TEEB and The Policy Level D1 Introduction 5 Dec 08 Version Short

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Information about TEEB and The Policy Level D1 Introduction 5 Dec 08 Version Short

Published on December 5, 2008

Author: Patricktenbrink

Source: slideshare.net


Introductory presentation to the TEEB for Policy Makers stream (D1) of the TEEB work - The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. This also clarifies in what areas we are looking for contributions in the call for evidence launched on the web.

TEEB for Policy Makers D1 The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) & the specific TEEB process / deliverable: TEEB for Policy Makers D1 An initiative of the Introduction by G8+5, BMU (D) & the Patrick ten Brink, IEEP European Commission Supported by D1 Co-ordinator Defra (UK), UNEP, the EEA, OECD and the CBD Secretariat D1 12/8/2008 1

Background: TEEB’s Genesis Potsdam 2007: meeting of the environment ministers of the G8 countries and the five major newly industrialising countries “Potsdam Initiative – Biological Diversity 2010” 1) The economic significance of the global loss of biological diversity In a global study we will initiate the process of analysing the global economic benefit of biological diversity, the costs of the loss of biodiversity and the failure to take protective measures versus the costs of effective conservation. 12/8/2008 2

TEEB’s Goals • Assess and communicate the urgency of action to address ecosystems and biodiversity loss – by presenting the economic, societal and human value of the benefits of ecosystems and biodiversity, and the scale of the benefits lost, • Show how we (can) take into account the value of ecosystems and biodiversity in our decisions and choices, • Address the needs of policy-makers, local administrators, business and citizens (the “end-users”) – interests, opportunities, & responsibilities. Phase 2 (2008-2010): Phase 1 (2007-2008): • Additional analysis within wider • Preliminary scoping work, Valuation framework • Some first analysis, • Broaden the scope of studies (methods; • Clarification as to how to address the ecosystem services (ESS) and biomes) wider goals, • Focus on End-user products • Preliminary identification of experts and • Stronger Involvement from different organisations to contribute experts & organisations 12/8/2008 3

TEEB – Final Reports Sep 2009 - June 2010 Science & Economics Foundations, Policy D0 Costs & Costs of Inaction Policy opportunities for D1 National & International Policy-Makers Decision Support D2 for Local Administrators Business Risks D3 & Opportunities Citizen / Consumer D4 Ownership 12/8/2008 4

The Process for TEEB Phase 2 2008 2009 2010 Nagoya, Japan Inputs from Science and Economics experts through the Call for Evidence, participation in Working Groups, etc CBD COP9 - Bonn, Germany Val‘n Framework, Methodologies, Cost Analyses D0 D0 End-User Outreach TEEB for Policy-Makers D1 D1 D2 TEEB for Administrators D2 D3 D4 TEEB for Business D3 CBD COP10 TEEB for Consumers D4 Continuous involvement of End-User Groups 12/8/2008 5

TEEB for Policy Makers Objectives and Outcomes: D1 • Raise awareness of policy makers across the globe of the importance and urgency of action to address ecosystems degradation and biodiversity loss. • Help improve the understanding of the benefits of ecosystems and biodiversity and the risk and costs of losing these benefits. • Inform about the consequences of international and national policies on biodiversity and ecosystems (i.e. subsidies, trading rules, benefits sharing). • Identification of opportunities for action, such as applying new or reforming existing policy tools; improve the way we measure our societal and economic wellbeing taking account of ecosystem benefits and losses • Support policy action, by providing information and tools to help provide information that can be integrated into decision making. 12/8/2008 6

The D1 (Policy Level) TEEB Report: D1 Structuring the issues (The “wireframe”) Ch Title Questions being addressed 1 The Biodiversity Policy Challenge Why is there Urgency for Action to address biodiversity loss? 2 Policy Responses: Actors and instruments Who can take up the biodiversity challenge; what tools can help ? 3 Measuring to Manage our Natural Capital What should we measure to ensure a proper stewardship of our natural capital? 4 Evaluation Tools that (can) Integrate the Value of What tools work, what needs and opportunities are there Biodiversity for their use? 5 Policies to Reward (unrecognised) Benefits of What policy instruments can help and how to make the Ecosystems and Biodiversity markets give the right signals? 6 Aligning Today’s Subsidies to Tomorrow’s Priorities Can we save money and avoid the destruction of biodiversity? 7 Policies to Address the Losses of Biodiversity What instruments and market signals can help ensure that the polluter pays ? 8 Protecting areas, ecosystems, habitats and species Protected areas, and addressing the financing and implementation challenge 9 Using the whole Policy Toolkit to address the challenge What package of instruments and responses do we need to respond to the challenge? Structure and content being developed continuously taking into account insights & suggestions – detailed wireframe on http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/biodiversity/economics/pdf/d1.pdf 12/8/2008 7

Examples of issues of particular interest Where can TEEB help ? D1 Working suggestions of areas where particular focus in TEEB is valuable - due to value of good practice and/or need for new initiatives or progress: • Integrated policy making – the costs and benefits of losing biodiversity • Payments for Environmental Services (PES) • REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) • Environmental Harmful Subsidy (EHS) reform • Adjusted national income accounting • Ecological footprints • (Criminal) Liability for damages • … • … What areas do you see as particularly important to give due focus to? 12/8/2008 8

TEEB D1 Organisation and Process D1 Core Group Advisors & Authors / Contributors & Peer Reviewers Co-ordinate process + develop Direct contributions: advice on content + contributions of “wireframe” + substantial ideas, insights, recommendations and material (text, content contributions + data, maps, case examples, quotes, messages, photos) responsible for overall output & + Peer Review “make it happen” Call for Evidence D1 “wireframe” – The “contents of D1” On-line http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/call_evidence.htm Oct to Jan 08 for D1 Thematic Workshops January to May 09 Focused on policy makers. Expectation: 150-200 pages D1 Report June 09 Peer Review Sept’ 09 12/8/2008 9

Further information Further information http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/biodiversity/economics/index_en.htm or google „TEEB Europa“ TEEB website will be up soon For contributions / engagement in D1: • Call for Evidence http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/call_evidence.htm • Other contributions/engagement – please contact the D1 Core Team To start with: Patrick ten Brink ptenbrink@ieep.eu or core team member who you know As collaboration develops different core team members to be contacts on specific D1 themes. Wider TEEB Contact (and also cc generally): TEEB Scientific Coordination via teeb@ufz.de TEEB is currently funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the EU Commission, Directorate General for the Environment, with additional contributions from other partners. 12/8/2008 10

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