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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: DrIdrisAhmed



No matter how skilled your IT staff are, they may never be able to cope with the challenges posed to your network by external/internal security threats unless they are formally trained in Network Security and Computer Forensics methods.Read more on the slide...

Simplifying Digital Forensics and Network Security Tecomex Forensics Ltd Global Head Office: Business Innovation Centre, Warwick University Science Park, Harry Weston Road, Coventry CV3 2TX, United Kingdom. Company Registered in England. Registration No. 07292969.

Flexible Digital Forensics Service for your business needs OUR DIGITAL FORENSICS TEAM ARE ABLE TO ANALYZE YOUR REQUIREMENTS AND DESIGN FOR YOU A SOLUTION THAT MEETS YOUR DIGITAL FORENSICS NEEDS ON BUDGET AND ON TIME WITHOUT DELAY. MOBILE PHONE/SAT-NAV FORENSICS  Skype/Tango/Viber/Whatsup/Facebook  Diary/Calendar/Notebook entries  SMS/MMS messages/Emails  Phone calls made/Phone calls received  GPS of locations visited  Internet browsing/download activities  Video and still images taken/downloaded  Contact lists  Files stored on phone memory Digital Forensics is the scientific process of examining digital media, in a forensically sound manner (obtaining and preserving evidence without altering it), in order to identify, preserve, recover analyze, and present evidence (usually in a Court of law). Ninety percent of world’s information is stored digitally. At Tecomex Forensics Ltd, we understand your Digital Forensics needs. Our Digital Forensics experts are able to analyse your forensics needs, and propose for you a cost effective solution. The flexibility of our Digital Forensics services means that we are able to take up your forensics job with minimal or no dis- ruption at all to your business operations. We are upfront in our approach. We DO NOT charge you for the initial consulta- tion. We use the most advanced replication technologies with write-block capability to replicate HDDs, mobile phones and USB memory sticks for forensics analysis. Our Remote Computer Forensics service provides companies and governments with live, rapid, concurrent, efficient, and centralized forensics investigation at the fraction of the traditional methods. At Tecomex Forensics Ltd, we also deploy the use of advanced Digital Forensics Intelligence Analysis Tools like GeoTime, Celleb- rite UFED Mobile Phone Analyzer, and Steganalizer to help investigating officers make quick sense of complex criminal inves- tigations like money laundering, terrorism, and drugs gangs. COMPUTER FORENSICS  Inappropriate Internet usage  Intellectual property theft  Unauthorized access to data  Online identity theft  Matrimonial disputes  Financial Fraud  Copyright litigation issues  Electronic counterfeit  Expert Witnesses in Court REMOTE COMPUTER FORENSICS  Access any computer, anywhere  Centralized control of machines  No user disruption or downtime  No powering down of computers  Investigation done covertly  Investigation done live  ROI after few forensics cases  Reduced travel costs  Faster response and turnaround time

Cyber crimes cost governments and companies billions of pounds every year. At Tecomex Forensics Ltd, we under- stand your security needs. Our security experts are able to analyse your network system, and propose for you total end to end solution. The flexibility of our services also means that you are able to select a solution that meets your budget and security needs without compromising over all security. We are upfront in our approach. We DO NOT charge you for the initial consultation. Following a successful initial consultation, we are able to do dynamic, web ap- plication, mobile device, internal, external, and endpoint device penetration testing. For example, if a company’s net- work infrastructure is attacked by hackers, we use this service to recreate the attack, identify the source of the attack, identify the inherent weaknesses in the system that allowed the attack to happen in the first instance. At the end of the penetration testing exercise, we produce a comprehensive report. This report contains among others our very own expert designed solutions, recommendations, and mitigation policies to combat future occurrence of such attacks. Flexible Network Security for your business needs OUR SECURITY CONSULTANTS DESIGN FOR YOU A TOTAL END TO END SECURITY SOLUTION TO MEET YOUR SECURITY NEEDS IN CLOUD SERVICES, VIRTUALIZATION, HYPERVISORS, LAN, WAN, AND WIFI NETWORKS. OUR NETWORK SECURITY SERVICES  REAL-LIFE SIMULATION OF HACKER ATTACKS  DYNAMIC PENETRATION TESTING  MOBILE APPLICATION PENETRATION TESTING  INTERNAL INFRASTRUCTURE PENTESTING  EXTERNAL INFRASTRUCTURE PENTESTING  ENDPOINT DEVICE PENTESTING  APPLICATION CODE REVIEW  INCIDENCE RESPONSE  CLOUD SECURITY (IAAS/PAAS/SAAS)  CONFIGURATION OF CLOUD HYPERVISORS  CONFIGURATION OF FIREWALLS AND IDS

