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Published on September 14, 2007

Author: Mentor


Slide1:  TA1-T10 New Optimisation Polish Telecom Network ACTS Project BBL AC038 (BroadBandLoop) ACTS Project BTI AC362 (Broadband Trial Integration) IST Project LION IST-1999-11387 (Layers Interworking in Optical Networks) presented by Janusz Maliszewski Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. Tel. (+48 22) 6571 377 Fax (+48 22) 6960 520 e-mail: Project TA1-T10:  Project TA1-T10 Project Data – Project ending date: 1995 TA1-T10 main goal The goal was to define new optimised developing plans for Polish telecommunications network. Project BBL:  Project BBL BBL Project Data – Project ending date: June 1999 BBL main goal Define and test in three field trials a concept for a cost effective broadband access network which will allow fibre to migrate gracefully into the local loop as bandwidth demand increases. The concept was build on the existing coax and copper twisted pair infrastructure for the last drop when economical feasible. Project BBL:  Project BBL BBL main goal The project was devote a major effort to define and build an optical access network with the following characteristics: cost effective, compact, low power consumption, modular extendible bandwidth up to 1 Gbit/s (155Mbit/s+16x52Mbit/s) downstream and 576Mbit/s (16x10Mbit/s + 8x52Mbit/s), flexibility in bandwidth allocation, high transmission quality and robustness towards outside plant performance. The network was provide transparency for both existing narrowband services and future ATM based broadband services. Project BBL:  Project BBL BBL main goal Field trial with real users and a range of broadband services were use to evaluate the network concept. System performance were measure over an operational period of one year. The Life Cycle Cost (LCC) estimations were guide the technical work in the project and were applied to evaluate competitiveness between different drop solutions (copper twisted pair, coax, fibre, radio). LCC studies were supported by traffic studies leading to estimation of bandwidth demand and influence on the bandwidth demand by optimal location of ATM switching in the network. Project BTI:  Project BTI BTI Project Data – Project ending date: December 1999 BTI main goal In order to meet requirements for improved quality of Internet Services the project has developed and demonstrated a concept for improved Quality of Services (QoS) based on integration of IP and ATM. The focus of the work has been on an ATM based Passive Optical Network (APON). Project BTI:  Project BTI BTI main goal The network concept is supporting unicast and multicast with well-defined QoS control in terms of controlled load - and guaranteed service. The QoS controlled network is based on IPv6, RSVP, PIM, NHRP and ATM with point to point and point to multipoint SVCs. Each of these technologies have a role in increasing network performance, lower cost and providing a well defined network service quality for the end user. Project BTI:  Project BTI BTI main goal The technical performance of the network has been measured in order to evaluate the viability of the concept. A program of structured usability testing has been performed to evaluate the user perception of the QoS control and the user interface. For this purpose user applications for distance learning were enhanced with QoS network control via RSVP and ATM signalling. Students and teachers at universities and schools in Denmark, Poland, and Portugal have been connected to a trial network. IST Project LION:  IST Project LION LION main goal „The goal is to design and test a resilient and managed transport network realised by an Optical Transport Network (OTN) carrying different clients (e.g. SDH, ATM, IP-based) with interworking and interconnection between layer networks and domains. ' LION Project Data – Project starting date: January 2000 – Project duration: 36 months – Project total costs: 10,690,000 Euro – EC contribution: 5,500,000 Euro LION Consortium:  LION Consortium Telecom Italia LAB (CSELT) - Prime Contractor - (I) Cisco Systems International B.V. - (NL) T-Nova - DTAG (D) Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC) - (B) Siemens München (SICN) - (D) Nippon Telegraph Telephone Co. (NTT) - (JP) National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) - (EL) Optical Technology Center (OTC- Agilent) - (I) Sirti - (I) The University of Mining and Metallurgy (AGH) - (PL) Telekomunikacja Polska (TP SA) - (PL) Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) - (E) LION Objectives:  LION Objectives Definition of the network and business