading

Resourcing is a major factor with SBS Source: Sales Synthesis Ratio of Unskilled to Skilled Resources Productivity The Peak of Positive Positioning The more prevalent the incorrect resource selection criteria, the lower the resultant productivity The Trajectory of Hopelessness 5 Correct selection criteria Increased nepotism/cronyism Incorrect resources outnumber correct resources X

A Selection of ‘Other’ factors Impacting SBS To a ‘lesser extent’ other factors need to be considered 6 • Unclear business strategy • Business Ethics • Cultural Diversity • Role and responsibility confusion • Commuting Problems • Remuneration Parity • Buy-in to the Business Strategy • Company Politics • Respect for Executive Management • Weak Leadership • Poor – or missing - Support Systems & Tools • Unfocused Strategic Market Development • Lack of support for wellness initiatives • Restructuring Periodicity • Brand Acceptance • Litigation • Relevant Offerings Portfolio • Etc…

Self-Assessment of SBS: Example 7 Factor Impact as a Percentage Commentary Business Ethics 55% Averaged but known it’s a problem in the Procurement Unit Cultural Diversity 40% Aligned to all legislative requirements & demographics Brand Acceptance 35% Positive acceptance in the marketplace ABCXYZ NN% …. Etc. Notes: 1. The above table should be completed as comprehensively as possible 2. Once completed, the table should be validated with colleagues and then the factors prioritised 3. Each factor - in priority order - should be addressed with its own project owner/initiative 4. After an agreed period (say, 3 months) the process should be repeated as part of continuous improvement

Is Sick Business Syndrome inevitable? 8 Productivity The Peak of Positive Positioning Without a ‘review intervention’ at this point, there is a possibility that negative factors will become a major influence X The Trajectory of Hopelessness Ratio of Unskilled to Skilled Resources Honesty is required in any organisational reviews – else the results are worthless

Is Sick Business Syndrome inevitable? 9 Productivity The Trajectory of Hopelessness Actions from self-assessment, or an opportunistic intervention, will inhibit negative impact and allow status-quo to be maintained/ retained – Inertia to SBS Ratio of Unskilled to Skilled Resources The Peak of Positive Positioning X Inertia to SBS is a safe and easy mechanism to use

SBS produces a Cliché Corporation – even globally Head Office Regional Offices National Offices 10

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