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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: TiePurplegirl

Source: slideshare.net


Judul: Speechless

In a Hot day liked today , didn’t prevent the two friends Viro and Rori to play basketball Viro : hi bro ! catch the ball ! Rori : alright Gone on the sidelines a girl with her beautiful long hair. (1) Listha : (walk around the sidelines) Rori : (amazed, so he ignore his basketball game) Viro : (throw the ball to the Rori , and the ball fall in his head) Rori : Ouch ! what the hell are you doing !? Viro : Haha sorry sorry , I mean it , because of you look at listha continue Rori : Oh , so her name is listha ? (smile) Viro : why ? there’s a problem ? or maybe you… Rori : if that’s so , why ? In the X7… (2) Tia : (wear the shoes) Dina : (appear behind the door) Listha : (walk to the X7) HI girls ! let’s go home ! Dina : come on D, L, T : (walking past the Viro and Rori’s classroom) Viro : (whistling) long hair girl ! Rori is looking for you Rori : (coming) damn ! what’s your problem GOAT ! Listha : what the hell , so flirt ! D, T : cieee, so Rori is your admirer(tease) Listha : Iuuuuuuh haha, no ! what are you talking about ! Tomorrow morning at X-7... (3) Guru 1 : good morning students , today you will get a new student. Murid : (make a noise) Guru 1 : Ahmad please come in !

Ahmad : (walk in with a dashing) Tia : (amazed) so handsome Dina : (confused) Ahmad : let me introduce my self, my name is ahmad. I’d moved from Jombang. Nice to meet all of you guys( smile) Guru 1 : Okay Ahmad, you can sit down behind tia’s place Tia : what ? sit down behind me Dina : so why ? (slow loading) Tia : oh God , slow loading (look at Ahmad’s direction) Ahmad : (sit down) Tia : Hi, my name is Tia(lend a hand) Ahmad : (shake hands) oh yes, I’m Ahmad . nice to meet you. Maybe you can help me someday (smile) Tia : Okay , just calm hehe KRIIIIIIIIING... rest bell is rang . in the canteen. (4) Listha : (walking to the canteen) Ahmad : (walked hastily) L, A : (collide) Ahmad : Astaghfirullah... Listha : damn ! are you crazy ? don’t you have eyes ? (look up and feel amazed) Ahmad : om so sorry , I’m still have eyes. Listha : (stay amazed) Ahmad : Helloooo… are you still fine ? Listha : Eh emm...y ye..yess… I’m fine ! Ahmad : allright , may I go away ? Listha : wait... Ahmad : Yes? Listha : Emm... (lend a hand) I’m Listha

Ahmad : (shake listha’s hand) I’m Ahmad A few days later in the morning in X-7.... (5) Tia : Din... Dina : Yes? Tia : Emm...I ....I’m .... Dina : why ? (confused) Tia : that’s... Dina :what is that ? Tia : ouch … is’nt about that. I want to tell you something Dina : oooh... Tia : just that ? Dina : so ? Tia : Pelissss Dina : Haha...okay seriously , what happen ? Tia : I like.... Dina : like BOCI? It’s from long time ago, I’ve know that Tia : okay , you said we’re in serious now, but , what the fact ?.... (straight face) Dina : Haha...sorry ..let’s tell it Tia : I ….. like… Ahmad Dina : What? Are you mad ? (Jeng-jeng) Tia : this is serious Dina : Ckck...but it’s fine , he’s handsome Ahmad : (coming) Dina : Sssttt...he’s coming (touch tia’s elbow) Tia : (silent) Ahmad : Assalamu’alaikum (smile) Tia : (just say in the heart) this is crazy ? that’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen before .. (melting)

Dina : Wa’alaikum salam (hit tia) Tia : Eh eh waalaikum salam Ahmad : (Smile) When , school time is done... (6) Listha : (is going to X-7) Dina : (wear the shoes , wanna go home) Listha : Hi, din! Dina : Hi, lis! Listha : come in ! I want to tell you something (invite dina to sit) Dina : tell me about ? (enthusiastic) Listha : I’ve like someone Dina : who’s? Rori? Listha : absolutely no ! -_Dina : and then? Listha : some one in your class Dina : (tought) please don say if..... Listha : why you just keep silent ? Dina : nothing , so who’s he ? Listha : Ahmad Dina : what? (speechless) Listha : why, there’s a problem? Dina : Emm...eeh...(look at behind) Ahmad: (through) Dina : Damn ! Listha : Eeh he’s through (smile) Hi Ahmad Ahmad : (smile, go away) Listha : don’t you see ? he’s smiling at me

