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Published on January 18, 2008

Author: DSPIP



Drivers to transformation of telco services and the move toward open architecture using web services

• Service delivery Chain • Telco Service Models • Telco 2.0 service samples • Communication trends discussion (if well have time)Fast-Forward your development

Equipment VendorFast-Forward your development

Equipment Telco Vendor Service Provider ConsumerFast-Forward your development

• Microsoft ▫ Live – Enterprise • Google ▫ Android (Mobile) ▫ GTalk VoIP ▫ Frequency acquisition (Mobile/WiMAX) • Adobe ▫ Rich Web VoIP ▫ VoIP + Applications • Skype ▫ Personal VoIPFast-Forward your development

Service Consumer Provider Equipment Vendor TelcoFast-Forward your development

• Telcos are becoming dumb pipes for service providers Consumer TelcoFast-Forward your development

Telco 1.0Telco 1.5Telco 2.0

• Mass Market • “Regular” business model ▫ Per Minute, Flat rate • Applications ▫ Voice ▫ SMS • Technologies ▫ IN (Intelligent Networks) ▫ SS7Fast-Forward your development

• Last Decade • Applications ▫ Content ▫ Value Added Services • Technologies ▫ JAIN (JAVA API for Telecom Networks) ▫ Parlay • Business Model ▫ Walled Garden (content) ▫ Closed SystemsFast-Forward your development

Popularity Neglected? ?????? ServicesFast-Forward your development

Fast-Forward your development

• Should provide access to web 2.0 content ▫ Blogs ▫ Video UGC (Youtube, Metacafe) ▫ Advertisement based services ▫ Connection to social networks • Telco Mesh-ups = Blended ServicesFast-Forward your development

Popularity Telco 2.0 ServicesFast-Forward your development

• Market ▫ Many niche markets • Services ▫ Personally defined services • Business model ▫ Open garden ▫ Connection to 3rd party ▫ User personalization of service • Technologies ▫ Telco web servicesFast-Forward your development

• Service creation time • Service creation cost • Connection to 3rd parties • Connection to web (social networks)Fast-Forward your development

• Parlay-X ▫ Enables connection and control of Telco Servers and switches via web service • Traditional software development of service ▫ Parlay X Web Service implementation ▫ Parlay/OSA or other technology towards network • Exposure of service through SOA interface ▫ Most typically a Web Service interface ▫ Over HTTP or other bus transport • May use other services on bus ▫ e.g. Service may use OSS serviceFast-Forward your development

Applications PortalsBusUser Portal NGOSS Web Parlay X Web Other ServiceWeb Services Service Services InterfacesContent Parlay OSS/BSSManagement Gateway Network Network Element ElementFast-Forward your development

Fast-Forward your development

Fast-Forward your development

Fast-Forward your development

Fast-Forward your development

Fast-Forward your development

Telco 1.0Telco 1.5Telco 2.0

• Call to Expert • VoIP advertisement • VoIM • PresenceFast-Forward your development

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