Ten Basic Elements of Stories

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Information about Ten Basic Elements of Stories

Published on June 16, 2008

Author: kreyes

Source: authorstream.com

Ten Basic Elements of Stories : Ten Basic Elements of Stories Kristi Reyes ESL Digital Storytelling MiraCosta College Stories : Stories Called “narratives” or “prose” (as opposed to poetry) The following slides show the 10 basic elements of stories. Note: There are other elements of literature not listed here. Also, of course, not all stories contain all the elements here. Number 1. : Number 1. Title Number 2. : Number 2. Beginning Introduction Opening “hook” Ending / Conclusion Number 3. : Number 3. Setting Location Date Time Number 4. : Number 4. Plot = actions, events Chronological / sequential Transitions Problem / Conflict Climax Resolution Number 5. : Number 5. Characters Protagonist = central character Antagonist = character(s), group(s), force(s), idea(s) against which protagonist struggles Number 6. : Number 6. Point of view – one who is telling the story / narrator or speaker 1st person = I, me 3rd person = not the narrator; he, she, it, they Number 7. : Number 7. Details / description Physical (people, places) Psychological (thoughts / ideas, feelings) Number 8. : Number 8. Dialog, as people really speak Direct quotes Indirect / reported speech Number 9. : Number 9. Mood / atmosphere Number 10. : Number 10. Style Active verbs and specific, concrete nouns Figurative languages (metaphors) and symbolism Tone (attitude) Irony = reverse of normal expectations

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