Dina : Hehe yes hehe (straight face) Tomorrow morning school is going fine , until... (7) Viro : Bro, yesterday I’ve heard a bad news Rori : what news ? don’t say if the onion’s price is going higher anymore Viro : Haha no , this is serious ! Rori : Okay my ear have ready to listen about that news , but wait , what the news about ? Viro : About...Listha Rori : Ha? Are you serious ? Tia : (walked from X-7 to X-6) Viro : yes, so yesterday I heard litha tell dina , if she like Tia : (stop her step , and turned to Rori and Viro) V, R : (silent) Tia : (confused but saty walk) Viro : damn ! what the hell ! Rori : that’s your mistake , you tell me that news but you don’t look at aur place. But are you say the truth about that ? Viro : why I must to lies to my bestfriend? Rori : that’s right , but sometimes you just tease me. Viro : what ? but for this problem I’m really serious !why the just look at Ahmad ? I think he just have a straight face, silent, not cool, and so on. Rori : yes I think so. The girls now really like Ahmad. Ahmad. I hate Ahmad! Viro : me too ! After that , Tia back to her class and asked about listha (8) Tia : Din, Dina! I want to ask you something Dina : about ? Tia : Listha! Dina : damn -_- Tia : (pull dina’s hand behind the class) I want you to tell the truth

Dina : Insya Allah Tia : Okay, did listha like Ahmad ? Dina : Em...oh...th….that Tia : Hmm...i think I have know about that. I really disappointed to you, din. (look behind) Listha : (behind tia and dina) what do you mean, yak? Tia : (speechless because listha is behind her place) Listha : are you like Ahmad too ? Din, please answer me Dina : oh my God ( bow ) Listha : damn you ! backstabber , yak! I have no idea with you ! (go away from X-7) Tia : Hei, I think you’re a backstabber ! I’m the first one who know him! Damn you ! (go to class again) Dina : oh God , how about this ? (look at tia and listha) In the evening Dina feel confuse and sad ,she go to the garden alone... (9) Dina : (confuse) Viro : (come to dina like an angel) Emm...that’sdina right ? let’s try to call her name hehe (go near to Dina) Dina ?that’s your name right ? Dina : yes , who are you ? Viro : I’m viro , rori’s friend Dina : Ooh Viro : may I sit in here ? Dina : of course Viro : what are you doing? Are you sad or confused? Dina : Hehe yes maybe Viro : why ? Dina : (thinking) Viro : keep calm I will not tell it to someone else Dina : are you serious ? Viro : yes , ciyus (cute face)

Dina : so like this...my friends listha and tia like the same guy Viro : what ? who’s the lucky guy ? (pretending speechles) Dina : he’s Ahmad Viro : damn ! why every girls like Ahmad. By the way what can they get from Ahmad ?if it’s about handsome , I’m better than him. so cool ? please don’t ask me again , exactly I’m too cool right ? Dina : oh God why you just proud of you self . I’m too confused. Please help me , while you make me more confused, vir Viro : Eh eh sorry I didn’t mean it. I’m just too mad to him. Dina : yes I know, so you have some solution for my problem ? Viro : if I say , you better not defend to anyone. You have to do neutral. And then if you’ve feel the situation is better ,you arrange meeting with them and make an agreement with them. And then the have to sorry each other. Dina : Waaaah (clap hand) that’s a good idea , why you look so kind ?I think you never serious Viro : Haha you say , I’ve help you , then you just mock to me ! Dina : Haha sorry just kidding (peace finger) After that evening Dina come back to be happy. And Dina feel amazed with viro. Tomorrow after school Dina really do her plan to fix her friendship. She mean trap her two friend to meet each other. (10) Listha : (sit down in the canteen) Tia : (coming) what are you doing here ? Listha : waiting for Dina,I’ve no business with you! Tia : I’ve an appointment with dina. Listha : so ? I must to care ? Tia : Okay, fine! (sit down behind Listha) Dina : (coming with a straight face) Hiiiiiiii Tia : you say just us, why there’s a witch here? Listha : can you just calm. You say I want you here ?absolutely not Tia : oh sorry,I don’t hope you waiting for me ! Dina : (arabitrate) please just calm girls, please for not fighting !

