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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: Runwilde

Source: slideshare.net


Companion worksheets for the "Temptations of a High Potential" presentation. One worksheet for a high potential employee or for a coaching situation. The other worksheet for the talent development leader.

Tempta'on  and  Lesson   My  Ac'ons  to  Address   Tempta'on:    Wearing  the  Label   Prac'ce:    Learn  to  Shine  While  Building   Rela'onships   •  Assess  where  I  have  tendency  to  building  rela'onships  more:    up,  down  or  sideways  (with  peers).     Consider  efforts  to  strengthen  your  weakest  rela'onship  links.    Am  I  expanding  my  sponsorship  network   or  over-­‐relying  on  one  supporter?   •  Be  sensi've  to  how  I  am  coming  across  to  others.    Can  I  balance  my  drive  to  achieve  with  being  an   authen'c,  collabora've  teammate?   Tempta'on:    Missed  Timing   Prac'ce:    Capture  the  Meaning  from   Each  Assignment   •  Am  I  clear  on  the  intent  of  my  current  work  assignment?  Exposure,  Competence  or  Judgment  job?    Is   my  expecta'ons  of  'ming  aligned?   •  How  can  I  make  more  of  a  contribu'on  in  the  current  role  and  accelerate  achievement  of  the   assignment  purpose?   •  If  I’m  feeling  stuck,  what  can  I  do  to  create  more  developmental  value  for  me?    Is  there  a  sponsor  or   trusted  advisor  I  can  reach  out  for  help  to  get  unstuck?   Tempta'on:    Yes  to  Everything   Prac'ce:    Strengthen  Resiliency  Habits   and  Cul'vate  Execu've  Savvy   •  How  can  I  make  the  most  of  the  enrichment  ac'vi'es  I  am  given  to  acquire  the  accelerators   (perspec've,  strategy,  influence,  self-­‐insight,  sponsorship)?   •  How  can  I  add  to  my  resiliency  habits  (physical,  social,  mental,  spiritual)  to  address  stretch  and  stress?   •  If  I  am  in  ‘overload’,  is  there  a  sponsor  or  trusted  advisor  I  should  reach  out  for  guidance?     Tempta'on:    Skipping  IT   Prac'ce:    Prac'ce  Coach-­‐ability  with  a   Growth  Mindset   •  How  can  I  increase  the  amount  of  feedback  and  respond  in  a  way  that  shows  ‘coach-­‐ability’  with  a   growth  mindset?   •  Am  I  ignoring  any  feedback  I’ve  been  given  lately?  How  should  I  re-­‐think  this  input  to  help  my   development  vs.  being  defensive  or  dismissive?   Tempta'on:    Jump  without  Looking   Ahead   Prac'ce:    Objec'vely  Manage  Jumping   Your  Opportunity  Curve   •  Have  I  established  a  ‘trusted  advisor’  rela'onship  to  help  objec'vely  review  job  opportuni'es?   •  When  considering  a  jump,  deeply  explore:  Am  I  challenged?    Am  I  mo'vated?  Am  I  feeling  rewarded   and  supported?  Am  I  feeling  connected  with  the  organiza'on  and  people?   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission   Tempta'ons  of  a  High  Poten'al   Worksheet  for  the  Individual  

Tempta'ons  of  a  High  Poten'al   Worksheet  For  the  Organiza'on   Keep  the  coffee  chat  going  at:    www.kevinwildeonline.com      runwilde98@yahoo.com   High  Poten'al   Tempta'on   Organiza'on  Ques'ons   Build   Opportunity:   -­‐  Wearing  the  Label   1.  How  clear  and  accurate  in  characteris'cs?   2.  Degree  of  appropriate  transparency?   3.  Coaching  on  Teamwork?   -­‐  Missed  Assignment   4.  How  clear  and  disciplined  in  assignment  management?   5.  Degree  of  assembling  the  best  mix:    prime  experiences,  cri'cal   competencies,  engagement?   6.  What  prac'ces  to  balance  development  and  contribu'on  in  'ming   and  sharing  high  poten'al  talent?   -­‐  Yes  to  All   7.             Degree  orchestra'ng  the  whole  development  deal                beyond  any  tac'c?   8.             Teaching  resiliency,  networking  and  execu've  produc'vity?   -­‐  Skipping  IT   9.  Degree  we  provide  feedback  early  to  develop  “coach-­‐ability”  and   growth  mindset?   10.  How  skilled  and  commied  to  provide  ‘tough  love’  with  trust?   -­‐  Jump  without  Looking   Ahead   11.  How  many  ‘s'cky’  reten'on  prac'ces  do  we  apply  to  high  poten'als?   12.  Do  we  have  regular  check-­‐ins  with  trusted  advisors?   ©  2014    Kevin    D.  Wilde  All  Rights  Reserved   Do  Not  Distribute  in  Any  Form  Without  Permission  

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