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Published on September 25, 2008

Author: aSGuest169


Telemedicine Technologies, Ultra-Marathons, Sahara Desert – How Does It All Fit? : Telemedicine Technologies, Ultra-Marathons, Sahara Desert – How Does It All Fit? RacingThePlanet - UltraMarathon : RacingThePlanet - UltraMarathon Self-supported (competitors must carry all their own food, gear and clothing) footrace across 250 km the Sahara Desert Six stages, lasting 7 days Each day was a marathon (42.195Km); final stage was a double marathon Competitors must pass through roughly 30 checkpoints over seven days to reach the finish line Race ran from September 25, 2005 through October 1, 2005. RacingThePlanet - UltraMarathon : RacingThePlanet - UltraMarathon Conditions: rocky mountains, sand dunes, occasional oasis, occasional pools of water, dried-up river beds, extreme heat and cold temperatures Part of a series of the 4 Deserts Series: Gobi March (China), Atacama Crossing (Chile), Sahara Race (Egypt) and “The Last Desert” (Antarctica) Project Goals : Project Goals Understand the affects of significant endurance challenge on the human body Utilize technology to improved assessment of the metabolic, biological, and environmental factors Evaluate the performance of these telemedicine technologies in this challenging geographical environment, the Sahara desert. Lessons learned during the exploration (and exportation) of using these technologies Team : Team Dr. Brian Krabek, M.D. – Race Medical Director, Johns Hopkins Medicine Dr. Brandee Waite, UC-Davis (JHM Fellow) Dr. Glenn Hammack, UTMB - EHN Dr. Oscar Boultinghouse, UTMB - EHN Mr. Alex Nason – Johns Hopkins Medicine Technology : Technology LifeShirt System VivoMetrics – Ventura, CA Monitors Pulmonary Assessment Cardiac Assessment Position and Activity Sensor Time Data Technology : Technology B3 (Big Black Box) – UTMB-EHN Durable, Deployable, Portable Polycom VTC Peripheral Devices Satellite Linkage Technology : Technology Garmin Forerunner 201 Wearable GPS Scale Digital Camera Pen and Paper Results : Results Enrolled 6 subjects (over 25 volunteered) 5 subjects completed the race Age: 23 to 71; 3 Male, 3 Females Data collected on all racers; evaluation is ongoing B3 was not put in the field due to “unforeseen circumstances” Day One: 4 hours 29 minutes : Day One: 4 hours 29 minutes Day Five: 5 hours 18 minutes : Day Five: 5 hours 18 minutes Lessons Learned : Lessons Learned LifeVest Adhesive in the extreme conditions gave some problems Color of the vest Weight (Recorder: 350 g with battery; Shirt: 260 g; Data Cable: 93 g) Overwhelming Amount of Data Understand local customs “requirements” What Is Next? : What Is Next? Data Evaluation Identifying Sponsorship for Additional Research (Intel, Discovery Channel, etc) Evaluating New Technology Next Race: May 28, Gobi Desert – China World’s first fully-recovered spinal cord injury quadriplegic to compete Race Results : Race Results Men Ray Zahab – Canada (36) 26:24:45 Yi Chieh Lin (Kevin) – Taiwan (28) 27:33:59 Joseph Johnston Holland, US (40) 31:35:173 Women Theresa M. Schneide - US (44) 32:18:54 Kazuko Kaihata - Japan (52) 34:08:24 Lisanne C. Dorion - US (40) 36:31:43 Laurence Brophy – UK (73) 81:35:28

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