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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: connectingdots

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What does the wardrobe of a 10, 12, 14 year old girl look like - a comparative analysis by a cohort

(Focus - SEC A1+ consumers)

What does the wardrobe of a 10, 12, 14 year old girl look like - a comparative analysis by a cohort (Focus - SEC A1+ consumers)

Wardrobes of different age groups vary due to many reasons. Primarily, as a girl grows up, her exposure to different styles and trends around the world gets broader and her desire to stand out from the crowd increases. Also, being an urban girl, the variety of high street fashion catering to girls and women’s clothing has now started stocking the world’s latest trends, allowing each age group to look and dress their best. However, depending on the girl’s social circle and parental intervention, each girl’s wardrobe looks very different. A girl with a more liberal background will wear more tank tops, crop tops and hot shorts whereas a girl with conservative values would choose to wear clothes longer in length such as jeans and normal tshirts.

A 10-year-old girl’s wardrobe As 10 year olds are still relatively small and not as largely exposed to the latest trends seen on fashion blogs or mature enough to shop for themselves, their dressing is largely influenced by how their parent/s want them to dress. They have still not hit adolescence so they generally do not desire to look as glamorous as older girls would. Their wardrobes would always consist of the basics- t-shirts, skirts, camisoles and jeans. As they would pick up their clothes from kid’s sections, the colors would largely be pastel colors or specifically girly, such as purples, baby pinks, blues and yellows. Most of the tshirts would include graphic prints with cute slogans, popular cartoons/ girl’s icons or prints.

Their wardrobes would generally, contain more skirts than a 12 or 14 year old’s wardrobe. This is because skirts are generally perceived as cute and the epitome of girly loveliness. When I was 10, I had more skirts than pants or shorts combined, and most of my peers dressed the same way too. As mothers prefer skirts to generally perceived “boyish” dressing of baggy jeans, another item worn by little girls are skorts. A crossover between skirts and shorts, these are comfortable to travel in comfortable anywhere. The skirts would generally have ruffles, frills and schoolgirl prints, but many young girls choose to sport denims too.

A few jeans and shorts would be thrown in here and there as well, adding to versatility of choice for different seasons and weather. Dresses are also staples in little girls’ wardrobes. They are versatile, and the perfect things to wear for any occasion including family outings, parties or a day out for a picnic. As little girls have not physically developed to don tight-fitting or revealing dresses like older girls, their dresses would generally be simple and elegant in style. The most common style for little girls’ dresses are either A-line or knee length with regular sleeves or spaghetti straps. Mostly, they would revolve around bright colors and prints for casual wear, and move on to be more elaborate and sparkly for dressy occasions. Polka dots, pinks and floral designs would mostly dominate their wardrobes.

As younger girls are more likely to play outside, the risk of insect bites and injuries/falls would likely be present. The need to be fully covered, yet stylish would perpetually exist, and most 10 year olds prefer wearing colorful tights under clothing rather than changing their style. .

Also, the sport garments they would wear would include comfortable graphic tees and sweatpants that would allow them to run comfortably and play. Their outerwear style at present, would resemble androgynous fashions. Another major component of their wardrobes is home wear. As 10 year olds are still influenced by the world of fantasies and cartoons, most of their nightwear would include collections inspired by Barbie, unicorns, stars, etc.

Indian wear is also a component of the 10 year old’s wardrobe. As they would not be wearing it too often and only for functions, simple yet easy to wear kurtis, bottoms and chania cholis would be worn in bright colors. As it comes to the basics, innerwear, 10 year olds are just on the brink of puberty and have the considerable need to wear inners such as slips and training bras. They would wear innerwear that is considerably soft, non padded and cute as they are just getting ready to accommodate the changes in their bodies. Sports bras and training bras would predominantly exist in some girls’ wardrobes, whereas some would wear plain camisoles.

A 12-year-old girl’s wardrobe A 12 year old’s wardrobe would be best described as the bridge between childhood and adolescence. A 12 year old would still be influenced by her parents and controlled, but comparatively lesser than a 10 year old’s as she would demand for slightly more bolder and rebellious styles. A 12 year old could considerably be able to step out of the kids’ section of buying clothes and move to the teens and women’s options. 12 year olds, who would now be more active on social networking sites and fashion blogs such as Instagram, Pinterest, etc. would be more interested in glamour. They would be fairly aware of the recent global hits such as quotes by famous personalities and typical teenager behavior. Their t shirts would now slowly drift away from cartoon prints and simple girly colors, and move on to slightly more independent dressing with slightly more revealing patterns and neutral brand slogans. They would include animal prints, and other larger, deeper topics that begin to slightly establish their individuality.