L, T : (silent) Dina : I wont we always like this .i wish we were first, we were always laughing together , act together nosy, and much more.do’ntyo feel sorry to waste this memory because of this fight ? L, T : (stay silent and bow) (end then they hugging and crying together) Dina : I love this girls (hugging both friends) Listha : alright I’m really sorry Din, Yak. Tia : me too, lis, din. Dina : don’t waste our friendship just because a boy L, T : Eciyeeeeeeee Dina : what? (confused) Listha : since when do you wisdom ? D, T, L : (laughing together) End then tia and listha problem have done and plan to fight for love withhealt. In the evening Dina come back to the garden for refreshing. Without a prediction dina meet viro again, but now dina greet viro first. Dina : hi vir (smile and sit near viro) Viro : Oh hii, din! (smile back) Dina : may I sit here ? Viro : Haha of course Dina : (sit) Viro : what happen , din? Oh yea how about tia and listha? Dina : good news ! they have sorry each other haha Viro : Oh yea? Waaah Dina : yes, and it’s all because of you vir, thanks a lot vir Viro : tha’s no problem , but.... Dina : but what ? don’t tell me you asked for reward?! (frowned and look at viro) Viro : Haha alright if you have no problem with it Dina : Haha okay , maybe for reciprocation.

Viro : alright , how about we have lunch ? Dina : (speechles) Viro : you have no boyfriend , right ? Dina : no, but.... Viro : why ?there’s other plan ?s Dina : no no , no problem  After that greet viro feel so happy ,because tomorrow he and dina will lunch together. (Displayedscene eat togetherbetween Dina and Viro) A few days laterafterthat eat together event, Listha start to show off. At a small lake Listha and Ahmad are sit together. Ahmad : what are we doing here ? Listha : Emm...i want to tell you something Ahmad : okay , hurry please. I wont if some people think something bad about us Listha : Emm...sorry me before, I don’t mean anything about what I will say to you Ahmad : okay that’s no problem (smile) Listha : I …..I…I said .. I’m falling in love with you Ahmad : (speechless) are you kidding me ? Listha : just look at me, you think I’m kidding? Ahmad : no , I mean... emm just how ? (confused) Listha : I don’t force you, I just want to tell the truth Ahmad : Yes I know, but sorry, lis. I have already like someone else Listha : (looked down and brood) After that meeting at lake, Listha try to be happy. Because she think her best friend, Tia succeed to get her hati pujaan hatinya, yaitu Ahmad. The next day, while spare time Listha come to X-7 to let Tia know about thathappy news, namun yang dia temui malah.... A, V : (sit together) Lista : (settle and trying to hear the conversation) Ahmad : I want to talk something to you , vir

Viro : go ahead Ahmad : But, don’t laugh at me Viro : ................ Ahmad : What did you mean with that? Viro : It depends on the word which you will say. Just go ahead, I don’t have much time, I am a busy person Tia : (come and meet Listha mysteriously) Hey, lis! What are you doing? Listha : Ssssstttttt that.... (point at Viro and Ahmad) Tia : (confused) Listha : Just hear with what they are talking about. I feel there is something strange with that Tia : Oh, okay Ahmad : I.... I.... like you, vir! Viro : What, are you crazy! (stand and angry) T, L : What? (surprised and look each other) Viro : I still a normal guy! (go out and meet Tia and Listha) T, L : Hehe hai (Salting) Viro : (don’t care) Listha : so, that’s the reason why Ahmad refused me! Tia : Ha? What are you talking about? Listha :Yesterday, I said the truth to Ahmad, but he refused me. The reason, because he likes someone else. And i supposed that someone else is you but the truth is.... Tia : Haha this is a crazy experience! Listha :What are you talking about? Tia : We like the same person but that person.... Listha : Haha right, and I feel ridiculous Tia : yeah, we sacrifice our friendship for Ahmad! The next day, that news is spread. Dina know it and dissapointed with Viro and also Ilfeel. A few weeks later because of shy, Ahmad move to another school. And Viro still shy because of that moment. And Rori...his destiny still undetected.

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