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Published on July 1, 2009

Author: marcginsberg

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What are the Causes of Teen Pregnancy? • The lack of information on safe sex • Teens are not taught the methods of birth patrol • peer pressure from their peers that force them to have sex before they are ready • Lack of Parental Guidance • School slack in teaching about sex (not enough information)


Percentage of Teens Pregnant 1200000 1000000 800000 pregnancies 600000 abortions 400000 miscarriages 200000 0 1972 1982 1992 2002 http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/2006/09/12/USTPstats.pdf

Teen Pregnancy Rate for Different Cultures 250 200 caucasions 150 Latinos 100 African 50 Americans 0 1990 1994 1998 2000 http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/2006/09/12/USTPstats.pdf

http://www.publichealthathens.com/AthensClarkeTeenPregFactsDec200 7_Page_1.jpg

Teen pregnancy dealing with abortion We cant really do anything about trying to make abortion illegal. The only thing that will happen if we do so is make many people angry. The only way we can get the rate to decrease is if YOUNG TEENS DO NOT GET PREGNANT!!!!!

Goes Back to the Cause of Teen Pregnancy The lack of information on safe sex Teens are not taught the methods of birth patrol Peer pressure from their peers that force them to have sex before they are ready Lack of Parental Guidance School slack in teaching about sex (not enough information) The problem poverty affects teens the most because of these reasons.

Ways we can stop Teen Pregnancy  The government should add more teen programs that include learning about students problems such as sex, peer pressure, problems at home, and etc.  This is important because if you help teens learn more about sex education and diseases that are out there, it can prevents teen pregnancy to decrease. Not only that but a lot of sexually transmitted diseases, and also drop the rate of abortions.

How to be safe

Our Memorial • We will start a program called TEENZ MATTER that will be every year on the week that leads to mothers day in every school. It will be a school play/performance that will tell a story about young teens and things they go through. Each year is going to be a different story. There will be guest speakers that can relate to the story for that year. This will be during school, but there will also be one for the teens and the parents that will have fun activities to do, will have the stories, have a little cook out for all to enjoy and be able to donate money for the statue that will be built of a young teen pregnant teen. This statue will be located at school and at the bottom that reads “TEENZ MATTER”

Why We chose the little heart symbol because we think teens should love and respect themselves. To us it shows a symbol of courage and being able to make the right decision. In any situation teens come upon….. We also chose the week leading to mothers day because of young teen mothers so they can be known and not be judged of being a young teen mother……

Quizzes about TEENZ by TEENZ • http://www.sexetc.org/quiz/1 • http://www.stayteen.org/quiz/

HELP US HELP TEENS We need the right to have a voice and be able to know everything about sex education we need to know to be able to make the right decision. Remember the only 100% way to prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is DO NOT HAVE SEX!!!!!!

Resources • Website: http://enakoala.wordpress.com/2008/11/11/sexual-content-on-tv- causes-teen-pregnancy-are-you-kidding-me/ • Website: http://www.pregnancycenters.org/cause-teen-pregnancy.asp • Website: http://www.4parents.gov/sexrisky/teen_preg/teen_preg.html • Website: http://adam.about.com/encyclopedia/infectiousdiseases/Adolescent- pregnancy.htm • Website: http://www.lifesitenews.com/abortiontypes/ • Website: http://prochoiceamerica.org/choice-action- center/in_your_state/who-decides/fast-facts/ • Website: http://www.religioustolerance.org/abo_why.htm • Website:http://www.policyalmanac.org/health/archive/hhs_teenage_pregn ancy.shtml • Website: http://www.publichealthathens.com/district_offices.htm • Website: Website: http://gammillforcongress.com/pages/abortion.htm • Website:http://telepicturesblog.warnerbros.com/tyrashow/2008/02/the_real ity_of_teen_pregnancy.php • Website: http://www.safeparenting.org.uk/teenagepregnancy.htm

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