models for a client-independent OTN evolving to data-centric automatic solutions (e.g. ASON, G-MPLS) Identification of strategies for integrated resilience in a multi-layers network (IP over WDM\OTN) Design and implementation of UNI and NNI interfaces based on the Digital Wrapper technology Design and implementation of two interworking Network Managers in CORBA and WBEM technologies Cost evaluation of IP over DWDM\OTN case studies Experiments in a Optical Internetworking test-bed LION Project Structure:  LION Project Structure WP0 - Project Management (CSELT) WPG1 - Network Studies (IMEC) WP1 - Network Scenarios and Requirements (AGH) WP2 - Resilience (IMEC) WP3 - Planning and Evaluation (Sirti) WPG2 - Interface and Management (T-Nova) WP4 - Interfaces and OAM (NTUA) WP5 - Management (T-Nova) WPG3 - Test Bed (CSELT) WP6 - Implementation and Integration (CSELT) WP7 - Definition and Assessments ( CSELT) Involvement of TPSA in LION Project:  Involvement of TPSA in LION Project WPG1 – Network Studies WP1 – Network Scenarios and Requirements, WP Partner WP2 – Resilience, WP Partner WP3 – Planning and Evaluation, WP Partner Slide14:  Network Requirements: Client independent transport network Scalability Policy management Efficient and cost-effective resilience Automatic end-to-end provisioning Fast and efficient routing Policy-based traffic engineering for QoS Support of Optical Virtual Private Networks LION WPG1 WP1 Network Scenarios and Requirements LION WPG1WP1 Network Scenarios and Requirements:  DW = Digital Wrapper SDH* = SDH framing LION WPG1 WP1 Network Scenarios and Requirements LION Roadmap:  LION Roadmap LION WPG1 WP1 Network Scenarios and Requirements Slide17:  LION WPG1 WP2 Resilience To study coordinated resilience strategies in multilayer and multidomain networks Provide inputs to WPG2 on impact of integrated resilience on network management and OAandamp;M Provide inputs to WPG3 on definition and implementation of resilience strategies in the LION testbed LION WPG1WP3 Planning and Evaluation:  Mapping of the overall network requirements into the individual layers, considering the selected recovery mechanisms, the layer architectures and the capacity requirements Definition of coherent and integrated methodologies in order to use the planning tools, as available by each partners Definition of guidelines to be followed by the operators in planning multi-layer network minimizing costs but still guaranteeing a defined degree of survivability. LION WPG1 WP3 Planning and Evaluation LION WPG1 – Summary:  WP2:Resilience WP3: Planning and evaluation Single layer Survivability capabilities of each technology Failure scenarios Multi layer Interworking strategies: hold-off timer recovery token SIREN-Plan IP Net Planner TCP/IP/(MPLS) DPT SRP-fa IPS WDMNetDesign WDMRing Case studies definition CCN Optimiser WPG2 -WP4: Architectures and interfaces D11: Functional requirements for interfaces Network Functionality for Layers Inter-Working LION Roadmap WP1: Network scenarios and requirements LION WPG1 – Summary Slide20:  LION WPG2 WP4 Interfaces and OAM Definition of the interfaces requirements of an advanced optical transport network (for example an ASON) that is server to carry different client transport networks with interworking functionality between layers. Functionality description and specification of the UNI and NNI interfaces for the LION testbed. Slide21:  LION WPG2 WP4 Interfaces and OAM Control Plane: Peer Model Slide22:  LION WPG2 WP4 Interfaces and OAM Control Plane: Overlay Model LION WPG2WP5 Management:  LION WPG2 WP5 Management To study the inter-working of management systems in a heterogeneous management environment. To define the management functions related to ASONS and to support them with an appropriate Network Level information model. To develop an efficient architecture for the umbrella management system for heterogeneous environments enabling an end-to-end view on network level resources in the server network and in the client network. To implement the umbrella management system and the network element agents Slide24:  LION WPG2 WP5 Management Slide25:  LION WPG3 WP6 Implementation and Integration Testbed configuration: OXC2 and OXC3 are ASON prototypes from Siemens Slide26:  LION WPG3 WP7 Definition and Assessment To identify testbed configurations and experiments To perform testbed subsystems tests (e.g. interoperability tests among application sources, IP-routers, SDH and OTN equipment) including management systems To validate interworking functionality (optical channel set-up driven by IP GSR UNI signalling

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