Telefónica Smart Metering Value Proposition

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Information about Telefónica Smart Metering Value Proposition

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: M2MTelefonica



Discover Telefónica Smart Metering Value Proposition


SMIP basics! 20/20/20 EU Directive: Nationwide Smart Metering Implementation Plan: SMIP o  80% roll-out in 2020 (Electricity) o  20% reduction of primary energy consumption o  20% reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions* o  20% of energy to come from renewables 34 M homes and SME 61 M meters (34M electricity – 27M gas) UK Government Directive: o  100% roll-out in 2020 (Electricity & Gas) o  80% GHG reduction target by 2050* DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER *Compared to 1990 Values 2

SMIP basics! Part of sustainability agenda Reduce energy consumption through realtime data End estimated billing and manual meter reading DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 3 Drive innovation as ‘gateway’ to Connected Homes

SMIP Benefits! Utilities: Consumers: o  Energy Suppliers savings 9 o  UK Energy Savings 6 Billion £ Billion £ o  Network Operator savings 1 Billion £ o  Generation & Distribution savings 800 million £ National Economy: o  Carbon use savings 1.5 Billion £ Source: DECC” Smart meter roll-out for the domestic and small and medium non-domestic sectors (GB)” DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 4

SMIP Ecosystem! Customer •  Uses data from meters to reduce energy costs Energy Suppliers •  Own customer relationship & install meters & hubs •  Regulated by Smart Energy Code DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER DCC CSP DSP •  Subcontracts to DSP & CSP •  Provides comms hub to Energy Suppliers & provides connectivity services •  Potential for follow-on value added services sales •  Divided in three lots: North, Central and South. •  Provide data services to DCC •  Regulated by Ofgem 5 including systems integration, IT hosting and application management

Communication Service Provider Award o  Areas: Central & Southern 19 million SMIP Award! North o  Contract Value: 1.5 Billion £* o  Years: 15 o  # Communication Hubs: 23.5 M o  Meters: 42.3 M Southern * NOTE: Total quotable contract value is £1.5B - There is an extra £112m due to TEF including 100% of the finance charges DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 6

SMIP Telefónica’s Solution! Communications Hubs Architecture Customer Premises CSP Cellular Only: 2/3G Cellular + RF MESH DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 7 DSP / DCC

SMIP Architecture! Elements Communications Hub attached to the electric meter: element that provides the communication capacities to the HAN & WAN Network In-Home Display (IHD): A display installed in the customers home or business, that provides near real-time information on their energy use and cost Smart Gas meter replacing traditional meter DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Smart Electricity meter replacing traditional meter 8

SMIP Architecture! Technologies Ø  Protocols: o  DLMS/COSEM GBCS (Great Britain Companion Specification) compliant o  Zigbee SEP 1.x (Smart Energy Profile) Ø  Wide area network (WAN): Cellular network to provide secure communication between meters and the Data Service Provider à 2G GPRS at GSM900 / 3G HSPA at U900 Ø  Neighborhood Area network (NAN): RF mesh network to connect Communication Hubs as infill access technology à 802.15.4g @ 868MHz unlicensed spectrum Ø  Home area network (HAN): Network to achieve communication between the smart meter system components within the home à Zigbee SEP 1.x @ 2.4GHz unlicensed spectrum DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 9

SMIP Key Success Points! RF Mesh infill for uncovered areas 99.25% Connectivity Network Coverage Full Security (cellular network technology + virtual network ) compliant with CNI classification M2M dedicated elements: •  Network (GGSN, HLR) •  Managed Connectivity Platform DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER Fast Implementation 10

Telefónica Smart Metering Value Proposition! Telefónica Value Proposition “We manage your connectivity” When does it apply! Capabilities / Assets! Bid process focus on metering Basic connectivity (2-3G) infrastructure. Smart M2M Communications not a priority “We manage Basic connectivity (2-3G) Bid process focus on your Smart M2M the communication HW (comms hub) communication network Service management network” “We operate your metering network” Bid process led by operation department Basic connectivity (2-3G) Smart M2M NOC capabilities “We provide an e2e metering solution” Bid process oriented to turnkey solutions Basic connectivity (2-3G) Smart M2M NOC capabilities Data Collection DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER 11

Telefónica Smart Metering Value Proposition! In-house capabilities & assets 4 Metering capabilities 4 3 DEVICE MANAGEMENT CONSUMPTION DISPLAY TICKETING 2 ALARMS DATA COLLECTION & ANALYSIS DEVICE MANAGEMENT 2 3 1 INVENTORY SMART M2M 2 DISCOVER, DISRUPT, DELIVER MIDDLEWARE / PROTOCOL MANAGEMENT HARDWARE (Comms Hub) 1. “We manage your connectivity” On & off footprint • Scope: Managed connectivity • Assets: SM2M 2. “We manage your communication network” On footprint • Scope: Communication Service Provider • Assets: SM2M, Device Management, Hardware (Comms Hub) 3. “We operate your metering network” On footprint • Scope: Metering NOC • Assets: SM2M, Connected Metering Platform 4. “We provide an e2e metering solution” • Scope: e2e metering solution • Assets: SM2M, Device Management, DCA, Connected Metering Platform On footprint

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