Telfono Celular Mat Ala Gente

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Published on February 15, 2009

Author: alemadia



Do you think that a small device like this one is the cause of alot of accidents worldwide? A lot of people don’t. That’s the reason why we ask you to observe closely the following pictures. You will probably change the way you think.

Before we start, we warn you that the following slides contain graphic material. This pictures are from a very young girl whose dreams faded once she made the wrong choice of using her cell phone while driving.



There are not second chances, Don’t think this can’t happen to you.....

WARNING: The following images contain graphic material.





Roses that never reached it’s destination. They could have been for her mom, dad, brother or boyfriend…We’ll never know! All we know is that it could have been avoided.

DO NOT use it when you drive. Don’t risk your life!

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