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Published on December 14, 2016

Author: Tegaindustry

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Tega Industries : Tega Industries “A Global W ear S olution Provider” Tega Industries Ltd 1 Company Overview: Company Overview Tega Industries Ltd 2 Introduction to Tega : Introduction to Tega Headquartered in Kolkata, Tega was promoted in 1976 by the Mohanka family in a technical & financial collaboration with Skega AB, Sweden; In 1998, Mohanka family acquired 100% equity stake in the Company The Company specializes in manufacturing and distribution W ear resistant lining components required for grinding, sizing and beneficiation of minerals D ownstream equipment such as hydro-cyclones and flotation columns, fluid t ransportation and filtration systems used in m ineral processing, b ulk m aterial h andling and slurry transportation industry Facilities All Over the World : Facilities All Over the World Over the years, the Company has set up a large export market for its products in more than 72 countries It has 3 manufacturing plants in India,1 in South Africa, 2 in Chile and 1 in Australia supported by a highly experienced R&D team 32 patents worldwide Tega Industries Ltd 4 A Truly Global Workforce : A Truly Global Workforce A truly multinational with sales and distribution network around 16 countries and 1600 employees worldwide Tega Industries Ltd 5 Group of Companies: Group of Companies Significant Partnerships: Significant Partnerships Tega has developed lasting and rewarding partnerships in mining and processing operations worldwide. We believe in long term mutually beneficial relationships and strive to build partnerships. CSR Activities: CSR Activities Bhavishya Asha : A scholarship programme for the meritorious “AHEAD” a model school for mentally challenged and autistic children Tega Industrial Technical Training Center (TITTC) aims to improve skills of shop floor workers School for Civil Construction Workers’ children Integrated village development programmes Tega Industries Ltd 8 Our Philosophy: Our Philosophy Tega Industries Ltd 9 Vision Committed to engineering flawless solutions that enrich the future of mining   : Vision Committed to engineering flawless solutions that enrich the future of mining   Tega Industries Ltd 10 Mission To distinguish ourselves in providing lasting solutions to the complex problems of material handling, wear and separation of ores found in mining and mineral processing industries   What is “Partnerships in Practice” ?: What is “Partnerships in Practice” ?   For 40 years at Tega we have lived by this philosophy. To work together with our clients. To understand complex problems, engineer flawless solutions and deliver them on time. To leave a strong impact on the productivity and performance of more than 700 esteemed clients across the world. Because we believe “Working Together Can Create Wonders” Tega Industries Ltd 11 The 4 Step Process: The 4 Step P rocess At Tega, we create value for our customers globally, by bringing them innovative technologies, products and services. We have a simple 4 step process of creating & delivering value : Step 1 - Audit: We study the process and operational parameters along with design of the existing equipment Step 2 - Analysis: We analyse the data collected in the Audit stage, using our proprietary software programmes like DEM, FEM ,CFD etc Step 3 - Customised Solution: Our R&D and engineering excellence use the Analysis as an input to unearth a trailblazing, innovative, flawless solution. Step 4 - Solution Delivery: We provide on-time delivery and installation, after sales support and training to customer personnel. Tega Industries Ltd 12 Adding Edge to Partnerships : Adding Edge to Partnerships Tega Industries Ltd 13 Engineering Expertise Leading Edge R &D Superior Quality Total Solution Approach Knowledge , People & Expertise Proactive Unmatched Services Solution Driven Approach: Solution Driven Approach Tega Industries Ltd 14 Customer Needs Enhanced Performance Maximizing Asset Life Less Downtime Increasing Profit Tega R & D Engineering Product Service Ownership Improvement in Screening E fficiency Lifetime Optimization Downtime Reduction Smart Wear Management Screen & Trommel Capacity Enhancement Optimized operation Installation Time Reduction Liner Life Increase Mill & Hydrocyclone Efficient Material Transfer Spillage and Maintenance Free Operation Optimization Reduced Degeneration Bulk Storage and Transfer Point Efficient Material Transfer Spillage Free Maintenance Free Power Optimization Conveyor Our Engineering Excellence: Our Engineering Excellence Tega Industries Ltd 15 Engineering Excellence: Engineering Excellence Tega Industries Ltd 16 Product Design Engineering Activities: RIVALRY MILL HC CC WP SCREEN Engineering Activities Design Calculations Simulations DEM FEM CFD Prototyping/Testing Tega Industries Ltd 17 Basic Design Calculation in Mill: Basic Design Calculation in Mill Tega Industries Ltd 18 DEM Application in WP: Proposed modification at this zone EXISTING PROPOSAL Avg. K.E = 1.56 J Avg. K.E = 1.59 J Avg. K.E = 1.59 J Avg. K.E = 1.56 J DEM Application in WP Tega Industries Ltd 19 FEM Applications in Mill: 38 FEM Applications in Mill Tega Industries Ltd 20 CFD Application in Hydrocyclone: Trajectories of particle sizes starting 20 microns range are showing higher residence time than the 10 and 15 microns, depicting the cut size of the design lies above 20 micron. CFD Application in Hydrocyclone Tega Industries Ltd 21 Testing: Lifter Bar Testing T esting Tega Industries Ltd 22 Product Range: Product Range Tega Industries Ltd 23 Product Range : Product Range Tega Industries Ltd 24 Wear Products: Wear Products Tega Industries Ltd 25 Separation: Separation Tega Industries Ltd 26 Conveyance: Conveyance Tega Industries Ltd 27 Fri Flo Slide28: Tega Industries Ltd 28 Thank You…

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