OUR FORENSICS TRAINING COURSES  COMPUTER FORENSICS INVESTIGATOR (CHFI)  CERTIFIED COMPUTER EXAMINER (CCE)  ENCASE CERTIFIED EXAMINER (ENCE)  ACCESSDATA CERTIFIED EXAMINER (ACE)  PARABEN CERTIFIED FORENSICS EXAMINER  CERTIFIED DATA RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL  CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY PRO- FESSIONAL (CISSP) State security services, law enforcement agencies, Immigration Depart- ment, Customs and other government agencies entrusted with the busi- ness of fighting fraud, corruption and other forms of crime need well trained Digital Forensics staff in order to perform their duties efficiently. These organisations need well trained Digital Forensics staff to deal with cases that need securing proper conviction in a Court of law. At Tecomex Forensics we provide Certified Digital Forensics Training with positive learning outcome. SOME OF OUR DIGITAL FORENSICS TRAINING LEARNING OUTCOME: (1) Trainees understand the methodical process of investigating cyber- crimes, relevant cybercrime laws, and the legal approach to obtaining Court warrant for searching criminals. (2) Understand different types of digital data and evidences emanating from different digital sources, and the processes involved in examining the digital evidences, and cyber- crimes committed using digital devices. (3) Master the roles of first re- sponder to a cybercrime incidence. Understand the use of first responder toolkit. Know how to secure and evaluate an electronic crime scene. (4) Learn how to recover deleted files and partitions from several digital de- vices and operating system platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Mobile devices. (5) Learn how to conduct comprehensive forensics analy- sis using the most advance forensics tools in the industry. Flexible Forensics Training for your business needs OUR FORENSICS CONSULTANTS ARE ABLE TO DESIGN FOR YOU A TAILOR-MADE FORENSICS TRAINING PROGRAM TO MEET THE STRATE- GIC NEEDS OF YOUR COMPANY.

OUR SECURITY TRAINING COURSES  CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER (CEH)  NETWORK SECURITY ADMINISTRATOR  LICENSED PENETRATION TESTER  CERTIFIED SECURITY PROGRAMMER  ADVANCED NETWORK DEFENCE  ADVANCED PENETRATION TESTING  ADVANVED APPLICATION SECURITY  ADVANCED CRYPTOGRAPHY No matter how skilled your IT staff are, they may never be able to cope with the challenges posed to your network by external/internal security threats unless they are formally trained in Network Security and Computer Foren- sics methods. Our certified security training courses enable trainees to achieve improved productivity in their jobs. One of the security courses we offer is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). This course is widely acknowl- edged as the world’s most advanced and comprehensive Ethical Hacking course. The goal of the course is to empower security professionals master the most up to date Ethical Hacking methodology used in a penetration testing. In order to beat a hacker, one needs to think like a hacker! SOME OF OUR SECURITY TRAINING LEARNING OUTCOMES: (1) Trainees learn the most advanced ethical hacking, penetration testing and security auditing techniques and standard practices. (2) They learn de- tailed coverage of how perimeter defences work including standard firewall, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and IDS deployments, and how to bypass it for an effective penetration testing effort. (3) Trainees are shown ad- vanced demonstration of malicious code exploitations, tools, techniques and tricks of creating a comprehensive audit plan for virus, worms, Trojan, rootkits and backdoors related security incidents. (4) They learn about Data breach incident management and reporting, and crisis communications. (5) The learn how to conduct real-life penetration testing , code review, and writing the final report following a penetration testing exercise. Flexible Security Training for your business needs OUR SECURITY CONSULTANTS ARE ABLE TO DESIGN FOR YOU A TAILOR -MADE SECURITY TRAINING PROGRAM TO MEET THE STRATEGIC NEEDS OF YOUR COMPANY.

DOING RESEARCH IN THE FIELD OF DIGITAL FORENSICS AND NETWORK SE- CURITY IS TEDIOUS AND EXPENSIVE. AT TECOMEX FORENSICS, WE DO COST EF- FECTIVE, INDEPENDENT, AND COLLABO- RATIVE APPLIED RESEARCH IN DIGITAL FORENSICS AND COMPUTER SECURITY. OUR RESEARCH INTEREST AREAS  NETWORK INTRUSION DETECTION  NETWORK CONTINUOUS MONITORING  PENETRATION TESTING FRAMEWORKS  HTML5 SECURITY  WIFI SECURITY/WIRED SECURITY  CLOUD/VIRTUALIZATION/HYPERVISOR/ SECURITY  PROVENANCE FOR DIGITAL FORENSICS The capacity to do proper scientific re- search in Digital Forensics and Network Security is an expensive and tedious skill acquired over decades. At Tecomex Foren- sics Ltd, our capacity to do independent and collaborative research in Digital Fo- rensics and Network Security sets us miles apart from most of our competitors around the world. We have proven track record of making world class security in- ventions in Network Security. We are currently doing research in Cloud. SOME OF OUR NETWORK SECURITY INVENTIONS Invented by our senior research scientist, Dr. Idris Ahmed, we have the ESKIMO security algorithm for licensing. The ESKIMO is a block cipher se- curity mechanism, belonging to a family of security schemes called Au- thenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD). The ESKIMO is capa- ble of providing data confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity all in one cycle. ESKIMO is designed to be deployed in both wired and wireless en- vironments. Another of our invention algorithms is a Message Authenti- cation Code (MAC) called ESKIMO MAC (ESMAC). The ESMAC is a Univer- sal Hashing MAC that provides data authenticity and integrity. …...and of course we do Applied Research to save you time, money, and to meet your business needs…...

Middle East & Africa Office: Suites A84 and A85 Efab Mall Extension Area II, Abuja Nigeria Mobile Phone: +234 8033344486 Email: Tecomex Forensics Global Head Office: Business Innovation Centre Harry Weston Road, Coventry CV3 2TX, United Kingdom. Europe, America & Asia Office: Direct Line: +44 (0) 2476430470 Switchboard: +44 (0) 2476430000 Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Idris Ahmed Mobile Phone: +44 (0) 7539288602 Email: Website: Contact us whatever your….. Forensics, Security, Training, and Research needs….

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