As their peer groups would now include more teenagers and lesser younger children, the need to match up to peer standards and look good start mushrooming from this age itself. The skirts would still be present in their cupboards, but of much lesser frill and shine. They would move on to neutral choices, such as denims and move on to brighter colors and predominantly shorts would start playing a larger role in their dressing. Skinny jeans would now replace baggy jeans, as most girls find it having a more comfortable and flattering feel to the body. They can also be paired with tight as well as loose fitting tops, which both, appear in tweens’ wardrobes.

The dresses would now move to be shorter, bolder and involve lesser frills and glitter. As a 12 year old is now developing towards looking like a woman, her clothes would start inching towards a more feminine look that would flatter her newly changing body, highlight her curves and desires to look appealing. As 12 year olds are still considered young by their parents to have a complete choice over their dressing, their clothes would not be as bold. The social life they maintain would also, not demand them to visit clubs, discos or formal events so their dresses would be rather simple.

As 12 year olds are more body conscious about active wear, they would choose to wear sleeveless tops and better fitting track pants to move on from the childhood androgynous looks they carried.

As 12-year-olds are more mature, they carry off more stylish patters in Indian wear. They choose styles in which they can blend modern patterns as well as look trendy and stylish. Sleepwear would also move on from cartoons, as girls mature faster than boys. They would choose pyjamas/shorts and tops with cute, girly prints. As boy bands and other music artists achieve to gain most popularity with this age group, most of their sleepwear would reflect them or recent movies, etc.

A 12 year old’s innergarments would now include styles that are more mature. From camisoles to training bras, a 12 year old would move on to wear proper brassieres and underwear with popular slogans and deeper cuts.

A 14-year-old girl’s wardrobe A 14-year-old girl is the most mature out of these three and has the least parental influence or intervention when it comes to buying clothes. As a majority of teenagers get pocket money or do odd jobs to earn money for their additional expenses, they have the independence to go shopping with their friends. As for their dressing style, the globalized approach they have to wearing clothes makes them not just bother about their outfit, but accessories as well. Being the age group most active on social media and old enough to fit into ladies as well as teenager’s clothes, they have the most choice and can carry off more mature, revealing outfits the best due to their slender frames.

Their t shirts would now have the greatest variety. Tank tops, crop tops, polos, spaghettis, sweatshirts and round neck t shirts would all be present in their wardrobes due to high street fashion retailers stocking all these .

Their bottoms would be the most versatile in all age groups, as teenagers widely experiment with all kinds of looks. Punky ripped leggings and jeans to hot shorts, 14 year olds stock them all in their wardrobes as this is their age to be bold and walk at the same pace with global fashion. Their skirts would now be short, figure flattering and stylish flaunting the latest prints of the season.

Due to extreme body consciousness, 14 year old girls frequent gyms and other activities such as dance to keep themselves fit, toned and in shape. The gym wear they choose at this age, due to the freedom of exercising in minimal clothing environments are usually tight and sleeveless and allow them to have a clear view of their bodies.

Fourteen year olds are known to throw and be invited to many parties in their high school group. They usually see these as social events to look their best and make new friends. As most of their parties now leave the house environment and take place in discotheques, the dressing changes to more feminine and revealing as each girl has the desire to look “hot” and stand out from the crowd. The dresses would include staples such as the Little Black Dress, laces, peplums, summer dresses and baby doll patterns.

14-year-old girls also pay more attention to their innerwear due to their desire of looking best in whatever they wear. As most of them idolize supermodel looks and wish to be shapely, they choose padded brassieres that would highlight their assets the best in all kinds of clothing. Also, as lace and prints have a certain exotic feel to them, teenage girls choose lingerie that is appealing to the eye as well as their bodies. Due to the variety of styles they wear, teenage girls require the most number of inners- from bandeau bras, bralettes, strapless bras, halter bras and sports bras. In terms of Indian wear, 14 year olds have the most choice as they are old enough to carry off elaborate patters such as ghagra cholis, sarees for their liking and also simple cotton kurtis for daily wear over jeans for informal occasions requiring Indian wear.

14 year olds girls are mostly in the habit of sleepovers, so the nightwear they choose is always consciously to stand apart from the rest of the girls and look the best for an all girls night party. They choose more mature patterns that resemble loungewear, as well as typical baggy shirts and short shorts.

This age group is also keen in accessorizing with the latest trends. Rings, bracelets and jewelry is a staple for any outfit. A 14-year-old’s wardrobe

What it consists of- A dissection: 1. Colorful printed socks and stockings 2. Full sleeved tshirts 3. Shirts 4. Tank tops in bright colors 5. Printed tops (leopard print) 6. Colorful denims 7. Colorful shorts 8. Mini skirts 9. Slogan tees 10. Innerwear

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